Awaken your soul and come to life

Book a clarity consultation today and begin living centered, calm and confident as you navigate the seasons of life.

When we trust our innermost self,

receiving the magnificence of our soul,

we awaken our potential and take the lead in our life.

See the light
Be the light
Bring the light

Reflect the light

Let’s live brilliantly together

Feel vibrant, confident, clear, and centered.

Being comfortable in your own skin and living in alignment/congruence with your essential self, you can articulate your truth/purpose with ease and confidence.

By living authentically,

you will begin to manifest a more

vibrant and prosperous life

I’m Teresa

As a Yoga Soul Coach I help guide fierce independent women through soul inspired  practices. This helps them navigate the transitions of life with confidence, clarity and authenticity. When your soul comes alive we live with inspiration, meaning and purpose.

For the past 20 years I’ve been given the opportunity to work with individuals and groups. Through transformational practices to embody their light and live vibrantly. As a result, they cultivate genuinely happy relationships sharing their brilliance with themselves, their loved ones and beyond.

My soul’s signature is helping people honor their inner world and cultivate  peace, which allows them to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s Work Together

Soul Sessions
Astrology and Guidance

Receive reflection and affirmation on who you are, the journey you have taken and feel encouraged and enthused about where you want to go. We explore the ways you have navigated and look at transits to help you understand the celestial influence of your personal life.

3 Month Inward Journey
Inner Work + Astrology + Guidance

Become proactive about your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. These are bi-monthly sessions that support awareness, transformation and growth.

12 Month Grace Filled Growth
Inner Work + Astrology + Yoga/Meditation + Guidance + Accountability

This journey is for those that are ready to dive into the depths of their heart, trust their intuition, reconnect to the wisdom of their heart and live with a confident connection to their core and all areas of life.

Client Love

I was on a path of self-destruction making poor choices about the men in my life, my health, and my vitality. Working with Teresa has reminded me of my sacred center and helped me stay the course. Teresa is a true angel.


Single mom, highly motivated, self employed photojournalist and world traveler.

Together we elevated the awareness of myself to connect my past and future. Teresa’s guidance in understanding the stars helped me better understand myself and my family. All of this helped me recommit to my own health and vitality and know that I am supported and the universe is unfolding just as it should.

Mother of two beautiful daughters, VP of IT, Chief Information Security Officer, loves music and living life with her family.

Honestly, I hate to think of what life would be like without the work I did with Teresa. I know I would be living with a lot of anxiety and would be physically sick, lost in the weeds of life, and my beloved relationship would undoubtedly be rocky. How can you live fully and sanely without knowing your worth? Working with Teresa helped me to see my personal value – my light – and to live more aligned with my core values, making it easier now to articulate my needs and live confidently. Teresa does life-changing work.

Mother of two young adults and step mom to two other young adults. Bee keeper, chef, yoga teacher and a fabulous real estate agent.

Through positive regard and an authentic presence built on trust and honesty, our work together allows you to become aware of how much you matter and contribute to the world.

Just as you are.

Book a clarity consultation today and begin living centered, calm and confident as you navigate the seasons of life