Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On November 25, 2019

TIs the season to offer deep appreciation. It is also the season of long nights. A season of spreading good cheer and a time to connect with the energy that allows you to come alive. A season to nourish and tend to the soil of our hearts, those we love and clear the air of ill will so we can renew the energy that will carry us forward. A season to dream big, get out of our comfort zone and open up to new possibilities and perspectives.

Right now is the time to truly appreciate all that happened this year. The good, the bad, and the straight up confusion. When we get into a flow of appreciation it is easier to see the potential, to dream big, shift patterns, and expand the joy of our own lives for the greater good.

We can get into this flow and step into a greater version of ourselves when we are inspired. Being inspired is being in alignment with spirit, source or God – however you define it. Perhaps it is all divine unfolding that inspires and informs the experience of our lives. 

Personally, I believe we are each on a sacred journey where we are all invited to consciously co-create our lives with the energy of something bigger. Each breath is an invitation (and an offering) where we align with the larger energy of the universe and bring meaning into our lives. 

How often do you take the time to look at the bigger picture of life? Hold space to awaken to the cosmic abundance and get really clear on the ways you can bring your authentic expression forward.

Appreciating life is one thing, embracing yourself just as you are right here right now allows for more growth. Trusting deeply that you are becoming even more of who you are meant to be creates an experience of life that’s full of a heightened appreciation.

When we consciously co-create our life with the energy of mother nature and the rhythm of the heavens above we begin to live with what I call divine design. It is a way to remain in alignment with spirit and find inspiration, meaning and depth with our experience of life. To affirm the renewable energy of our own soul and stay in a healthy relationship with our own evolution.

As the days grow short and the nights get longer we are in a season of being able to reflect on all that has come to the surface and see how it can be of service as we move forward in our life. Not to live out a standard or an expectation but rather to participate for the greater good of humanity. The year is slowly coming to a close and the life of 2019 is slowly beginning to dissolve. 

Embracing the whole of you allows your light to selflessly shine and be of tremendous service to others. You are reading this so there is a strong likelihood that you have a genuine and deep desire to be of support to others, to serve the greater good of humanity, and to make a difference in the world.

Now it’s time to dream. Think big. Expand your potential in the way you can be of true support while remaining authentically aligned and living with a strong connection to the unconditional love of the universe. It requires a small leap of faith, a little effort in shifting patterns and a willing and open mind to experience the depths of your heart and soul. 

Try it out. Give yourself a moment to connect to the good of the year, appreciating when the heart strings were pulled. Honoring the pain and wounds of the heart. Now see the silver lining of these moments. Perhaps trust that there is more at work than your own efforts and see if you can also celebrate the triumph of light and love. That your nature is resilient as you are here still engaged in this offering. This is a practice that will keep your mind in more of the positive and inspired realm.

When we are in this space we are more inspired to give back to the world around us including the company we want to keep moving forward. It is also a practice that informs the energy that will keep you company as you move into 2020.

Now it is an exercise where you will want to see the areas in life where you need to make peace with what was and feel into the ways you can forgive so that you can truly release what energy is no longer serving you. It is in this time of closure that we make way for what is new. It is an exercise that helps us become more clear on the energy of you, the version of you that you want to bring forward and awaken to what is to come.

It’s like the end of a yoga class. The moment you finally lie down for savasana. Getting there as quickly as you can to enjoy, restore and assimilate. It is the time of year to not race to the finish line but rather take really sacred care of ourselves. When we reflect on what worked and what needs to be released we can clarify the boundaries and nourish our soul on a deeper level. 

When you come up seated at the end of that yoga class, there is a part of you that doesn’t want it to end and a part of you that is so deeply renewed that you discover you are ready to reengage with life. You are able to expand the joy and allow the goodness of life to be contagious. Your smile is genuine and it radiates from the depth of your being.

I will be sharing ways to align your soul with the energy of this season as I hold a genuine appreciation for you being you. Daily inspiration is happening in Mindfully You on Facebook.

The heartfelt gratitude I hold for both the stars in the sky and you are hard to define in words. My hope is you find a way to divinely design your life where your appreciation is elevated and heightened, your satisfaction expansive and the fulfillment fuels a greater sense of contentment. If there is something you would like to see from me, let me know in the comments bellow.

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