Yoga as the entry point

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 7, 2015

That feeling when you are in class and it feels as if the teacher could read your mind and guided everyone through a class that was designed just for you. It is the best! Being supported, guided & encouraged to feel, explore & expand your awareness just might be the key ingredients that keep us going forward in life.

Sure getting to move your body, shift your energy, and being challenged on some level are part of the process. Being in the collective energy of the class reminds us too that we aren't alone but rather we are part of a bigger community is pretty amazing. When we show up and relieve pain in our body & heart through alignment, when we discover potential & possibility we never thought possible, or when people in our life notice we are happier and ask what we have done to create this. These are powerful benefits of practicing yoga that keeps us returning again & again. Learning to evolve & live with more joy & freedom while connecting to some really awesome people is exactly what yoga introduced me too. How about you?

While yoga introduces us to ways we can live with more ease and delight it really is just the entry point. Being able to explore a more individualized process that takes you deeper, provides even more support & radically shifts the results of your life that are in alignment to your individual requests. Well, I think is what yoga encourages & life coaching provides. 

The transformation that comes from a yoga class is powerful & might be enough for some people. But let's be real for a moment, there are times that a down dog doesn't cut it. Or if you include meditation that it helps but life still gets messy. We leave the room, the studio or turn off the online class & look around to see that we still are lost, hurt or confused. When that class though felt like it was specifically designed for you though…it provides so much.

What yoga has taught me is that I do not want to live my life without the physical practice or loose my meditation practice…ever. What coaching is revealing for me, clients & peers, that sometimes we need a more intimate environment that provides trust & respect to uncover what is holding us back as well as our ability to live out our brilliant potential. To establish a relationship for a period of time that truly is specifically designed just for you, holds you accountable while you initiate actions that provide growth and opportunities to live fully.

The two totally go hand in hand. Especially when your coach incorporates energetic work that allows you to move inward and turn up the volume of your heart and turn down the chaos of life.  Transformational coaching provides an experience that magnifies the process we explore in yoga on a level that matches your unique nature & life. It brings clarity not in just how to do a pose & receive satisfaction on the mat, but how to be poised for life with clarity, vitality & satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Breathe deeply for a moment, even close your eyes for a few deep breaths. I'll wait or try it out after you read this. 

Do you notice anything? Does your mind stay busy? Is your body holding some kind of congestion? Maybe you feel like a rock star? As you exhale let go of whatever isn't supporting you right now. Enjoy a few breaths just like this then slowly open your eyes.

How did it feel? What did you notice? Are you still with me? For a lot of us it feels good but the rest gets a little confusing. What happens if I tell you that you contain more and deserve more than the busy-ness or congestion? Perhaps you just know there is more but you don't know how to access it?

Yoga introduces us to this and starts us on a beautiful path to living with more delight & satisfaction. Transformational coaching extends the path straight into our hearts, providing insight, healing & an expanded perspective. Coaching helps us land in all areas of our life with a sense of alignment, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Life is precious and all, each one of us are a sacred miracle. Yes, you are a sacred, precious miracle. Living a hectic life where we just barely get to feel balance and peace is one way of existing which is fine. What would life be like though if you connected to a process that immersed you into an environment that focuses on you, integrates change as well as success to create lasting patterns to truly enjoy your sacred life? Where you actually take inspired action that amplifies your aspirations? I would love to know!!! Feel free to comment or go one more step and email me. 

You know how you always feel better after yoga…what I've experienced and the shift I've witnessed as a yoga practitioner is pretty cool. What I'm experiencing with my own life & getting to witness in client's lives, is, well, radical & tremendously powerful. You'll just have to see for yourself.

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