Discover Profound Guidance

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 10, 2021
Discover Profound Guidance

We come into this world with a promise and the guidance it provides is profound. A little hint – it’s cosmic! Why wouldn’t you want to discover profound guidance? It resides in your soul’s promise and it enables you to live with clarity, resilience and vitality as you navigate your life.

Please know that we live on planet earth and looking to the heavens for answers and guidance is a powerful way to align with your potential. It is not something to fear when you honor the voice of wisdom and the divine that speaks to you and through you. Life radically gets better when you know the universe has your back!

That being said, take what serves you and leave the rest behind!

The Way We Live:

Right now, we all – every one of us – are being invited to restructure our lives. It is a bit overwhelming. However, it is totally doable. Especially if you are willing to discover profound guidance that brings more vitality, confidence and resilience.

Sounds kind of good as we all ride the roller coaster of a global pandemic.

One thing that has become crystal clear to me is that we all come into this world with a soul’s promise. That promise comes through your natal astrological chart. The moment you were born the celestial bodies of the heavens celebrated with a grand conversation. When we connect to this conversation of the cosmos we discover profound guidance that helps us navigate this thing called being human.


A word that holds much energy deserves a little explaining. It also calls for your own articulation.

For me – soul is the energy we contain within. The energy that moves us forward. The essence that is sacred to our individual expression as it shines a light when we are lost, expands the hoy when we connect with like minded individuals and experiences and it dwells deep within every cell of our being.


It is the commitment we make when married in the unconditional womb of our mother. Maybe we called to her lifetimes ago, perhaps we left in just before she gave birth to us, or it could be completely random that at a moment in time a seed I s planted and now, many moon’s later you are reading this blog. We won’t ever truly know.

What we do know is that at the moment of birth there was a grand celebration both in the heavens and here on earth. This celebration on earth is complicated and layered with love, sorrow, pain, grief, challenge, disbelief and delight.

The conversation of the cosmos though is full of capable energy that gives us great insight to our strengths, motivations, psychological patterns, wounds, and the overall flavor of our personality. Not to mention it shares innate strengths, the direction we are being encouraged to move towards, and profound guidance connecting us to the timing of great joy or even immense darkness.

A universal truth is that the beat of life is a dance of contraction and expansion, the movement of oppositions and an axis of relationships that can pull us in extreme directions as well as experiences.

Upon your arrival the heavens mad a promise to be with you every step of the way.

Your natal astrological chart tells us how the sky was decorated, the conversations being had, and the attire for this journey. Since we all are born here on Earth, every one of us had the same elements at the party, yet they differ. Just like every snowflake and finger print. Your natal chart is unique to you and provides access to your authentic self.

Opening ourselves to this vast system of support and profound guidance not only creates connection and builds confidence – it allows access to great clarity as you navigate the seasons and cycles of life.

Live By Your Soul’s Promise:

This requires a conscious commitment, a committed willingness to discover the profound guidance of your soul.

Believe it or not, you make the commitment with every breath. Every choice you make in life is evidence of the commitment you hold in life. You make them consciously or unconsciously.

Living by you soul’s promise is not about killing your ego – our ego is what allows us to experience earth school – however sometimes it pulls us off center and quickly misaligns and can cause harm. Not to mention it loves to tell you to not listen deeply…

Our soul’s promise requires a realistic recognition. It asks us to be vulnerable, to be allowing, to welcomes a level of acceptance, forgiveness, connection and a willingness to experience life with more vitality, brilliance and resilience. With all this though we gain access to discovering profound guidance to navigate our lives.

A Big Deal:

You see, you are a big deal. Each and every one of you (even the one’s that won’t ever read these words). If we want to navigate this season of humanity with grace, hope-filled action, and contribute to the highest good of humanity – we begin with our sacred essence – we choose to live our soul’s promise.

What happens, we adapt and elevate our collective experience of life – now and for generations to come!

All you have to do is say yes, commit and receive – then you can give back mindfully, authentically and soulfully.

Stay Curious & Breathe Deep:

Curiosity is why you are here in the first place. It sounds nice and you know there is more to what you can see with the naked eye. (Um – there are planets out there we can’t see – but we know they are there!) So we stay curious.

Start by following me in the Soulfully You Facebook Group. You can tune in and gain a behind the scenes look at how to practice through movement and inspiration. While love offerings are appreciated, they are not mandated. This is a powerful and valuable resource that share the wisdom of not just my life, education and cosmic guidance, it is part of my soul’s promise to offer generously.

At bare minimum you will learn how to breathe into the sacred depth and bring forward a vitality that the universe is awaiting you to share!

Dive In:

Ready to receive access to your soul’s promise and discover profound guidance…book a consultation! I will be offering a sacred discount for those that are curious and ready to commit very soon. Want to be the first to know…subscribe to my newsletter – and while I will reveal the offer in the facebook group – the newsletter will also spread the love – because some of us just don’t do social media and I get ti!!!

Straight from my heart to yours…

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