The Sacred Journey of You

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 28, 2019

Chances are you are here because you identify with the energy of transformation. That despite all the challenges of life, the trials and tribulations, you have found a way to be triumphant! You are here because of your courageous nature and the sacrifices you make for the greater good. Even when the problems seem overwhelming, you find your way, your path, your strength.

Your bravery is admired and you are on a quest of great honor. A journey to overcome and move through the moments in life that hold great difficulty. You work incredibly hard to respect your enemy and realize being true to you is a path you remain highly committed to even with the chaos that entails. You are here as you are not satisfied with a surface level experience and are curious about the spiritual expression of life as a whole. I admire and respect you for being exactly who you are and appreciate you for being a great student of life, the body, mind and soul.

These are all qualities of the yoga student as well. You arrive on your mat hungry to move and connect to the deeper layers of yourself. To breathe into areas that feel restricted and contracted. You engage in moments that challenge you, stress you and perhaps even expose perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that then offer information regarding the atmosphere of your experience. Yet you remain steady with the practice as you know you return, revive and restore your true essence.

The time you spend on the mat allows for acceptance of what is and appreciation for your capacity to transform and realign with your values and beliefs. You gain powerful insight regarding your own experience and can then adapt to the situations of the life around you. The practice informs your behaviors, the way you show up and the feedback offered supports you. This support is welcomed when stepping forward as it provides  a strong, sacred sense of connection to your whole self. How amazing is it to feel inspired and know you will be guided in your ability to show back up for the greater good!?!

For me, Yoga provides the indisputable connection between our mind, our body, our spirit and our environment. We gain an awareness of how the one impacts the other. We connect back to the commonality that we are being supported by something greater and yet also support that something greater individually. Each time we practice evidence accumulates in the ways the internal world impacts the external and the external word impacts the internal.

When we make patterns with the body we reveal the patterns that are present in the mind. This discovery reconnects us to a part of ourselves that seems to be present and deserves some attention. This presence holds great wisdom and insight in the ways we can be exactly who we are while feeling united with the bigger picture of life and consciousness. This sense of belonging is a major source to draw inspiration, to bring meaning into our life and navigate the terrain of being human.  When we are in touch with this presence she calls at us to make a change, to positively improve and be of service to the greater good. 

Another aspect of yoga for me is that it asks us to surrender. We let go. We realize that there are patterns not serving us. Patterns in the body, the mind, and buried within the heart that are negating our experience of our truth and our life.

We pause to engage with our whole self and these subtle impressions of our past come to the surface. It is not always comfortable and can feel rather humbling. However when we work with our level of awareness and our intentions, we begin to cleanse and nourish which creates transformation. 

Our awareness grows and we discover the contents of our innermost self  informing our perception. We realize we can take responsibility to and create a level of change. We align with a willpower and experience subtle shift that transforms our experience radically. When this happens we find a deeper connection to our sense of purpose and find ourselves wanting to be more generous with our personal fortune. 

When we know this it is easier to move inward and do the inner work. We make shapes with the body and give direction to the mind. We step into the crevices of our essential self with honor and respect. We allow our awareness to align from a higher vantage point and evolve. Yoga provides a practice that integrates will, alignment and inspired action.

The will power that moves us forward resides in the depth of the heart. Being able to go inner ward and do the work is the real truth of the yoga student. The recognition that your will power is united or connected with the divine will of the universe gives you ground to surrender into. 

When you surrender you learn to lean into the source that is greater than you. Bringing your actions into alignment with this divine source, you are able to overcome the obstacle of you, the monster of darkness, make friends with the unknown, live in the mystery and be motivated in the search for identity and wholeness. We become a conduit to aid in life calling forward the good in humanity.

When you have found that the journey inward reveals your ability to be a hero to your own light, then you find you are ready to share this wisdom with others. You find your commitment to the path of remaining true, bringing forward the good in humanity, and want to share this self-transformation and bring this vision into the world. To bring your light to life.

The quest shifts and you realize a deeper call to inspire, uplift and help evolve communities, cultures and consciousness as a whole. You find your faith in a deeper alignment with the intelligent flow of life and you want to share, impart your wisdom to help people live life connected to their own potential and truth. 

To me this is the sacred journey from student to teacher. The practice of yoga allows you to remain an eternal student of life, your wisdom, body and essence. When you discover that you want to share, uplift, inspire and be a positive influence that has a valuable impact on the world around you, then you get curious about teaching yoga.

You get involved in a wisdom tradition that has historically helped humanity evolve and expand consciousness. You begin a new practice of connecting with the patterns of your body, mind and heart finding yourself ready, with compassionate guidance, to share this inspired perspective. It is a path, a practice and a sacred art that helps support individuals in their path of self-transformation and contribute to the innovation of the collective evolution. Simply put, you step into a role that helps people move and be moved. 

As we deepen our connection to our truth, there comes a time where we transition to sharing this wisdom with the world. If you are wanting to learn the art of teaching yoga, then join me in this next adventure!

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