Doing Your Light Justice: Being of Service

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On September 26, 2019

There’s this thing that happens when you do yoga, you know, you want to be of service. You want to make an impact on the world or community or life you are living. When you are on your mat and move your body mind and spirt, you connect to a deeper sense of hope for humanity and well you want to bring it to life and make it real. You want to share it with the world around you.

Yoga reminds us of our own potential and we want to share that potential with those we love, those that are in pain, those that are lost, those that want to share in the triumphant energy of life as well. 

Tell me, have you ever talked about how much yoga has impacted your life and told someone about it? (Regardless if they choose to come or not – you were inspired to share). That inspiration came from within and when you show up for yourself, you’re doing your light justice.

When we show up for our light, when we choose to live in a more intimate relationship with the truth of who we are we begin a sacred relationship with our essential self in a way that allows us to be of service and have a beautiful impact on the world around us. We are capable of leaning into a layer of courageous willingness and open our heart to the beauty, peace and potential in the world around us because we decided to step into a deeper alignment with our sacred essence. Choosing to live from our center and doing our light justice we realize what we hold within inspires the world world around us and our relationship with life is profound and inspiring.

Perhaps you just go to yoga to help you and your low back, to hang around like minded people, to get a good work out. All those are valid and each of those put you into a healthier relationship with yourself. Whatever reason you decide to step into a yoga pose and breathe you wake up to the transformative practice of renewing the connection to feeling good, connected and supported. 

Sometimes though our ability to connect to our innermost self gets hidden from us and it can seem like the practice and experience of life is deceiving us, causing more harm than good. It happens when we don’t step inward and rather bypass what the unflattering, limiting aspects of ourselves that simply want to also be seen, healed and supported. It happened to me, and I know it has happened to others, it happens to all of us.

We get comfortable and want to stay in the energy of peace and harmony. We forget that we are here to evolve, to gain awareness, do the inquiry and discover the path of transformation (physically, mentally and emotionally) so that we grow more fully into who we truly are meant to be. There are many reasons why it happens, but not being ready to make a shift, or because our intellect inhibits our ability to feel, or because the individual guiding us is also in the same pattern of denial making it easier to deny the pain, wound and scar that simply wants to be set free. When we show up knowing that we have imperfections and this makes us perfectly human, than it is easier to tend to the wounds of the heart and do our light justice.

Just to clarify, our light that I am talking about is that tiny sacred spark within that calls to us, that gets us out of bed, that wants to live and experience life. You might call it your soul, your spirit, your heart, your essence, call it what you like, but it is you, it is bigger than you, and for me it is in all of us – yes every single one of us. It just seems that over time it has been asked to not shine so brightly, to shrink, it’s been abused and neglected. No one’s fault, we are highly sophisticated and a soul-centered life is not for everyone.

When we choose to live a soul centered life we are hungry to put ourselves in a position to see our light and embrace our whole self. We are reminded that there is something pulsating within us calling us forward. There is a sensation that all is well and when we breathe a little more deeply and move with greater intention, we feel so much more alive, capable and connected.

To me this is yoga, it does our individual self justice so that we are inspired to share our beautiful light with the world. The practice of yoga reminds us that we are all sharing in the sacred breath together and we are here to support one another. Yet learning how to support one another without sacrificing our own integrity and essence is a little more complicated. We have to learn how to do our light justice, remain anchored in our truth, and attune to the ways we can truly be of service. When you choose to do your light justice here are 3 concepts to consider.

You Are a Work in Progress. At your core you’ve always been the same, your essential self is here to live, explore, and evolve. What that looks and feels like is up to you. You always hold authority over how you want to be in the world. That being said, who you were ten years ago and who you will be 10 years from now is shifting. The light within you is consistently present, the way you value your light will shift. Your needs do, as do your desires. So give yourself permission to grow, evolve and experience more of your own authentic light.

Live From Your Center. Being able to know your light and that you are a work in progress will help as you adapt and live with more harmony. The deal is that life ebbs and flows, waxes and wains, so knowing our center and staying anchored in this authentic and genuine experience of our inner self will keep us steady as we navigate the challenges and cycles of life. Bonus is it keeps you inspired and helps you be clear in your purpose or the impact you want to make with your life.

Our Inner Relationship Informs Our Outer Relationship with Life. This is a big one, choosing to orient our experience based on our inner condition, our inner awareness, our divine spark the experience of our life shifts radically. It shifts to one that leaves a us feeling more satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment as we choose to engage with confidence. Confidence that comes from our core. It requires intentional pauses to get to know our innermost self at a whole new level. The pause gives us room to listen more deeply, feel more fully, to heal what needs healing, to become slightly vulnerable, remain accountable, and allow our intuition to reveal the wisdom she holds deeply.

All of this is a lifestyle choice and when we choose to live this way, we become more clear and connected to the inner ways of our heart and we discover so much more peace and connection to the way to live our life. Not because everything is fair and we are free from any kind of pain, but rather that we show up for the truth of who we are. We become a disciple of our light as we discover that we are one magnificent expression of the great light that shines for us all. When these practices are a part of our life then sharing our light becomes essential, necessary and we bring more natural beauty into the world

How do you do your light justice?

How do you show up for yourself so you can show up for the world you live in?

How are you honoring the sacred relationship with your truth and allowing others the opportunity to show up for their own light?

The next time you are out in the world, whether you are out of your comfort zone or feeling deeply supported and held, remind yourself to connect internally, find your center, know that you are a work in progress, and you in the process of doing your light justice so you can bring more integrity and inspiration to the world around you.

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