Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On July 9, 2016

 Yoga, for most all of us, starts as a practice that helps us physically, right? It’s so cool and really challenging being a yoga teacher and practitioner. But I get to see people show up and ask for poses or help with different areas of their body, like their back, hips, feet, neck, shoulders. It’s so powerful in the maintenance of our physical state. Yes, some traditions speak on not being our body, my experience is more aligned with a tradition that says our body is a temple, so let’s honor this. My experience of my body has also included chronic pain that has blocked my ability to stay connected with my highest light and I’m not certain how I would have the strength to keep moving forward if it wasn’t for the physical practice.

 Before I became a yoga teacher I was curious about spirit and expressions of the divine. Sure I’m that girl that’s been spiritually curious since my earliest memories. Grace has been revealing herself to me in many power ways since I was super young. So in college, of course, I was ready to drift away from what I had been exposed to thus far. This is what college is and it just so happens to align with a psychological development of understanding our persona. This was further supported by being in an environment that was built on a desire to do it differently. What I encountered was so many different ways the divine spirit surfaces and an opportunity to sign up for a semester long yoga class. It was more about diet and the pose versus the spirit, but it was everything for me! A place to explore myself through movement. Considering I danced for most of my childhood yoga was perfectly aligned. That was in 1996, haven’t stopped doing those poses….dang almost 20 years ago!!!

 So I am going to start to create a serries for you all where I ‘unpack the pose’. Be patient with me as I am going to have to fight my tendency to be perfect. It’s also just a chance for me to share what’s supported me for so many years. But this is where I’d love your help….what aspect of the poses challenge you? For example you have a hard time with backbends or balance poses? Your wrists hurt or you have knee trouble. You deal with anxiety or waves of enthusiasm that fades as fast as it shows up (this can start to be supported in the physical practice but will be addressed in another offering I’m going to be sharing soon called ‘Embrace Yourself Fully’. But what I know for certain is that just being able to do a pose like pigeon where I understand the ways it can support where I am in my journey as well as allowing me to connect more clearly to a respectful relationship with my body, the temple that houses the sacred light, is something I want to share with you. My hope is that it helps you unpack your practice and show up more fully both on and off the yoga mat. 

 But I can only support you if you let me know what your looking for. You can post in the comment section below. If that’s too much, then email me (I won’t reveal you and respect your brave decission to ask for support). My email is my full name -notice spelling on url – @gmail.com

 Your practice provides amazing support. By showing up to your practice you support this fabulous life enhancing instrument. This is here to help you get more when you are at the studio, workshop or retreat. Or at home and needing to realign with your highest self.

Much love & light,


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