Energetic Signature – July Cosmic Alignment

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 1, 2021
Energetic Alignment

Want to know how to position yourself to remain true and live soulfully or at minimum – mindfully? Tune into energetic signature of the heavens for July’s cosmic alignment.The sky holds insights that guides us to embody our brilliance and Be Soulfully You!

Look Up

Anytime we gain new perspective we gain access to clarity. Most of the earliest individuals of our planet sought the same answers – how do I survive the challenges of life? So they looked to the sky above to gain answers on how to navigate the cycles of life.

While things have changed and evolved quite a bit since our earliest ancestors – we still live under the same sky. The orbit of planets sometimes repeat themselves regularly – a bit like history. Yet there are some patterns that we won’t see repeated in a lifetime. However the sky is incredibly consistent.

These patterns are so profound once you start to pay attention you might find it silly not to!

Get Curious

Learn about the energetic signature by WATCHING HERE. Then, if you want to, be certain to join, comment and share!

This month, July 2021, we have a lot of tension or friction around how we are going to move forward in the restructuring and need to clarify what it is we truly want. TUNE IN to the July’s energetic signature – cosmic alignment – to gain the entire forecast of the heavens to help you navigate life.

New Moon in Cancer – July 9 here in Louisville just after 9pm (adjust for your time zone).

Full Moon in Aquarius – July 23 after the sun moves into Leo just after 10:30pm ET.


We are still closing the old as we begin to uncover the new. And I’m about 99% confident the cosmos hold guidance that can support you and your own journey as well as the collectives!

If you want to engage in more of a dialogue, reach out and set up a SOUL SESSION with me where you will learn your chart and find guidance for your own life’s trajectory. Not ready for all that, start with a CONSULTATION and see if this is an opportunity that nourishes your soul.

You can also enjoy the practices that happen live in the Soulfully You Facebook Group that will further articulate the energy and offer guidance for embodiment. You can also find SOULSCOPES written for the lunar cycles in the group or on Instagram!

Be Well. Be True. Be Soulfully You! 🌟🌟🌟

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