Astrology for the Soul – For The Love of All Things

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 23, 2021
Astrology for the Soul
When you allow for astrology of the soul to guide you then you can easily find yourself showing up for the love of all things! Think about it…The sun does not judge whom she shines upon but rather shines her brilliance to illuminate the world and the system of all existence (that we know of at least). Astrology of the soul are insights I receive where I share the guidance of the heavens to reconnect you to ways to love all of you  all things.


Nature of Relationship

When we have a cycle that reveals a pattern that’s been repeating for billions of years we can gain powerful insight to the many layers of ourselves. It says if this knowledge provides an invitation where we can stop into the darkness of our soul and awaken the brilliant light that awaits each and everyone of us.
While there are 12 archetypes, patterns or signs of the zodiac, each month the luminaries of the sky, the sun and the moon, create a relationship where there is a union known as the new moon or conjunction and an opposition, a full moon. You could even describe this cycle as a dance of relationship. Great intimacy layered with perfected distance where is space is held so that the dark layers can be fully illuminated to guide us forward reuniting us to our roots and creating seeds of potentiality.


Safety in the Unknown
There is nothing to be scared about when someone starts talking about astrology for the soul. I understand that anything that is unknown or is not universally favored by the collective or taught in mainstream education, it can appear mysterious or magic which for some time magic was viewed as bad and problematic.
This though is the biggest problem. You and I live on planet earth and we dance around a big ball of sun that brings vitality and nourishment to each and everyone of us. The fruits and veggies that we harvest, the energy we consume, care for and continue to plant the seeds for renewal and restoration revolve around the dance of this cosmic relationship.  When you expand your perspective to realize we are part of a bigger system then it almost seems silly to not include the energy that influences each and everyone of us living here on earth – the sun, moon and more!
Think about it for a moment it is pretty amazing and miraculous that we can live and exist on a rock it is spinning in a system that could give structure to our years or days in our life. That magic is science and the mystery is in the not knowing who or what holds the power behind this grand unfolding of life. Yet we participate, breathe, and ideally live for the love of all things.


Sun in Leo = Full Moon in Aquarius
At this point in time July 23, 2021 we have ourselves a full moon. Each year the earth moves around the sun and the moon moves around the earth. Every month we have a lunar cycle where there’s a new moon and a full moon. This lunar cycle is actually happens 13 times a year and there are only 12 months in a year. What happens is every now and again there is a little bit of an added punch. Seems mystical but really it is just science with a splash of magic.
It just so happens that we are in the midst of summer. The time where we see in the northern hemisphere bountiful crops and the flora and fauna flourishes. We know this because the sun that sits in the zodiacal sign of Leo. This is home for the sun. Its vibrant and ever steady light unconditionally brings expansion of warmth, love and brilliance. It is a royal expression of all things and the greatness of the light illuminates our experience here on planet earth. A full moon happens when the moon journey’s 180° away from the sun. It is the perfected moment of aligned fullness. Where the luminosity of the sun is reflected in the darkness of night.
This reflection is happening in the sign of Aquarius as this energy opposes the energy of Leo. Aquarian  energy is all about the structure of humanity, the collective, the sustenance of the void or winter, where we are a bit more disconnected from the vibrance and connected to the unique potential of the many.  Here we gain the understanding that we are all deeply connected and we can universally love this grand collaboration of this magnificent system of our lives.
Polarity in the Opposition
We experience a polarity in the opposition when the sun and moon are at odds with one another and this is half of the energy behind the astrology for the soul. In the case of the Leo Aquarius axis the individual sees that they are a part of collective and where the collective recognizes it exists because of the many expressions of individuals. We have the passion of the royal moment before us opposing the hopes and dreams of the future. We have the all knowing and consuming love and flame of passion at odds with the intellect, the need for space, and time to disconnect.
Yet what is in common is the unique flavor of authenticity. The truth of a culture that expresses itself and her royalty is received, welcomed and applauded. The many ways creativity brightens our experience. When being unique and a bit detached from popularity comes together so the individual light can shine so bright that the collective can see, applaud and call forward.
Living with greater awareness of this grand unfolding allows for a greater alignment with your authentic self. That’s where the stereotypes can dissolve and your inner flame can evolve.
Cosmic Arrangement
With each lunar cycle there is a cosmic arrangement that gives us clues of how to step forward with honor respect and value. The insights are inspiring and can be used in many many ways. My hope is in sharing this with you you can feel inspired to step forward with a grander connection to your own truth, your beliefs and nourish the relationships around you and within you – for the love of all things!
What we have right now is an invitation to recognize the dance between the individual and the collective. Where we can animate our authenticity and envision a future where we celebrate diversity, uniqueness and the intensity of being human. We can reflect on the roots of love and cultivate a sense of belonging as we restructure our reality together.
It requires a sense of wholeness where we receive all the many parts of ourselves, reflect on what is life sustaining and what is depleting. This means we have to be willing to explore the infrastructure of transformation. To design a future that is inclusive and encouraging of our true connection to ourselves and one another isn’t going to happen in one night or one month or even potentially one lifetime. Yes, if we can break our attachment to the ways we were taught to be as well as all that has been projected upon us while understanding the need to integrate the mini parts of ourselves — maybe we can live for the love of all things — the individual and collective soul.
Framework for Freedom
All that we have to do is nourish the dreams of our children’s children. To listen to the wisdom of future generations as they hold access to the wise counsel that directs us right here and right now. Yes it’s a bit daunting unless you receive the guidance from the heavens above.
In my opinion the heavens are the handwriting of God. So perhaps when we look up we can expand our perspective and feel connected to what is unseen and allow it to become visible in our world, in our reality, and in our lives, our daily living our work and our soul’s embodiment.
Interior Design
Perhaps you’re interested in joining me on this journey. Getting to know your inner reality and the design of your own soul so that you can lead from this truth, your sacred essence.
You will want to know your place of birth, date of birth, and time of birth as this is the precise moment you individuated from the womb of your mother and began this journey of you. You can find this information on your birth certificate or a reconnection with your mom and then visit a site like Astrodienst and get your natal chart for free. If you do not have your birth time, no worries, there is potent information in knowing your sun and moon sign and honestly the placement of all the major players of the sky as well.
Feel like too much, just schedule a soul session with me and we will have a look and I will share your personal signature known as your soul’s promise. Ultimately it will feel liberating, affirming and encourage you to be exactly who you are just as you are.
SOULSCOPES – Astrology for the Soul
These are written like a horoscope however there is a focus more on the inner alchemy versus the timing of the ego’s unfolding. Read your sun, moon and rising sign to understand the bigger picture of this Leo – Aquarius opposition – aka Aquarius full moon. If we can love all of ourselves then we can love all things!

