Miracles in the Mundane 

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 16, 2016

Life can be pretty amazing, dramatic and full of emotional expression yet it can also get a little…dull, stagnant, lame. There are also confusing moments to be in a position where you are getting clear in your dreams, see them unfold, yet not know what to do with the down time. Yes, down time, you know, where you have to be patient and wait. Sometimes we are always searching how we can create, generate & inspire. Or maybe that’s just my deal. But what I’m realizing is always being in results mode can pull me out of alignment. Where I miss the miracle in the everyday, in the ordinary, in the parts of life that appear mundane. Let me unpack this a little more.

The other night I was at a birthday party for a one year old. If you have kids or have a relationship with little people on the planet, we all now how amazing birthday celebrations can be. (Insert a small dose of sarcasm). But this one had different energy around it as I knew I’d get to see and connect with some adults that mean something to me. In conversation there was small talk, you know hi, how’s it going, any big plans for the summer. Then there were two conversations that stood out that aligned fully with my vision of how I want to have a stronger impact of honoring the sacred in the simple moments. One conversation also affirmed my decission to provide more content through my writing about how to be whole, in harmony, aligned with faith as well as fully present in the day to day. The other conversation revolved around how many woman full pulled in multiple directions and finding simple ways to remain grounded and clear aren’t always that simple (I’ll come back to this next week). But this post is about connecting the sacred in the everyday, miracles in the mundane. While there were a lot of interruptions I was able to in a short period of time go deep in this conversation to ignite more meaning in both of our lives. Because I’ve been practicing ways of being present to the mysterious expressions of spirit lately, I was able to be present to how divinely synchronized this conversation was and the deeper message of how we all are miracles came through in his words, not mine. Yep, I was able to listen to the miracle. There was no major dramatic life changing experience and to some it may appear as no big deal. Or I could have scooted around the party doing what most everyone else does and had small talk while chasing little ones down (which by the way is a miracle too). 

Okay, maybe I haven’t landed this idea fully. But here’s what I’m sharing… Because life can get busy and appear boring or like an obligation rather than an invitation. By creating tiny rituals that support our bigger expression of being a magnificent miracle…being human…allows us to be present, connected to the subtle revelations of grace. It allows us to receive moments of deep connection where we are reminded that we don’t have to rely on our own strength.

Before I go, here’s a more clear example. (You don’t have to be religious by the way and your definition of faith, well, hopefully this helps you connect to your own definition, but it can still be very abstract or distant). We do things everyday without thinking about it, right? Pee, poop, wash hands, get dressed, get undressed, eat, drink; pretty common experiences in the mundane. But what happens if we put more intentionality behind the everyday simple moments? Turn them into sacred rituals.

When I lived in New Zealand I went on a meditation retreat with a Tibetan Buddhist monk that worked directly with the Dali Lama and his job was to teach people how to meditate. Stefano (he was an Italian film producer before he took vows to be of service to spirit). He’s the one who taught me how to bring the sacred into the simple. He invited me to Katmandu to step deeper into the work. But I was 25 and totally interested in chasing the light rather than being the light. Yet here I am honoring the source of this concept and sharing this simple but powerful way of shifting our experience of life some 15 years later.

You see, every breath we take is sacred and significant, yet we get busy. We become driven and fueled by external results and experiences that leave us feeling high if you will. Then we miss the miracle and gift of being present of being whole, in harmony and aligned with spirit or faith. So I’ll be offering little blurbs of how to return to your own miraculous life in the everyday. But for now I just wanted to introduce the idea. I invite you to consider what do you day in and day out and choose one daily householder action that you can shift into a more sacred ritual. When we believe in the mundane being a miracle, miracles begin to surface in regular moments. Our experience of life shifts, we start to live from a higher vantage point.

Much love & light,


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