Returning To The Dance of Life

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 31, 2018

Well, I’ll be completely honest – I have had little free time to write this and it has been a draft for a number of days. This is the dance of life. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with being human, everything to do with being me. Being human means there are moments where it appears to all unfolds brilliantly and then the moments that appear to be in contrast and contract from the vision you held for yourself. All of this is a beautiful and divine dance that allows for this sacred essence of life.

This past year I have taken a little space from my professional offering to allow for a loving integration of our family life. (We have gone through lots of beautiful changes this past year). In addition to the space of my profession I have given a whole lot more energy to myself personally – to my soul. While committing to the deeper healing work that allows me to show up authentically to life I am so grateful to the room to integrate the healing. Yep, I gave myself permission to make myself a priority and tend to my family this summer. Taking this break from my professional offering in the form of a newsletter, blog, podcast, welcoming new clients even teaching yoga has been the best idea I have had for a while. It may appear as a serious contraction but in all honesty it’s been a time of renewal. Now I can return to the greater dance of mom, wife, and professional more centered, healed and whole.

First, life allows for more order and structure permitting me to share. Second, I am excited, full of inspiration and creativity, with a renewed sense of purpose. There is room in my life to manifest the inspiration and bring a little momentum to what matter’s most – SOUL LOVE! Third, moving from a place of renewal has me open to engaging with more like minded souls.

Sure being able to be in a space to nourish my soul and create choices that cultivate expansion and life enhancement sounds like a privilege. I’ll be honest with you, it is. It is also an opportunity and requires a deep commitment. There is also this confession that my kids have depleted any additional juice I have had and this is not a bad thing as they are one of my greatest teachers right now. Being able to give them the extra love they deserve is one of the greatest opportunities and part of my soul’s love. They continue to reflect back to me my promise to bring my best self forward and in this reflection – it is not always pretty. 

Being 42 with 2 young kids where I get to support my husband and his professional journey while tending to the home is a privilege but also contains a lot of sacrifices. There is so much that is on hold right now. Like I told my 16 year old nephew – missing out on what you want to be doing is Life School 101. Then I realized I am not missing out at all, actually it’s a process of being more true, more real, more present and more aligned. What appears to be a sacrifice is really the art of surrendering. As Kate Northup says, I have been in the fertile void. I have been doing a ton of research, being financially savvy, and investigating how to make myself more visible integrating the awareness and authenticity that has come forward. So here I am sharing and ready to be a bit more vulnerable to be of greater service.

If you didn’t know, my heart is always hungry to share the deeper reflections of life and share the tools that keep me inspired even in the moments of adversity and challenge. This is how I want to be of service – to provide tools to help others navigate the sacred journey of life. Exploring the soul crushing elements of trauma, limiting patterns, judgement and shadow may not be for everyone – it’s a journey that is so sacred and requires a little bit of a departure from some of the engagements in the world also known as healthy boundaries. Yet everyone experiences it and if I do not show up to be a witness to my own stuff then there is no way I can be any kind of leader that moves forward with integrity. This is available to everyone as long as we realize and honor our own pace. It is also key to living with resilience.

For me sharing my heart’s wisdom is motivated by the call to live integrated with my truth. To see the light within myself, live it and embrace my entirety in order to bring my highest self forward. This is the only way I feel I personally can turnaround and share it in a way that can support other souls on the path of life. My kids, you and beyond. Wanting others to feel free and shine brightly, to thrive in the chaos requires me to stay committed to my own growth and integrating it into my life. Then I can hold the space for those that are also interested and committed to living from this vantage point. You too deserve to see your own light and embrace the radiance of life. Everyone, in my opinion, deserves to set their light free!

To set ourself free we first have to honor where we are and then step inward. It doesn’t mean we stop living – hardly that. We just consciously look at how busy we are keeping ourself to avoid what needs to be tended too. What are you needing right now to expand your light so you can be the kind of energy that lights up the room? What can you commit to releasing so you can restore and return more centered and more true? Doing the deeper work it is easier to choose to live with deliberate intention and bring offerings forward that support your unique and sacred journey as well as your fellow soul companions. Your light matters to the world around you. My hope is you give yourself permission to also love your soul and to live authentically you know – be you.

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