Engaging with Enchantment

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 27, 2017

Can you imagine falling in love with your life? Where you can see hardship with compassion because you know you are not alone. Where you can savor the moments, even the most simple ones because they radiate so much joy and keep life enchanting? Where you are not staying up at night searching for the answers because you have tools that help you navigate life and optimize your experience? Or would you rather stay in the commotion, chaos, stress of the everyday missing out on the little drops of sweetness that is sprinkled through your day?

Sure this sounds a little funny and all unicorn like…but you have a choice (did you read last weeks nugget?). Having a choice is an entire theoretical orientation in the counseling world. There is an amazing amount of research that demonstrates how you cognate your life informs your experience of life. So if you know you are operating in chaos – dude – do something about it. There is no need to end up in the hospital because your health has been jeopardized. You get to decide how you want to engage. You can participate in a way where you feel like every one else is experiencing the good stuff, but not you. You can participate in a way that starts off acknowledging all that you have to get done. You can participate in a way that makes you think you are in charge of everyone else (oh man have I been here before and still have to work on this one personally). You can participate in the idea that there is so much you want but not enough time…money…love…recognition. You can participate from a place that there is just so much to do. I’ll stop there because it’s starting to drain me just thinking on all these notions that most of us participate with regularly.

Engaging with awareness is usually a first step in the process. Then when you become aware of how you are engaging – chaotically or enchantingly – then you are initiating the alignment of your day..month…life. In no way does this mean you won’t experience chaos or challenges – but you start to see how much you are being supported. Then when you see it happening – you start to believe it, or maybe you believe it to see it…that’s up to you…for me it is both! But the deal is you have to move beyond your thoughts – you want to get into the feeling and move with that energy. Come on, that’s why we like yoga..right?!?

All month long I have been sharing ways to serve your soul – this is because I believe and feel at the core of my being that we are not here to struggle and barely make it, but rather to come alive and share our own unique expression out into the world to illuminate and create more freedom for others. It does not mean we ignore the pain and sadness – but for most of us we are spending a whole lot more time focusing on the pain and sadness rather than seeing the brilliance and being curious about the miracle of life.

The flavor of this months podcast series is in alignment with not just what I am sharing, but so many other amazing people on the planet are sharing similar practices. Episode 25 provides simple but sacred tools to help you be inspired to live with more enchantment. The PDF is on the Sacred Essence Facebook Page to by the way. I believe that these steps will seem simple at first and so there will be a voice that makes all kinds of excuses regarding the other things you are doing that you do not have time for a little contemplation. Then you decide to listen and just think on these things (that is what the first week is for) then nothing happens and that little inner critic says ‘see I told you’. Or you can get courageous and do the work (it is so easy and fun) and all the sudden you notice little shifts in your life that are incredibly powerful. You are once again enchanted by life and realize your prayers have always been answered and then you flat out fall in love with your life all over again and start to have so much fun because you just feel good.

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