Sacred Self Care: Settling into Your Soul

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 1, 2019

Long days are so nice, especially when you have a little reprieve from the busy days of the rest of the year. I know for some of us nothing really shifts, we work year round. But what does shift there is more daylight, warmth, fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, and nature is vibrant and visible. 

What the moon does is remind us that we can find ease this time of year. All the digging, the clarifying, the honoring, the deeper work we have embarked upon, well, we can truly receive at this juncture.

When there is a new moon there is new energy, it’s a reminder to begin again, get clear, have a new focus, and attend to the needs of our highest self in living our fullest life. We can settle down, tune and and attune to what our hearts are calling for and clarify our vision, believe in it’s possibility and see it as true. You down?!?

This month the moon sits with the sun in the sign of Cancer. Cancer energy is all about the inner contemplation, like how are you taking care of your inner world. It is a beautiful opportunity to know ourselves more deeply, to explore the energy that defines the core of our being but it is energy that is unseen, misunderstood and even unexplainable on some level.

What makes this such a remarkable time (I am biased by the way, my moon is in cancer, and well, it also sits in my professional house of how I like to take the lead in my life in order to lead others). Cancer is associated with the divine sacred mother and reminds us to make our light, caring for, tending too and making this sacred self care our highest priority.

Give yourself a moment on July 2nd to think on what will allow your light to flourish. Some good hints that are inspired by the current energetics of the cosmos – patience, love and care. Part of what will help you grow, take risks and feel secure though we are incredibly vulnerable is inner reliance.

Letting your inner self, your innate wisdom, know that you are listening and allowing your highest self be seen, heard and appreciated. This self assurance will take you far as even when you take a chance and it doesn’t go as planned, you are at peace as you were authentically aligned.

Another part of this cycle is feelings – emotions and needing to feel them all. The good news is they can guide you in the best way you can care for yourself. No need to fear your feelings, but rather enjoy this time to feel deeply so you can tune in to your potential more fully.

Your intuition, or inner compass, will help you in a major way. Yes digging into the deeper layers of yourself can seem a bit much, but when you are showing up to support the parts of you that are hungry for a change will reveal to you easily. This inner wisdom sweetly waits but is always hoping you will trust in your own potential to come home to yourself.

While you might have to get a little uncomfortable and vulnerable in order to settle into yourself, it is possible when you decide to slow things down. By being gentle with yourself you will find you are more willing to receive a life with more ease and support. If you can be comfortable in your own skin, commit to sacred self care, align with your soul, honor the deeper layers of your being you’ll be able to make radical changes.

Another interesting note is we will also be experiencing a total solar eclipse (only visible in South America). Eclipses are a little bit complicated, but strangely aligned cosmically. They inform the individual and the collective. It makes it a powerful time to evolve and step into a new way of being.

One thing I am doing is letting go of the need to have everything figured out before showing up and rather trusting my instinct and that feeling of wanting to run and hide once I take action of leaning into that space of vulnerability and give myself room to feel the pain, fear, and uncertainty.

So will you join me in envisioning a life that takes care of you? Where the energy flows effortlessly because you are honoring your innermost self, tending to her, nourishing her, caring for the deeper layers of you? It requires a bit of trust, the willingness to slow down, relax, and take action when our gut inspires us rather than when it is convenient, logical or even practical.

Come join my Facebook Group to embark on a 28 Day Sacred Self Care Journey. There will be inspiration, guidance, encouragement, community, accountability, fun, education, invitations and a deeper understanding of the work I do. The journey is free though I will be sharing information on ways you can take better care of yourself through Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and Plant Based Supplements. In total transparency, I am completely over my head, but hey, I am trusting in the unknown and what matters most to me. Having you there will help me take this big leap – so PLEASE, come on! We get started July 2!!! Who knows if I’ll ever do this again!

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