Teresa Phelps Martin

Remain Centered By Honoring Your Soul’s Promise

Let’s just say I have always been curious, interested in the inner workings, how it all comes together, and you know hungry to be the best version of myself. The thing is the best version shifted into being really hard on myself somewhere along the way.

What I love…

I love working with people’s insides – they way people move, the way people feel, the way people think, and the way people be.

Clearing out the inner turmoil, the uncertainty that keeps us up at night and the tendency to have a hand in everything. I always meet people where they are and offer genuine support.

I fully respect and honor the courage it takes to turn inward, embrace your entire self and shift the inner dialogue so they can live authentically aligned. I get it because at one time it was really hard for me as well.

At my core I know that everyone deserves to feel safe, supported and elevate their relationship with life.

To be of service to an individual’s soul is my calling and I bring that forward through energetic transformation and supporting people and groups to value their inner world.

What I have learned.

I have received numerous certifications in yoga, went to graduate school for mental health counseling, earned a certification in Transformational Coaching, completed Spirit Junkie Master class, have been meditating since I was 18, traveled the world, survived 2 near death experiences, been married for 13 years and have 2 children.

What I am creating.

Most recently I created a yoga school with the Yoga Soul Flow Method and am about to launch the Soul Care Method – Remaining Centered in the Dance of Life.

But to be honest motherhood has taught me the essential need to be clear in what matters most, to trust in the depth of the heart and move forward in life from the wisdom and intuition from within.

All offerings I share straight from my heart to yours.

Take what serves you and leave the rest!