In Service of Your Light

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 30, 2019

When we are asked – what is your purpose or your mission – the answer is honestly so simple. We are here to BE. To BE present, tuned in and conscious of our own great light and it’s ability to shine. By BEing we then can Bring our gifts to life and BE of service.

We each hold a unique gift that is in service of something greater. You might find you need to dig deep to understand what it is you are hear to share, but by Being present with yourself your true gifts reveal themselves. Whatever your gift is, it is here to be shared, embodied, and when you are aligned this are unique offerings that support the highest good for all those concerned.

If you are gifted at listening to loved ones, then honor your ability to hold space for them. If you gift is to make amazing meals and share them with hungry souls, then please feed them. If you gift is cleaning up the rubbish and hauling it away to make spaces more beautiful, then please don’t let it all pile up because you are waiting for the right device to haul it all away. If your gift is to discover how to cure cancer, then please just begin!

Showing up for life requires us to just begin and discover. Be with yourself, compassionately, and trust that you hold a perspective, talent, offering, and the world is waiting for you. No need to wait for the perfect moment or time but rather open yourself to the higher energy that sits deep within and kindly ask it to come forward. 

Our intuition is always ready to guide us and is not interested in the right time or place. This deep wisdom wants to flow forward and guide our way in life and be of service. Over thinking and analyzing can paralyze any action and kill a beautiful gift that the world needs. Trust your gut and take action from this grace filled space. Letting go of the expectation that it is supposed to be some grand explosion of an idea and offering and rather enjoy the fulfillment of showing up for yourself and engaging with a sacred expression of you. 

When we have allowed for a recognition of our authentic truth, we will want to organize, align  and embrace this sacred beauty so when we share we are actually in service of the highest. Here are four ways you can choose to engage with your unique offering. They are here to help you feel a level of ease amidst the vulnerability of bringing your beauty forward.

Ground Your Beauty. As we navigate and make our sacred expression visible for the world to see, we want to lean into the supportive energy that is unconditional. What grounding means is slowing down, being more intentional, even writing out your dream or vision is a means of grounding. Eating food that is of the season to feel nourished and supported will also keep our energy more grounded, supports our digestive system and allows us to rest well. All of this creates a sense of clarity and connection so we can receive the compassion.

Create Healthy Boundaries. When we realize that our unique perspective on the world is going to be of service by sharing our authentic expression to support the collective consciousness, it can be easier to be just who you are just as you are. The anxieties and insecurities that surface can inhibit our ability to make a genuine contribution. When exposing our sacred beauty having clear boundaries will keep us feeling safe, supported and also bring forward a sense of freedom. Boundaries are ways of containing the energy and holding space for your sacred light.

Awaken Your Spirit – Daily. When we want to bring our light forward we will want to connect to our spirit on a daily basis. Yoga, meditation, nutritious foods and supplements, self care, journaling, are all examples of holding space for your higher self to come forward on a daily basis. Connecting in simple yet disciplined practice awakens the energy and inspiration connected to our soul that then guides us to integrate our intuition into our lives. What is amazing is that this is a practice that will continue to ground your beauty and create healthy boundaries.

Value Your Light. You are already enough and contain all you need. By allowing presence into your life on a daily basis you may discover that there are wounds that are calling to be healed. Everyone has areas that require healing, it’s part of our humanness. Our imperfections are what make us human. Fortunately, the healing reveals more of your potential and perfection. By valuing who you are you can easily share with the world because you are in a space to receive the support, recognition, and love that comes with connection. 

When we decide to put our feet on the ground, bring order to our dreams, tend to the details and take real good care of your health – inside and out, then it is easy to connect with what matters most which is seeing your light come to life. Being able to be of service without becoming depleted is the energy of this season. Give yourself the room to connect with your intuitive intellect. Receive the love and beauty that is around you.You get to design your life so  being able to co-create with your connection to the valuable nature of your light you’ll discover your dreams are aligned with your soul.

What ways are you bring for the layers of yourself that sit deep within forward to share with the world?

What will keep you motivated on a daily basis to spark joy?

What core values can you acknowledge and let them be the foundation of your boundaries?

What grace filled growth is surfacing that is bringing your sacred beauty to life?

Yes there will be moments of ‘now what’ and the need to clear the clutter, but by staying connected to the above suggestions and contemplating the questions you’ll find renewed enthusiasm that crystalizes your light. Moderation is always a good practice and expanding your perspective while doing the research and investigation regarding the deeper layers of your being will put you in a place of strength, ambition and inspired action. 

Share with me the ways that knowing yourself more deeply through a practice of presence has been of service to those you love.

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