Leo. Boom! You are paving the way with nothing but love, creativity, authenticity and relentless transformation. Allow the relationship you hold with the future support the ways you engage in your daily life. Continue to come home to the depths of your soul in order to articulate the inner desires and passion of your heart. There is a immense wisdom in this renovation that will make the legacy you’ve created shift in nature. You are being invited to start a new storyline. Include the messages of your innermost self as they support the collective!


Cancer. You hold the words required for the renewal of the collective values and priorities. The compassion you hold regarding vulnerability fuels the way you care for the world. Invite in those that value, respect and encourage your authentic leadership. Heed your own wisdom as you continue to be vulnerable yourself seeing as this is a crucial ingredient in authenticity. Keep boundaries around your divine spark and value the light you bring to the table of life.


Gemini. Spend some time looking at the dialogue you are having with yourself. Stay curious and listen to the words that animate your life. You get to relearn and revise the love that guided you and your younger years. Lean into the light that is being reflected back to you as it is the same light calling you forward. You fully understand the power of integrating your whole self, trust in it. Also know it is safe to release past partnerships in service of the collective wisdom. Your words heal the pain and give structure to the unseen – aka the magic of life!


Taurus. The pull between your private and public life is no joke. Spend time connecting with what matters and nourish your soul – in your own way. This will invoke the connection to your whole self on a daily basis. The more you tend to your inner self the more you give structure to your public life and affairs. Let go of the relations that deplete your energy and rather keep company with those that encourage your dreams and applaud your efforts.


Aries. Shine a light on your dreams and lead with love. While you know how to do your own thing, continue to make healing a priority. Lean into the wisdom of the unseen world, call on your soul’s light and you will see the path you’re ready to forge. Nourish your values and your brilliance will be applauded. Continue to have fun and know that you get to help restructure our reality as you find a sacred spark in the way you collaborate with life.


Pisces. When you bring your brilliance forward you nourish the world. You have a gift to ground the unseen through your words of wisdom. This ability is of great service and provides structure to what was previously a mystery. Share your compassion as it is a resource that can return the spark of life to those in need. Continue to dance and co-create with the daily cycles of life and lean into the power of the sacred.


Aquarius. The renovation of your soul is coming to a close and you are seeing how this gives structure to the energy of you. While you have always known how to be you, now you get to bring the flavor of your soul forward. Allow that brilliance and authenticity to inform your daily life. Tending to the relationship of the sacred internally has a major influence on the world around you. Continue to care for your whole self and give structure to your values as you articulate your priorities to those that surround you. These energetic boundaries will serve you well.


Capricorn. While your immediate world is a bit foggy, there is an intimacy being illuminated. If you can remember the power and potency of remaining authentic in all you share you will discover future resources that support you and your soul’s journey. This new relationship you have with yourself, a rebirthing of your brilliance, is asking you to keep your healing journey nourished and it’s time to integrate the wisdom in order to impact the world around you. Honor these subtle accomplishments and find ways to write or sing the song of your soul.


Sagittarius. The journey of self discovery continues especially when you release the identity associated with your past that you hold onto. Let in the stories from your younger days. There is a brilliant truth awaiting if you can explore this area with an open and willing heart. The conditions of our childhood have the ability to be reframed. This reframe holds an authentic expression of love that is wanting to expand within you. Tend to your values and priorities daily while staying curious within your relationships and sacred partnerships.


Scorpio. Your brilliant light is being seen and your authenticity will be remembered. That dramatic spark of yours is sacred and potent. You know just how powerful and valuable our private lives are and this is what the rest of the world is beginning to deeply respect and honor. When you bring your light forward you bring the world peace. Pretty please continue to be (and let us see) your true self. You have the ability to show us the ways of transformation and how this gives energy to our creative efforts. Be nourished by your relationships and feel into the connection with the sacred flame of the collective soul.


Libra. As your inner world is being restructured thanks to the renovation of your past, know those that honor, respect and adore you are applauding your efforts. Design your inner world based on the relationship you hold with your fabulous future self. When you bring this authenticity forward it will illuminate the path for others as well. Care for all that has been transformed and bring the wisdom of your dreams into your everyday life. Your ability be integrate this newly discovered potency of your sacred flame holds the path to bring the technology of the soul forward for the world to see.


Virgo. While you have always understood the mysteries of the world, you get to bring that beauty into your sense of self. Allow this knowing to animate your authenticity. Continue to transform the ways you have fun and play with life. You are letting go of a pattern of playing it safe and awakening a new story and vision for the world to see. Listen to the dreams of your collaborators as they hold expensive wisdom even if it doesn’t make total sense right now. Continue to witness the ways of humanity as you awaken to the brilliance of your soul.

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