Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 13, 2017

There’s this thing called intuition, the voice of the Holy Spirit, your inner guide, your heart, the call of love, your gut instinct…however you want to call it…everyone has the ability to access and allow it to be part of the problem solving and decision making process. You know, guided by Grace. But either you don’t know how, you might be scared, or it seems a little crazy to utilize this amazing tool. Let me tell you, it’s one of your greatest assets and tools to living authentically and remaining grounded as you navigate life!

When you call on your intuition you still take inventory of the facts. You use your cognitive side to process all the data and this helps to inform the inner voice. What can happen though is we get in the way and block our access to gracious guidance or we just have way too much going on and we zap the access to clarity. I know you’ve done it, more than you realize, but have you stopped to acknowledge the value and fulfillment that comes with serving your soul…nourishing the depths of your being? Making certain we pause to strengthen the connection is what I have learned keeps you grounded as well.

I was just in conversation with someone and we were talking on how being intuitive and spiritually guided just comes easily to us. To be aligned, awakened and authentic in our lives is because we tune in and allow our life to be guided by a deeper connection to spirituality, our soul, our deeper wisdom. But because it comes easily does not mean that we utilize it in the most life enhancing ways, it can actually deplete us on a level and keep us from remaining grounded in our every day living or create conflict in the relationships of your life. If you want the light of your heart or those you love to flourish, or you just want to flourish in your life, you have to tend to the inner workings. I like to call it the garden of your heart or inner landscape. It’s also your inner reality and taking time to connect and nourish it strengths your ability to move forward with clarity and confidence while remaining true to you.

Whether you want to awaken your inner voice or remain grounded as you are being guided…try this out for the next seven days. In the morning, whether when you first wake up, when you are brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, showering or driving to your first engagement notice the thoughts and which direction the are heading. Then celebrate that you noticed (seriously important). Then decide if it is supportive and uplifting or depleting. From there simply tune in to your breath and say or whisper something as simple as ‘thank you for this opportunity to be present in my life. I call on the highest wisdom available to me to guide me and direct me through the day’. There will not be this crazy bolt of light but you may get chills or hear something that reminds you of the direction you are heading. What happens is unique to each person, but chances are you will know you are in alignment when you feel better from the inside out…too vague…I get it. How about you know you are aligned when you are breathing deeply and your heart is filled with gratitude.

I have so many more offerings to bring your spirit into your every day living, but this is just a letter of encouragement. Episode 23 in the Sacred Essence Podcast is all about moving to serve your soul and the meditation is also coming which will strength the relationship of being guided by Grace. I also am putting another offer out on the table to celebrate the seeds we are all planting to illuminate the path of life with authenticity and richness. It’s in the way I help people on the mat and through my coaching that the tools are revealed to support an elevated and enhanced experience of life. The more you commit to tending to the landscape of your heart, the inner wisdom, strengthening this amazing connection, will you see your ability to celebrate how you are being divinely guided. There is nothing crazy about this…it just seems a little crazy to me to deny this aspect of your life.

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