Celebrating the Easeful

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 21, 2015

Well, you might be thinking that because I practice & teach yoga, I’ve got the easy side of life down pat…HA! Over the past few months I’ve had a very daunting glimpse into how poorly I give myself the room to pause, slow down & take it easy. Yes! I have even found myself trying to convince myself that if I drift into a deep space of peace I won’t loose the inspiration that lead me here in the first place. How can there be joy and spaciousness with wanting to take it easy rather than having to ease up because we are supposed too?

Alright, I’m grounded 75% of the time. Who am I kidding? I love to soar, fly, dance among the stars, travel into the great space of being the best. Shoot, when I was learning to fly a plane one of my favorite things to practice was a touch & go. Where you land the plane for a quick moment then take off immediately. Now that I’m thinking about it, I couldn’t even stall the plane in the flight part of my exam. Sure the instructor told me I handled the stress very calmly which is more important than stalling it anyway. But the point is we have to learn how to take it easy…but it’s a very natural part of our being.

You see I love to solve problems & have joked around about my tombstone reading “Teresa, she loved to make people feel better”. This problem solving ability is a great skill, just ask my sister. But I’m discovering it comes from a deeper place. Which really is a disconnect to what I know to be true. This passion to solve, well, it means something needs to be fixed. That there is something wrong with me…and perhaps when I stop flying or fixing or generating accomplishments, it’ll all poof, disappear…fall apart or even more scary, disappoint.

Of course our environment could use some fixing…alright a lot. But that is a mess we as humanity/civilization have created. As long as we keep skipping over the plain fact that until we ease up on ourselves, nothing else is going to be easy. But how do you place value on taking it easy? 

Perhaps we learn how to celebrate it, you know high five our hearts when we are consciously being easier on ourselves. Learning that we can ease-fully create with intention. Yes that sounds sophisticated. But it comes down to the fact that by no longer generating resistance mixed with intentional actions…life improves significantly. Well, at least it is for me, for now. So excuse me, I’m going to return to a more relaxed way of living a life aligned with a sacred spark all because I truly am celebrating the ease.

Yes, I’m very well aware I’m investigating this topic rather than just closing my eyes & breathing deeply. I’d also like to thank the community Eve Agee is creating and sharing brilliant tools that anchor these moments of success.

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