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See. Be. Bring. Share.

Awakening to your true brilliant self and allowing yourself to own your light is an amazing opportunity that is available to everyone. When you are supported your are able to see your own light. This deepens your breath, the connection to your heart so you confidently embody your whole self.

Living authentically aligned gives us permission to be real, to be true as you sharing your unique light out into the life world. It is a sacred journey that connects you to your strengths and resilient nature. You discover a life that is rich, meaningful and fulfilling.

This work requires courageous, committed and curious individuals that are ready to go inward, deepen their spiritual connection and allow for a recalibration of your true self. To identify and release what is blocking you and allow your light to authentically shine because you live in harmony and congruence. Where your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are all in alignment.

It’s an investment that lasts a lifetime as you gain access to being able to embrace your whole self with love and confidence, shifting the inner landscape and elevating the quality of your life. You no longer doubt your potential, receive a number of tools and practices to help you nourish your sacred essence and flourish in your life.

Are you ready to shift from being lost, overwhelmed and uncertain?

Are your ready to embrace and engage in life from a higher vantage point and experience an enhanced appreciation for life?

Are you ready to bring your soul to life?

Show up for yourself. See the light, be the light and bring it forward to share with the world.

Awareness. Transformation. Grace Filled Growth.


A 90-day journey to awaken your heart and connect with your inner wisdom so she can take the lead. Through AWARENESS you’ll gain insight to your wants & desires while honoring your patterns & triggers. Through CLARITY we will uncover the emotions that are keeping your life contracted and inhibiting your ability to live with fulfillment & satisfaction. Through DIRECTION you will embrace your strengths and elevate your trust in your self to move forward in life deliberately and with positive personal growth.


A year long journey for the spiritually curious that is ready to align their life with the truth of their heart. This deep dive will help you EMBRACE your ability to co-create your life as you EMPOWER your resilience. You will learn to trust in your intuition, prioritize what matters most, respect your limitations, and cultivate clear energetic boundaries to ENHANCE the relationship with yourself and the world around you. You will be able to live from an ELEVATED vantage point where your soul will light up your life.

You will receive a customized tool kit that you can use for the rest of your life. You will save thousands of dollars, heartache and be free of inner turmoil. You will be able to be present and available for those you love.

I came to Teresa because I felt stuck in sadness after the loss of several loved ones. Her sweet, compassionate guidance and wisdom has made me feel supported enough to go and dig deeper inside. The trust in her has allowed me to develop the tools to support myself in this endeavor on a daily basis. She was able to help me not only break thru my sadness and inertia, but to help my true self shine brighter. It has been an incredibly valuable experience to work with Teresa and my trust in her and her wisdom is complete. Her coaching has been life changing and has left me with tools to help guide me through my everyday life. Others in my life have noticed the changes in me and have responded positively to my calmer, happier self – who wouldn’t want that in their life?

Mary Gerstle

The work I do offers a safe and supportive exploration to achieve access to authentic happiness. Where every aspect of your life you genuinely smile, from the inside out! This work provides life changing results that last a lifetime because you have tools to trust the direction you turn, you feel supported and understood. With awareness and guidance you will move forward in life with a foundation that is grounded, clear and confident. Working together you are set up for success as you will integrate these skills and practices into your everyday life.

Coaching is a process that offers proven methods, tools and skills to connect to a deeper understanding of your own self and how beautifully we each can participate in life and enjoy more success and fulfillment.

These offerings are based on experiences that have worked repeatedly and are supported by knowledge that’s been gained through formal training. Coaching is an individualized process that supports and reveals a stronger connection to your own sacred essence and the mysterious but miraculous unfolding that happens in our lives and beyond.

For those of you that would like to experience a one time CLARITY SESSION to recenter and redirect the flow of your life, schedule a complimentary session. We will identify one pattern of behavior and expose the cause of distress and overwhelm. You’ll gain awareness around how this is restricting you from moving forward with confidence and walk away with a powerful practice to use during moments of challenge to shift them into moments of positive, Grace Filled Growth.