Cancer New Moon 2023 – Nourish the Depths

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 16, 2023
Nourish the Depths

The new moon in cancer of 2023 comes to us at the end of the cancer season and asks that we nourish our core to the depths. The video with the energetic insights for this Cancer New Moon can be found HERE.

The full moon happened at the beginning of July asking that we look at what has gone before and release the old and welcome the new. (You can watch the energetics of this lunar signature HERE). With this new moon, yes we begin a new lunar cycle, but it is more about integrating what we have learned this season and embrace the growth so our soul can truly shine! It is a new cycle supporting our core identity that will unfold for the next 2.5 years!


Realign So You Can Shine

The invitation to recommit, realign, recharge and return refreshed is the energy of the month. While it sounds nice, it is going to take some work. It means we will want to choose love over fear and watch the tendency to get caught in power struggles. Lets face it transformation is a power struggle in of itself, so when we are making a conscious effort to co-create in our lives and realign so our soul can shine requires community and connection.

Each of us have the ability to access a great resource within, especially when we have cultivated the awareness recognizing that we are in no way doing this thing called life alone. This inner resource is our intuition. Her whisper, so quiet, yet her guidance and wisdom help us honor our inner worlds. This moon asks us to integrate into our whole self. A gentle reminder us to honor our body, mind, heart and soul.

The moon in cancer will always be about the safety and connection we have with our emotional well being. She reflects our light back to us and her approach is subtle yet bold. The moon doesn’t fight the flow, yell, avoid or stay distracted. The lunar light reminds us to settle, honor and notice what we are experiencing.

This experience can be amazing or totally uncomfortable. But it doesn’t ever last for long. The energy changes, revolves and restores. The discomfort fades just like the darkness of the night. Then a connection is made, we see what needs to be illuminated and then you discover your capacity. Your resilient nature and ability to reset.

That experience can be amazing or totally uncomfortable. But it doesn’t last, the discomfort fades and a connection is made. A connection to your capacity, your resilient nature, your ability to reset.

This new moon in Cancer, just like every moon, gives us a chance to reset. This particular lunar signature asks us to reset the way we care for our inner self. The parts and pieces we can’t see but we can feel. The emotions that fluctuate and the guidance that wants to be of help.

This new moon offers a brilliant time to start something new. To welcome in creativity and inspiration. To release the egocentric patterns that keep us separated from our potential and possibility. Then we can realign and recognize we all can shine.


Imagine New Ways

So many of us nourish ourselves relying on our own strength. This moon seems to want us to reconsider the ways we connect with our inner most self, our radiant heart, and revisit the ways we care for our deepest self. To realize that there are people in the world that are professionally trained to help you move forward with more ease. People who want you to be able to trust in yourself and show up alive, aligned and committed. Sure it requires acceptance and the Cancer New Moon always comes with a dose of acceptance.

But when we imagine a world full of brilliant people, supporting one another with love, encouragement and inspiration, there is an ease that surfaces and we can being to move toward what matters with a bit of grit and a bit of grace. The cool part is that while we have a responsibility to engage and create with this one wild life, we also can co-create with one another and grow beyond our inheritance.


Nourish Your Depths

There is work involved with every new moon. As the moon reminds us that we will encounter challenges. These challenges will push our dreams yet we can feel the ability to believe in them because we have taken the time to connect with them. By spending time enhancing our inner beauty, nourishing the garden of our imagination, and fertilizing our dreams, we create a safe haven for ourselves and one another. But it requires devotion and dedication. It requires a willingness to recommit and realign.

The depths of our being needs us to come back to her again and again. To create structure and boundaries where we can feel safe and supported with these touch points. Where we can give voice to what matters most and discover the divine details to our life. It does not mean that old wounds won’t get triggered, nor does it mean you won’t get tangled up in the confusion of miscommunication. But it means you can be productive and lead with your soul’s light.

What will you reset and recommit to so you can realign and return to life refreshed & renewed nourished to your core?


Trust in Your Heart

Follow the way she is being guided even if this means that this is the moon that inspires the moment to get curious about what matters and what makes life meaningful to you. Honestly, the moon reminds us that we are not alone, so there is no need to embark on this journey of trust alone.

Of course you are the only one that understands this precious life of yours the best. When you choose new ways of nourishing your depths having a companion on the side that reflects your potential and reminds you of how full your heart truly is, can make a world of difference. It is a dance of newness, growth, embodiment and integration. All of this is a genuine journey with a commitment to allowing your soul to come alive and shine.

The more genuine you are with yourself, the more you nourish your depths, the more you will genuinely enjoy your life.

What will you do today to celebrate this chance to come alive, trust in your heart and let your soul shine?!?


Vision For Your Future

Check in with yourself this Cancer New Moon 2023 and how will nourishing your depths help your vision for your future. Check in, honor and settle into the ways you can commit to your core values and create structure for your emotional well being.

How are the choices you are making now, refining the wounds of the past, all so that you can align with this moment aware of the long term impact of your efforts beyond the material desire?

This is why I am offering a special package for this Cancer New Moon 2023: Nourishing your depths. This is a chance to realign so your soul can shine! It is a chance to work together co-creating a connection to your intuition and feel supported by a community that supports your own unique identity. An offering that provides insight and guidance through evidence based practices so that you can grow and glow! Transform Your Life by Honoring Your Whole Self! Learn more HERE. The offer expires with the Aquarius New Moon on August 1 at 12:00pm EST.

If you need to chat or ask questions before investing and committing, then I suggest scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION with Teresa so that you can be more clear in making a choice that will have a positive long term impact in your life.

In case you were wondering, this is an offer that is just as much a celebration of my own soul being able to shine as it is yours. So the heart to heart connection will support both of us and ultimately give you a stronger sense of self through love, confidence, worth and value. The offer expires on August 1 at 12pm EST – sign up now while the Cancer New Moon 2023: Nourishing your depth is gently nudging you to realign and shine!

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