Tonight a good friend of my hubby’s is in town. They have known each other since nineteen hundred and ninety three. Having an old friend visit and share their life story with you and your other company is always sweet. The interesting part is that he and I have always had a conversation on how I like to work from the inside out and he works from the outside in (international conflict resolution). That is he works on a grander scale comparatively.

In asking a few questions regarding the paradox of diversity versus individuality he said something that made me realize the importance of whatever it is you are doing…regardless of how much you are making, who sees your efforts, the name behind what’s happening, is your participation giving you greater versatility to handle what may come. (ok, he didn’t say that exactly, but for the most part). Seriously though, can this experience, even though you may be making half of what you made before, hardly acknowledge like before, and perhaps misunderstood on some level, that ultimately you will have an experience that takes you further. That in your choice to not get stuck you have broadened your horizon and will be more prepared to handle to diversity of your future.

None of us have any idea what is coming, so can you be true to yourself, recognize your strengths and ultimately realize that each experience enables you to handle what may come…

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