Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 22, 2016

What are you planting in your inner landscape?I ask as this is how you see the world and well, the world brings to you what you see. It goes back to the idea that everything is energy and that there is a simple default of the universe that we know called the Law of Attraction. It however is not the law of I think positive so only good positive things happen. That is the law of foolish thought. Instead it is a recognition that you can choose what you want to feel. Then once you’ve begun to connect to feelings and energy that are supportive, nourishing and encouraging, well then you know how to go out into the world to connect to these qualities.

Here’s an example. I’ve spent a lot of time acknowledging that I am fortunate as I was conditioned to always see the good in a situation. So while my husband and I are not supporting a robust bank account we live an abundant life that is rich with experience and opportunities to participate with what we cultivate and also with what we are provided. Yes we work, pay bills and have responsibilities, but our mindset is aligned with how we want to experience our life.

We have a friend that is also abundant yet she regularly speaks of how broke they are, that they will have to dip into savings and that they are struggling. It’s kind of a drag as she’s experiencing life from this vantage point, one of scarcity and lack. So our lives, actually pretty parallel, are being experienced completely different. All because of the way we perceive. So the world may easily provide both of us the same, one of us will embrace it from the perspective of lack and the other from the perspective of abundance. 

But it goes deeper than that. I can’t just think positively about my life or bank account. I tried that and fooled myself into a dark spiral. I’ve had to work on understanding what abundance and prosperity really feel like and connect to those feelings while also acknowledging limiting and lower energies like sadness, anger (lots of that really) and fear/doubt. I also have worked way hard on not silencing these energies or suppressing them and instead welcoming them, giving them a voice on the committee but not allowing them to be the director. I had to ask for help, get vulnerable, let my guard down and stop hiding as well as trying to do it all in my own. And I continue to be real. It’s just that this reality includes authentic joy, abundance and honestly I feel like I’m prospering! And when I doubt myself, which I will, probably when I go to post this, I won’t ignore or pretend the doubt isn’t there. Instead I’ll ask myself why am I feeling like this. What message is behind this energy and is that message honoring my true self. You could say I hold my emotions accountable and and allow them to be guides, hero’s really rather than villains.

Think about it. You are part of this universe and what do you believe the universe, world, your life to be? Now tell me what you are experiencing in your life. If that’s too much, look at other people in your life and what they are experiencing. It’s easier only because the tendency to take it personally is less.

Now what would it be like to get in touch with a perspective that is anchored in belief, thought & emotion that supported you, your life, those you love? And you woke up to what makes a major shift in how you experience life and then this starts to amplify into more success, love, gratitude, abundance and prosperity. Pretty good? What will it be like if you just continue on as you are right now?

Last example…my passion is to support people in their growth, to help them recognize they deserve a radiant life as they, we all, are a magnificent miracle. I have had this passion since I was very little. But somewhere along the way I got a message that said I had to give up a piece of me in order for someone else to grow. Another layer of that message, I would lose something significant to gain something. When you read this you might relate or think that is such a ridiculous belief. It was my unconscious normal and in my quest to serve I have lost a lot. There’s one more layer. Though I love to support people there are other amazing people that do it way better than me so I must continue to learn more and once I’ve learned enough I’ll be ready to really help others the way I have always envisioned. This has been a safe way of limiting myself and supporting the belief that nothing more will be taken from me. These beliefs by the way are no ones fault and I blame no one. But I have done some serious investigating and realized that this is my inner landscape. It was an unconscious one for most of my life. So no matter how much I learn the inner soil won’t allow it to blossom because I have unknowingly allowed in an invasive species that is not aligned with the natural environment choking out the potential.

Thank goodness I have had a strong pursuit to learn more because it’s directed me back to my truth. The fertile soil that is allowing the treasures of my heart to be revealed and it is bountiful! I also know that I will continue to seek more and grow more, I’ll continue to draw support from others that believe in me. But I’m done hiding. I’ve realized that the world is waiting on me and my light. It’s waiting on yours too by the way. And well it’s amazing!

So I’m putting together something special that takes all my gifts and brings forward an opportunity to reveal to you your own gifts. Yes, I already have a package put together and if anything I’ve been saying resonates, reach out, let’s talk and gain some clarity. But if you are interested in a day where you immerse yourself into an experience that will elevate you, support you, and nourish your inner landscape in a way that you can live with more abundance. Stay tuned as this is going to be a very impactful presentation that is tailored to your specific needs. Yes it’s a chance for you to truly discover your brilliant, beautiful, bada•s self! And if you don’t feel like waiting to find out what it is, I’m happy to tell you, but you have to reach out to me!

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