Gemini New Moon 2023 Offering: Integrate

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On June 14, 2023
Integrate the light

Our soul starts to come alive when we integrate the light of the journey thus far. This Gemini New Moon Offering 2023: Integrate is here to encourage all of us to find our way, integrate our light and support us on the journey to allow our soul to come forward and shine her brilliant light!

When we look up we discover just how amazing life can be! Sure the darkness can be daunting yet the light is truly divine! The heavens encourage us to integrate this light into our life.

The cosmic guidance of this lunation holds a theme that asks us to respect the lessons of the last few years and plant seeds that feed your future in a way that presents an opportunity to come alive and SHINE! The Moon and Sun meet up in the sky at 26° Gemini on June 18, 2023 just after midnight. The summer solstice happens just a few days later which moves us into Cancer season – the official summer initiation! If you want to watch the video for this new moon – click here. In the video I provide more insights – but some of us love to read!

Cosmic Guidance: Gemini New Moon

Integrate the light into our life so our soul can come alive – All of this sounds brilliant – right? But the cosmic guidance isn’t just a magic fairy wand comes and radically changes your life for the better. It doesn’t even show up and change the world. That isn’t reality and we are really living. Reality requires awareness of the energy and acceptance that it is going to take a little grit and a lot of grace. At least that is what I have learned…and lived.

What has come up for you over the past 3 years? SO MUCH HAS SHIFTED!!! Do you agree????

However we can look for a pattern or theme. Because there is a reason you are here, where you are right now.

What helped guide you and (more importantly) were you able to receive the guidance?

During this recent journey, was it easy for you to articulate your needs or have you had to get uncomfortable and learn how to strengthen your voice?

After all these challenging ‘unfoldings’, could you respond to the highs and lows mindfully? Consciously? Were you able to accept what was and assert yourself in the day to day life to make progress? Could you cultivate a level of curiosity layered with courage to finally be here and step forward with your soul’s light shining the way?

Considerations: Invitation to Integrate

These are big questions. What if you just looked at how the past few years have unfolded and consider how you can integrate the journey into this life you hold. You are the container in which you experience this existence.

Yes, there is darkness, wounds and challenges. They say you can’t see the stars without darkness.

Honoring the light is not about dismissing the darkness. We have to tend to the soil of our soul – all ways. These deep layers can feel heavy, dense and at times unbearable – but we are also given the Ask for help and seek professional help when necessary. Sometimes this is mandated and sometimes we have to be motivated. But the invitation still stands, can you commit to the individual you were born to be?

With this new moon, summer solstice energy and the upcoming full moon I will be announcing an amazing deal to work with me individually. The work I do helps to ILLUMINATE the ways to support your emotional well-being by engaging with evidence based practices and intuitive guidance. It is an offering that is part professional counselor, part therapeutic coach, and part cosmic consultant. Join the Soulfully You Facebook Group or Subscribe to my YouTube to find out first!

Rise Up & Come Alive

Yes, it is true, moments in life can make us come undone, fall apart, and be straight up tragic – but we are also giving the gift of spirit to lift us back up so maybe the cosmic invitation is about finding your own articulation, connection and relationship with what lifts you up – then you can integrate this light into your life. Which, by the way, there is a mini soulscope at the end of the gemini new moon offering!

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