Making Friends – Manifest – Episode 37

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 28, 2017

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Embrace yourself! Your whole self deserves such honor, respect, love, validation and remembrance that you are worthy of a spectacular life because you are the divine manifested as your life. Seriously. Every single being holds energy of all the stars in the sky, consciousness, source, God, however you declare this energy it is in you and your life is a reflection of the divine coming alive. When we can really embrace our whole self and allow our inner world the time and recognition, we receive powerful messages in how to shift our perspective and reengage from a higher vantage point where we have made friends with our whole self and step forward with our best offering. Everyone has anger, sadness, overwhelm, fear, enthusiasm, love, joy, it is just how we come into this world and a major aspect of our relationship with life. These emotions are powerful guides that can bring great freedom while also giving us the room to experience an amazing life.

This weeks episode of Sacred Essence is all about acknowledging how you are being present with your truth, listening and shifting then receiving how the universe – your life – is ready to support this expression. Listen and share with me how you see the signs of your wonderful life revealing itself every day!

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