Anchored in Truth

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 15, 2015

As I start my morning, I have goose bumps. There is a chill in the air as the sun rises, it's a brilliant summer morning. The past few days since we've been home (or the past month for everyone in Louisville) has had some serious storms and flooding. Last night the power went out, we went to sleep in the dark. It was wonderfully quiet.

All appropriate since today, Wednesday, July 15, is the new moon in Cancer. My moon sign is also in Cancer, so this moon cycle resonates deeply with me. Each moon phase is a chance to renew, recommit or simply connect with a deeper illumination of your heart, soul, spirit. With the moon being in Cancer, well, it's an opportunity to connect to the feminine  aspects of ourselves, our motherly nature or guidance. A chance to turn inward with love, compassion, kindness. Easy right? Sometimes all this is fully of stormy emotions, disharmony & dispassion. Knocking the power out if you will.

Breathe deep my friend…as beyond that storm or flood waters….beyond the emotional currents that fill our hearts….is a brilliant truth. You are made of pure, vibrant love. This amazing grace is readily available & woven deep in the fabric of your being. There's just a few things that need to be done, healed and cleared to be more fully anchored in this truth. Releasing the unconscious ties we discover a great anchor that holds us steady in love, light & beauty despite the rough sea.

With this moon cycle we are all invited to expand our awareness & consciously choose to live more fully, to stand more authenticly in our light. As the moon is new, there is more darkness as she rises and sets with the sun. So the moon's guiding light of the dark sky is simply blinded by the radiant light. We too then are allowed to turn and align more fully with the radiant light. To trust, know & expand in such a way that we become the being, the individual & collective conscious that chooses brilliance despite the forecast. 

Thanks to Mystic Mama, Lena of The Power Path, KK Ledford & Gloria Siry for the lunar & astrological inspiration. If you are interested in making a shift to live more in alignment with your own brilliance, email me directly.

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