Five Steps to Allow Your Intuition to Guide Your Way In Life

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 30, 2017

We each hold the greatest guide available which is directly connected to the bigger universal guidance and that is your intuition. Of course there is so much support, so much coming at you, but at the end of the day only you know best. Our intuition is not something that we have to be initiated into though there are many practices that support this deeper knowing. Yes it is true that mother’s have a powerful intuition that I like to say you get injected with as soon as you have that baby, but truth be told, every man and woman contains this power. How can I be this confident, other than my own experience, and working with individuals and supporting them in ways that they can begin to connect to their intuition but also trust the guidance that is offered, but also that I believe we all come from source. That we are miracles (I believe I have said that a few times already this month). That we are all made of love. Sure that love expresses itself differently and can quickly and easily get misaligned and ungrounded. However we all are connected and part of something greater. How you describe that something greater is up to you but being able to ground that practice is essential in being able to trust your inner guidance system. I know if you are reading this then you know this also to be true.

Acknowledgment: Think of a moment where you ‘just knew’ or ‘had a feeling’ or perhaps you just ‘saw exactly what you needed to see’ and it helped you make a decision. I am thinking there is more than one occasion where your inner guidance was affirmed. Or perhaps you did not listen or trust that deeper knowing and made a choice that was not in alignment with this deep instinct and well you felt miserable. Yes! We all have been there! When we make a commitment to trusting the light within we begin to have a greater sense of belonging and connection to not just the life we are living but the people we are living this life with – loved ones and complete strangers. Our entire experience feels a little more authentic and well way more aligned.

Mindset: What we need help with is how to ground these practices and shift our perspective around allowing our intuition to lead the way. Like self talk and outlook, if they are negative, or always the limited expression of the light, there’s no possible way we can really be happy and authentically aligned. There’s also no way we really are utilizing our intuition.

Restore: Another part is that we have to take the time to unwind and decompress. As when we are in the energy of fear, worry, anger or misery, there is no way we can even hear the guidance unless it is a life or death situation. Which happens, just ask me.

Wisdom Body: Another aspect is being in tune with our physical being. Our bodies hold so much wisdom and speak loudly to us if we are willing to pay attention. My neck reminds me how much I am trying to control, my wrist tells me I am gripping to tightly, my knee usually reflects back major transition, and my low back has a lot to share with me too.

Action: Intuition also requires action. It requires us to be aligned but also do something about it or with the wisdom being revealed. Our intuition is always ready to support us even if we have ignored it our entire life – it holds no judgement – it just takes a little work to tune back into the guidance. But as soon as you do you realize your have a powerful say in your life and it is also easier to surrender in the moments where you are being guided differently. My intuition is a main reason for where I am in my life today but it is also because I trusted her and have always acted upon it. Little did I know that this is my greatest attribute.

How are you using your intuition? How easy is it for you to trust this guidance? Want to connect with it more fully and allow it to guide your way on? Let me know…I might just have something for you….but you won’t know unless you take action and reach out to me to start the conversation.

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