Allow Yourself To Grow: 4 Steps to Align with Your Soul

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 5, 2019

Life is a a beautiful cycle that has a beginning a middle and an end. We might live in the world of ‘my way or the highway’ or we might live in the world of ‘you win some, you loose some…so we live and learn’.

If you are interested in living life with more satisfaction and fulfillment, putting forward the effort to face the challenges of life becomes totally worth it when we are grounded in a belief that we are wired to grow. The main purpose for each of us, in my opinion, is we are here to enjoy the ways we can ever expand the light of our soul.

Since I am in the business of celebrating the great light of consciousness in each individual and supporting their sense of potential through their soul’s desires, a core belief of mine is that we are wired to grow! Simply put with a small amount of effort we can shift the way we engage in life, support our brain, support our relationship with life and heighten our appreciation not just for ourselves but with those we love as well.

What goes on in our minds impacts what goes on in our life. When we can approach our challenges with enthusiasm you discover the effort required brings greater mastery with our own relationships the ability to spark joy. Our soul’s know exactly what we are here to do. It is our mind that can cause harm and inflict unnecessary pain. When we get stuck we tend to give up not living up to our potential. Bringing our soul to life offers so much fulfillment but requires time and attention. 

You have to be willing to take a chance, to mess up, to fail and still appreciate the opportunity. Willingness to tune into your own unique wisdom, plant a seed, tend to it, support it, offer it up and release the expectation of your efforts while allowing for gratitude as the opportunity to even take a chance to have surfaced. Choosing to stay comfortable sounds kind of nice, it’s easy to say ’that’s just the way of things’ but our enthusiasm and motivation for living in general gets short changed and joy quickly gets sabotaged.

Have you heard of anyone starting their day begging for it to royally suck? Praying that they piss off everyone they encounter? Or hoping that they go to bed with great remorse and regret?

Me neither.

The motivation or enthusiasm for life might be rather dim, but if you take the time to look at your own mindset and realize the brain is wired to expand and improve (neural plasticity) well then the effort that is required can come more easily. Here are four steps to support a Soul-full life.

  1. Self Development through Inquiry. Yes, ask questions. Get curious. Who am I? What am I here for? What is my soul’s purpose? Do I have a soul? What do I believe? What do I want to do today? What do I want to do with life? What did I come here to learn? Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy? What am I passionate about? (These are just a tiny handful). Investigating and investing time into your own nature builds more confidence as you foster your own worth. This process allows you to find value and the courage to go out into the world. Inspired action surfaces from this introspective energy.
  1. Aligned Strategies and Actions. Through the process of inquiry you are able to show up for life. It’s not about doing it smart or doing it right, but rather just going for it, staying the course, embracing completely and releasing the patterns, thoughts and energy that keep you dull. When you take action based on a strong sense of purpose, you are inspired to create from this vantage point, to roll the dice, take a risk, and experiment with what is out in the world all the while owning your own skills. – seeking meaning to feel a greater sense of belonging. It is not about how much you accomplished and if it was good or not but rather satisfaction comes from the effort put forward. Embrace the vulnerability while you own your skills- it’s worth it!
  1. Nutrition and Sleep. One would think this is a no brainer. You are what you eat and well you can not properly function with out rest. It is the way we are created physiologically. When we live with a growth mindset we can achieve so much more as we respect all that which sustains us. In order to grow we must nurture and allow room for rest and renewal. It is simple basic self care.You are not just feeding your body, but rather feeding and nourishing your soul..
  1. Release Past Expectations. The mind can get hung up on the way it is supposed to be rather than allowing for the life that awaits us. Letting go of the life we think have been conditioned to believe we want and welcoming the life we are meant to have. I requires noticing what gives you energy and what drains you. This allows for evolution and a greater alignment with the soul’s journey. When something doesn’t go your way it does not mean you are a failure but rather it is a sign that you are evolving.

Each step feeds and supports the next. We are constantly being presented with moments of renewal. In that space of renewal we can give ourselves the time and space to look within and listen for the voice of our highest self our soul’s desires. What we find is not just meaning.  We gain energy by living every day engaged with body, mind and spirit. A sense of belonging within our selves. As we explore and expand our horizons we might get bounced around, but what a fun ride it can be. 

Allowing yourself to grow requires a commitment to self discovery, and recognizing you are worth it that you deserve it! We align with our soul to see the inner map that guides us to a life anchored in our truth and authentically aligned. We discover the effort required to grow brings our soul’s light forward with ease. Ultimately, our best life is a life filled with the best version of ourselves coming straight from our soul.

By the way, our soul is connected to our deepest truth and is what authenticity is all about if you want to discover more of your own map, let me know! I’d love to give you a little insight so that you can live brilliantly and enjoy a beautiful life!

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