A Path With Heart

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On January 28, 2021
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Learn to live with a sense of purpose that aligns with your authentic self. A path with heart clarifies our path – or rather our purpose in life. Living with a sense of purpose looks and feels differently for everyone. 

Some find it essential and spend every day of their life living from and connecting back to their life’s purpose. Some flutter around never really giving it any thought while others spend a good chunk of their life looking to live on purpose yet are lost to what their purpose is. 

Clearly I am biased in that I not only live with a strong sense of purpose but I believe we all have a soul purpose – which looks different for everyone. The greatest purpose for each of us is to be present, to co-create in the reality of our lives and in tune with whether or not we are in alignment with our soul’s evolution.

To clarify, soul is the energy within, the energy that is reflective, spirit is the activating forward moving energy. Living A Path With Heart is the dance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that connects back to the soul’s journey and the connection to fulfillment by contributing to the greater good of humanity.

There is no right or wrong sense of purpose or fulfillment. It truly is a choice of one’s self and recognizing you have a say so in the way you want to co-create your life is one of the greatest, though often overwhelming, ability we have been given. This is the freedom we all crave yet it is contrasted by the hunger for love, connection and belonging.

If you are wanting to live A Path with Heart – it’s easy – you just begin and connect and commit. Need help beginning, then book a consultation.

It’s about awareness, transformation, growth and fulfillment that dances through your entire life’s journey. It is not just dreaming but initiating, staying the course, standing in your light, and allowing for the forgiveness or integration of the journey thus far and a willingness to know that this cycle repeats itself daily, monthly, yearly, and throughout this lifetime and beyond.

Ideally we do not want to cause harm to anyone though we all have been given permission to choose who we want to be and how we want to live our life. (Yes some people have it much easier than others and some people find it their purpose to make it impossible for others to live out their soul’s desire).

Yoga, meditation, traveling the world, near death experiences, ptsd, loss, birth, relationships, marriage, family and an insatiable curiosity to investigate the way we can integrate our spirituality with our physical reality hugely influence my personal path. While I am currently in the life lesson of learning how to be a mom during a global pandemic all the knowledge, experience, tools and wisdom has not been enough. What all of this has done is it has brought me back to what I knew so deeply as a young child and found a way to hide, cloak, burry, and pretend I was foolish and out of bounds in orienting my life from this vantage point. Believing the heavens above known as the sun, moon, stars and solar system hold answers and profound access to the teachings of life through the lens of love.

Over the past 12 years I have been marinating in the language of astrology and application in our daily life. The hunger to understand the cosmos and share their wisdom has been with me for some time. The pandemic and the choice (as well as privilege) to be home with my children presented an opportunity to commit to learning the language of the stars. Now it is finally crystalizing and I am excited to be in a position to share this wisdom.

What is incredibly powerful is the map the heavens provide as they are the handwriting of god and the flavor of your personal journey to your soul’s purpose is accessible through your own birth chart. I realize that for some this is not a favorable way of relating with life, however the stars have been guiding us to the teachings of the great masters through out the beginning of time.

When you look to your chart with a trained astrologer you will learn so much more about yourself and how you can enjoy your life and navigate both the delight and challenges that surface for all of us. The best part – it is another awareness tool that holds powerful insight to your truth and what I find is it helps us breathe much more deeply and be comfortable in our own skin – just as we are while also providing direction and encouragement in our ability to respond to life’s eternal offering.

You are invited to enjoy and ignite A Path With Heart with me – if you choose. It is not a quick fix path that lays out goals and asks you to bypass the deeper wounds of your heart and turn away from your strengths, but rather one where you illuminate the wholeness of your essence, nourish the layers of your truth and engage with life to be of service to the greater good.

I deeply feel we are all being called to re-evaluate the way we engage and invite in a connection to our soul’s journey so we can co-create a reality that allows us all to shine brilliantly together. Tell me what you are feeling and if you are ready to embark on this wickedly wild journey of the heart – then let’s start with honoring the moment you were born and the heavens celebrated the sacred moment you crossed the threshold from the womb of your mother and breathed your first breath in this big wide world.

To schedule a reading and begin to awaken to your potential COMPLETE THIS FORM. It truly is an honor to be a on this path, with heart, with you!

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