Alignment – Movement – Episode 43

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 9, 2017

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What are you moving with or connecting to as you take action faith or fear? Trust or doubt? Peace or pain? It sounds lofty and perhaps irrelevant however it informs everything and communicates to the world around you without you fully realizing how much you are creating in your life. Sure we can spend too much time aligning and not acting, or just observing and not feeling. Everything requires you to engage and be centered, live with moderation or allow a fluid dance.

In yoga alignment usually gets translated as where to place your feet, how to hold your hand, and what the body is supposed to look like to create a more optimal flow. This is all incredibly powerful especially when you put intention and deliberate engagement behind it. What ever motivates you is the goal, but the outcome will not bring satisfaction if it is empty or still confused internally. Let’s say you want your heals to touch the ground in downward facing dog, so you shorten your stance and your heals get to the ground. Amazing and powerful right. But if it throws off your shoulders, causes strain in your neck or agitates your wrist are you really aligned with the goal? I could unpack this, but I am really just planting seeds. Does having your heals on the ground allow you to have a more solid connection to your inner reality and trust in your essence that is sacred. That is what matters to me. If we continue with the idea of downward facing dog and getting your heals to the ground while maintaining integrity in the hands, shoulders, spine and legs, then we create a container to experience a greater sense of peace, support and freedom, then in my opinion, we are in alignment with our truth even if the heals do not touch the floor.

When things are placed in a way and the inner reflects the outer then we are in alignment, congruence or harmony. When we can breathe deeply, comfortably and smoothly, then we are aligned. This is the approach with this movement piece this month. How is the breath showing up with the poses being shared. The practice is simple and not technical. The movement is from the warrior 2 family. I encourage you to listen to this practice a few times to see how the practice reveals alignment to you. Let me know how it goes by commenting below or in the Sacred Essence Facebook Group.

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