Movement – How We Choose To Participate – Episode 11

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On February 6, 2017

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Reminder – you have a choice! Your are here so you much be choosing to be a little curious about moving and moving with greater awareness. Becoming aware is a powerful tool that empowers every moment with opportunity. When you recognize your pattern, are you observing and receiving or are you always trying to be in control… When you recognize how you engage in each moment, you awaken a powerful moment to shift or carry on, responding from the highest or the best of your ability at that moment. Just to clarify, it isn't always fun being conscious and responsible for how you are participating. But the momentary discomfort is well worth a lifetime of living with purpose and meaning.

The movement piece of this month reminds us about the power of the breath and allowing it to facilitate movement that brings forward greater connection. The breath is always available to you and is one of the greatest tools to let you know how you are showing up in your life!

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