365 days a year

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 31, 2013

Which means so far I’ve lived 13,505 days, which equates to 324,120 hours here on this planet earth. Since I’m counting, we breathe something like 12-18 breaths per minute, and I know I haven’t been fully aware of the 233,366,400 (rough estimate) breaths I have received, nor can I say I’ve watched 13,000 sunsets, but as I sit here approaching another cycle around the sun I’m truly excited for what’s to come. I know it won’t all be swell and I hope any moment I get lost I continue to remember the grace in my heart and to breathe every breath of my life.

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  1. Gia Phelps

    Happy and blessed Birthday and another grace filled journey around the sun.

    Sent from my iPhone Practice kindness. Share a smile.


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