Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 20, 2016

It appears the most supportive tool right now includes kindness, patience and compassion. At least that’s advice that continues to reappear as I navigate a deeper understanding of the astrological forecast currently. (Full list of inspiration at the end of this post). Did you know that we are in a current arrangement that has multiple planets appearing to move backwards? (Official term is retrograde). 

Before I go any further, if you know me you know I draw inspiration from the stars as we are all just stars dust anyway. Don’t believe me, google it or go ask a physicist (or science teacher) the core ingredients of the universe that are essential for human life to exist. And if your wrinkling your forehead as you realize that I’m about to go on about how the planetary arrangement has an effect on the inner workings and putter results of your life, I ask you what would happen if the moon decided that it no longer wanted to orbit our earth? You can ask the physics teacher if you aren’t sure.

Now that you are a little more on board with me I can continue….my written offering regarding RECALIBRATING. So if we all (the collective and inclusive) are star dust and everything is connected and everything is energy and that energy is contagious…it might support you’re ability to live with more confidence and enjoyment to pause and pay attention.

This past fall I was called/inspired to put on a four part series of how yoga is the entry point to finding our center. It combined my experience and education regarding yoga, counseling and coaching. The focus was on cultivating inner stability, Finding Your Center, and I intentionally timed the course with the winter solstice and the spring equinox, from darkness to light. I’m pretty certain a majority of the participants gained a great deal of insight to incorporate in their life. As the facilitator I invited them to work towards an energetic recalibration to cultivate conscious cognitive consistency. The four part series was just an introduction and I’m honored to have committed individuals that are interested in furthering their own growth. Little did I know we were preparing for a time that asks individuals to strengthen their center or inner radar.

Now, here we are at a time of a wild and wonderful arrangement with the planets. Mars, the planet of muscle and movement, symbolizing ambition and success is in retrograde. And as Raflee Finn puts it, even Mars doesn’t like being in retrograde. But there’s more way more. Mars joined the company of Pluto, which brings out our shadow or psychological vulnerabilities. (For a deeper understanding see the links below). So what does this have to do with recalibrating?

These great astrological guides recommend finding your center and strengthening your inner radar. (Yes, I am repeating how my listening to my own inner wisdom because I have been doing a lot of recalibrating myself is being currently encourage among astrologists). But How can you possibly connect to and strengthen this radar/center if you don’t slow down? How can you even operate if you don’t have a pulse on your own inner workings? Yet we all want our life to go according to plan and have the results we desire…

(Pluto by the way encourages you to look at your belief system and release the limitations that have created a conscious conditioning which has formed many invisible walls that are inhibiting your freedom).

Well, though I could go on and on (and if you are working with me privately you know we will continue the conversation or if you come to a yoga class of mine guess the theme). But for the sake of this blog I’m going to wrap it up. The planets on some level are asking you to slow the frick down!

Saturn and Jupiter are also retrograde and in a few days Mercury also goes retrograde. So in your future, the collective future, there will be 5 planets in retrograde for the next few months! Boom! The cosmic map is inviting you to reflect, release, receive, remember and recalibrate.   So here are a few suggestions to help you navigate the astrological transformation that is before you or emotional currents that will rock your sense of stability.

1.Return to your truth. Get in touch with an honest concept of yourself.

2. Reconnect to that which motivates you from the inside, your center, conscious core. (Not sure, read number 3 then go back to number 1).

3. Remember we are all in this together and recognize the importance of patience, kindness and compassion in your endeavors both with yourself and all that you encounter.

There are so many ways you can do this in a way that is fun and enjoyable! It’s an investment though of energy, specifically time and money. You can purchase books, read blogs, converse with friends (the compassionate, loving & supportive ones). You can return to your meditation or prayer practice. All this will support you. You can go a little further and work with a coach or a counselor. Yes, I am a coach that helps support individuals in gaining clarity, finding their center and recalibrating to enjoy more ease, vitality & confidence. Yes you can hire me and it is totally worth it if you want to experience life with less stress (physical, mental, financial, emotional).

What I’ve loved about having a coach myself, is my life is enjoyably peaceful amid the noise and haste. I’ve affirmed my ability to live from empowered truths and discovered a more authentic way to participate with the world. And as I’m about to turn 40 I’m in a place of truly embracing the wisdom that I’ve been graced with and am in tune with a sense of self that gives my life great purpose and well truly living with grace. (I’ve still got stuff I’m just living from a higher vantage point).

You can continue to navigate the currents of your life by default and know that you aren’t alone. We are all in this together. You can also get even more clear by recommitting to your own light, remembering the worthy worrier you are and receive more enrichment and enhancement. You know, recalibrate.




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