Showed up for Savasana.

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 11, 2015

When the universe, cosmos, guiding spirits know you need to take a moment and rest deep, there is a sweet organization that has you escaping traffic to arrive at the studio with plenty of time before you sub a class. While all parts were put in motion, including everyone that was there enjoying class, the studio's existence and the regularly scheduled teacher galavanting  through France, and your friend is teaching in a language that speaks to your heart could have resulted in me just sitting there waiting for my turn to teach or it could have resulted in me unrolling my mat to enjoy the best part of class. I chose to boldly enter class focusing on the final 15 minutes rather than the other 60 I had missed. Man, it was one of the better decisions I had made all day and to be honest it was all my being could take.

That moment gratitude flowed through every cell, a deep sense of renewal & ease embraced my reality. Mind you I did setubandha sarvangasan (bridge), then a little twist, supta pada angustassna (reclined hand to foot extension) and a sweet little pranayama (breath expansion), but there she was, the part of my home practice I don't really enjoy too well. Yet today was different because there was a subtle shift that was especially powerful. 

My day included seeing my osteopath, the one I've been fortunate to see since I was 13, and taking my son to also receive a treatment. Both sessions provided great release & big shifts in a non-aggressive manipulative way. The conversation I had with my doctor included the usual anatomy, subtle body, review of past trauma, the somatic imprint of emotions not being released, how there is momentum to see the body, mind & spirit as united rather than separate, the difference of intellect & embodiment & of course how osteopathy views the body of holding an intelligence where the work done my the doctor is not trying to fix but rather be a catalyst. Yes a catalyst!

CATALYST ~ something that causess an important event to happen.

As I melted in Savasana every cell of my being smiled. This pose, the one where you lie there, eyes closed, on the floor 'playing dead' is a major catalyst..agent…generator…transformer…creator. It shows you what was already there. By relaxing at the very end, you settle in & allow the pace of your life, the energy of your groove, it slows down. The thing or idea of savasana is to remain aware, witnessing your own body shift into a greater state of ease…moving from doing to being. This expression differs greatly from snoring through savasana or figuring out how to do that darn pose that that one girl made look so easy. It's also different from wondering how much longer or who else is in the room. It's rather where you settle in and watch, see, experience your body's ability to be wrapped up in pure harmony, delight & grace.

It ain't easy let me tell you. Usually I'd rather move a lot & try out some pose that rewards my physical & intellectual in order to have a level of exhaustion. So to just show up for Savasana, took a lot of alignment, but it took me opening up to what was already there. The gratitude, ease, delight were just waiting to reveal themselves.

Thank you yoga for once again helping me wake up to what was there. To aiding my journey into greater healing, heart connection/expansion & inspirational action. What pose wakes you up with the least amount of exertion?

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