Problem or possibility?

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On September 8, 2016

When you aren’t experiencing joy, it need not be this way…but you have to be interested in choosing differently. If all we do is focus on the problem, then more problems show up. If we focus on the possibility this brings opportunity.  The opportunity reminds us of our great potential. Sure it takes work & practice but it’s available – to everyone. Here’s how you get started…Get curious, be courageous & make a commitment. Miracles are everywhere and happen to everyone. 

Get Curious – this part is fun. You start to be an explorer of your own world. What do you see? How are you viewing your life? Taking an interest requires us to be open and receptive. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable as we discover that we are the ones choosing to live separate from the eternal love, grace, wisdom, source, God, creator, nature…however you want to declare it. But in this exploration this is a powerful and brilliant discovery.

Be Courageous – you’ve found a powerful treasure, are you willing or brave enough to unpack the contents? I promise there is nothing but goodness, delight and fulfillment deep within, but it takes a little work and time so being courageous and brave enough to embrace this treasure is an monumental step.

Make A Commitment – ready to return to joy? Then you will have to commit. It’s there, joy, your hugest self, pure love, and it’s waiting for you (it’ll even remain patient if you don’t commit right now). Yet for must of us this is a new recognition or relationship that we don’t quite know how to communicate with just yet. Like any journey that brings growth and beautiful discoveries, you have to do the work…you have to make a commitment, an investment, a sacred contract. This is a journey where the destination is amazing and it’s your life, this life you are living.

Miracles Are Everywhere – and happen to everyone. You just have to choose to see them. So get curious, be courageous & make the commitment. Your life is not a problem, it’s an opportunity that is full of possibility & potential!

If you don’t know where to begin to truly live your great life or your waiting until you finish a project, pay a bill, no offense, you’re focusing on the problem. So spend a little time with the possibility….When you’re driving, standing in line, when you first wake up, in the shower. I’m certain doubt, fear or dismissal will surface, it’s part of the resistance you’re conditioned to live with and probably have been taught to accept. But I’m curious what miracle might happen if you go further, add more curious it’s, courage and commitment. Experiencing more joy, excitement & genuine appreciation for your entire life is totally attainable. You’ll still encounter problems, but you’ll be supported by your commitment to the opportunity rather than remain stuck in the problem.

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