Understanding The Elements

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On January 20, 2020

When we understand the elements in life we can connect back to ourselves in a much better way. When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves then we tend to also have a healthy relationship with everyone else in our lives as well.

The last time I checked…I wasn’t the only one trying to live life.

The elements influence our perspective which informs our experience. Connecting to the basic energy of the elements we begin to live with more compassion, clarity and confidence. 

Yoga shares that there are five great elements – the Maha Bhutas and that these elements help us know ourselves. Without providing a discourse in philosophy or science even, the basic idea is that we are all made of the same ingredients. Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, also orients everything to these 5 elements and Astrology, another sister science, looks to the 4 elements as the 5th is the space in which we exist.

If we look at these elements as archetypes, energy that is within all of humanity, we do two things. We shift our perspective and relationship we have with different types of behavior and we begin to experience a stronger interconnection to life. Oh wait, there’s a third – we strengthen our intuition!

To keep things simple, when we understand the symbolism behind these elements, then we understand they are our core ingredients. EVERYONE that is living on planet earth shares in these core ingredients.

Earth This element has everything to do with the physical body, boundaries, the foundation of our experience, structure, order and systems, so in other words – highly dependable and reliable. This energy has the power to get things done, to bring spirit into form, make a plan, highly patient, and goal oriented. When misaligned this energy can be a workaholic and get stuck in a rut of no play staying too busy in doing rather than being, hoarding, stubborn, rigid and can get stuck in the mundane quickly. 

Water This element has everything to do with relationship and the energy of connection, creativity, intimacy, highly sensitive, and natural healers. This energy has a warm soul, the ability to bring awareness to hidden emotions, they make sense of the human experience, soften edges and a strong imagination. When there is access of this energy their vivid imaginations can cloud their ability to perceive, they can drain other people’s energy quickly, manipulate, become possessive and are vulnerable to addictions. When in balance they understand the undercurrents of life, can nourish, love and are incredibly loyal.

Fire This element has to do with the divine spark of the heart, the ability to digest (food and life), transform and nourish. The enthusiasm they hold for life is contagious, the trust in life is strong and is willing to take risks and live with spontaneity. When there is access of this energy the acting on instinct can appear reckless, think only of themselves, and can find a lot of resistance if always trying to take the shortcut. When in balance it is easy for to see the interconnection, be on the leading edge of new experiences and easily guiding others on the path of life.

Air This element has to do with the nervous system, the mind, our perspective and the inspiration that comes from the connection we make with life. It is associated with all the synapsis firing in our brains and the oxygen that moves through our blood and lungs. The intellect is here as is communication, socialization, knowledge, curiosity and connection to consciousness. It is the energy that can help you break through old patterns and provides inspiration to lift you up and create the change you desire in your life.  When there is too much, the tendency to over talk, avoid emotions – or talk through rather than feel, too busy with ideas to take action or sleep. When in balance you remain curious, continue to learn, strong decision making and brilliance comes through insight and inspiration.

Ether This element has to do with the environment in which we live, from the space of a room to the cosmos. It is the energy that sustains us and provides the depth, dimension and consciousness as a whole. It is the vibratory field that pulls us forward in our experience in life and the energy that is felt yet unseen. When this energy is out of alignment our experience is highly contractive, limiting, suffocating, and keeps us aloof, spacey and disconnected. When this energy is in alignment we are easily able to connect with the interconnection of life, honor all beings everywhere and tap into a potential that expands our conscious evolution.

The combination of these elements create different experiences. While this summary short hopefully you have glimpse to understanding how they influence you, your life and the way we connect to one another. 

Each day is charged with more of one energy than the other. Yep, the energy of the cosmos inform our daily experience. When we tune into these patterns on a daily basis we can refine our focus and show up for life with an awareness of the collective consciousness and co-create our lives and experience.

Here’s what’s even more cool, orienting our awareness to this perspective helps us align with our soul. This alignment allows for authenticity.

Besides, we are just all Stardust anyway, right?

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