Yoga Soul Coaching Packages

If we can welcome in support, show up for transformation, and commit to our soul’s light by investing in the relationship we have with ourselves, life changes brilliantly.

We begin seeing life through a different lens.

We breathe into life from a different vantage point.

We discover we have been given the greatest gift of all – our soul’s promise.

Leading with our soul’s light guides us to an extraordinary life that enriches the world around us allowing for more compassion, connection, and evolution.

By choosing to invest in yourself and commit to a trusted individual who will reflect your light back genuinely and sincerely to help you illuminate your path.


You are deciding to make your soul’s promise a priority, valuing your life and living in service of the greater good.

Coaching Packages



Become proactive about your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Finding the answers to our own challenges happens through reflection.
Learn how to cut through the noise of life and gain access to your inner wisdom.
Self-reflective journey that will give you greater access to your truth.
Exposing patterns, habits or perspectives that require shifting.

Self-awareness is the key to feeling seen, heard, and connected to the life you feel like living

These are bi-monthly sessions that support awareness, transformation, and growth. In addition to the private sessions, you will receive a journal that helps you cultivate awareness and stay inspired, monthly energetics, as well as practical and applicable tools to use for the rest of your life.

Career | Impact | Relationships | Stress | Anxiety | Self Love | Confidence


Month 1

In our first month, we will explore the inner dialogue and how the conversations and patterns are shaping your life. Build trust with your truth. Get to know your character, personality, and what brings you vitality on a deeper level. We will explore your sense of purpose and create core values.


Month 2

Once we have cultivated a sense of clarity we will explore the insights that have surfaced, what’s personal, and the emotional temperament, mental perception, physical patterns and cultivate an articulation of spirit that is on your own terms.


Month 3

Finally we connect with the energy you are rising into. The energy your soul Is calling forward. We bring meaning to the ways you are changing your life with purpose.
You will have guiding principles that support healthy boundaries and live in rhythm with your sacred essence or your true self

Investment: $599



Feel confident and capable as you know you belong in your own skin and bones.

Become aware and mindful of your patterns and habits. Learn how to cut through the noise of life and gain access to your inner wisdom.

Co-create a conscious and authentic life through emotional well being and sacred self care.
Learning to listen to yourself and awaken your Inner guidance system through your soul’s promise.

Everything you need to live authentically aligned resides within you.

Investment: $1008

Inner work is the process of making your light and life a priority.

This journey is for those that are ready to dive into the depths of their heart, trust their intuition, reconnect to the wisdom of their heart and live with a confident connection to their core and all areas of life.

Navigating big transitions
Self Doubt, Second Guessing, Overwhelm Uncertainty and Confusion
Insight, Clarity, Confidence and Direction Motivation,
Inspiration and Affirmation

I appreciate how much she allows me to move at my pace yet truly believes in my ability to move forward. I have discovered a life that is rich with connection, support and satisfaction. If I hadn’t chosen to do this work I would remain in a place of great stress and displeasure. The work we do together helps me interact with my life where I know the value of prioritizing my health – physically, mentally and emotionally. I have been able to make the way I live my life the model for what I want from life. She has helped me see my value and magnificence.


Single mother of two young children, bridging corporate benefit plans, teaches mindfulness, Africa Project Board Member, and spiritual retreat center board treasurer.

As I went through a number of major life transitions my time with Teresa allowed me to stand in my light and cultivate a strong sense of forgiveness and healing. I became confident in my choices and my life feels richer as I listen to my heart and trust what I hear. I am much more forgiving and patient with myself and others even in moments of adversity.

Retired nurse practitioner,yoga lover and grandmother traveling between her life in the midwest and Puerto Rico.

With all the decisions I was facing I needed someone that not only listened but also offered intuitive insight. She not only listens to your concerns but also reveals the deeper emotion which governs the problem. She knows you well and knows what is needed for the next steps. I have been able to take the right course of action with clarity. I have been using her guidance to release old beliefs and beliefs that don’t suit me anymore. I have been able to move faster and with ease on my future goals. It is nice not worrying as much because I trust not only in myself, my choices and that the right thing will happen. Teresa has a deep understanding of yoga and astrology. She practices her art and is always looking for the information that will be best for you!

Brand designer, manifestor, family lover, yoga lover, meditator and all things woowoo.

Need ongoing support?

Reboot – $88
50-minute Mini-Sessions


Self-care is a necessity and we gain clarity when we feel seen, heard, and can receive guidance from a different vantage point. Perspective supports our self-awareness so we can connect and continue to stay the course consciously. These mini sessions affirm the prior work and hold so much value as we navigate the dance of life.

These sessions are only available once we have worked together in one of my two longer coaching packages.

Book a clarity consultation today and begin living centered, calm and confident as you navigate the seasons of life