the sun stands still

for this day, the summer solstice, it appears to us that the sun stands still. that for one day in the year we are reminded that we stand in full radiance, ultimate luminosity, pure consciousness. how cool is that? that on a day like today, probably on some level just like every other day, there is a great alignment between the sun and earth that brings the most light (june for those of us in the northern hemisphere, december for those of us down south).

That is just it though, for me at least, that while some of us are experiencing the greatest amount of daylight another is experiencing the shortest amount of day light, at the same time. The opposing forces are necessary to create energy. You can’t have summer without winter, albeit some experience drastic seasonal changes and some are more mild, you have to have both. The energy being created is our life. In our life we have an opportunity to create, sustain and dissolve with every breath. Every breath we are reminded you can’t have an inhale without an exhale, or the exhale holds little relief when there isn’t an inhale that follows.

If we can participate in a way that keeps us connected to the dynamic relationships of complete opposites then when days like today, an amazing testament to the great sequencing, order and alignment of our existence, stay with us even when it appears to go completely dark. That is in the midnight hour when we feel things coming to a standstill, that we can remember to breathe deep and delight in the radiant luster of life that is ever present.

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