What is a Personal Growth & Transformational Coach?

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 2, 2016

Sure a coach helps you take action in your life and we encourage you to get the results that you care for in your life faster than you could on your own. A coach moves you forward in the direction that holds great potential. As a personal growth and transformational coach I do move you forward through healing, introspection and by cultivating clarity.

Growth is an opportunity that is fun as you discover the amazing attributes of who you really are. Coaching of this nature is a supportive process that helps men and women achieve their goals and develop skills that are particular to you so that you can create a better life by connecting with a genuine purpose. There is a lot of inquiry to support you regarding the present and future. This provides new perspectives, probabilities and solutions to open you to increased fulfillment, satisfaction and improved results.

Coaching with me is an ongoing relationship that allows you to get clear on your inspired action in life, track progress, holds you accountable  while acknowledging success along the way. You are placed in an environment that immerses you into creating a life that you truly enjoy. It’s a journey of self awareness that provides insight and discovery which presents tools, various processes, and techniques that create a better future for your life.

Coaching with me is a long term commitment as I offer packages over a span of time so that we can integrate change and achieve success to create lasting patterns that will support you for the rest of your life. I do provide VIP days when you are wanting quick results on a focused area, but this too is a powerful commitment. When you feel stuck, there’s support for optimal development by identifying patterns that are holding you back, create a vision and plan for initiating inspired action and while being held accountable. 

The relationship is established on mutual respect, trust and open communication so that learning is enjoyable and results become accessible. We co-create to expand your awareness, design actions from new evolved perspectives, set goals and manage your progress. We focus on moving you forward through growth and discovery of potential that currently exists but we will examine the past when we encounter obstacles to release conditioned limitations and beliefs that are inhibiting you. This way you connect to your true authentic self and grow while taking inspired action and living an empowered life. 

There’s so much really but ultimately you will see yourself as a whole, beautiful, healthy being that is full of potential and ability in taking the lead to live life fully. 

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