Bring Your Light To Life: Part Four

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 14, 2020
Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash

Here we are, thank you for tuning and and honoring your own sense of self. You are so valuable and my hope is that so far you are getting more and more clear, appreciating this opportunity, and well, realizing that we all deserve to bring our light to life and live an abundant life authentically!

Miss the previous parts? You can find them here…Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

In this opportunity we are given permission to know ourselves deeply. To feel connected to our truth and create from this authentic space. The more clearly connected we are to the value of our own light the more we can bring her to life.


Imagine you have already receive all that you are seeking from life. Your needs completely meet with ease and you find a connection to a source that is so supportive and nourishes the depth of your being – your whole self. Prosperity effortlessly flows to you. You’ve prioritized what is most valuable and you are living your life on purpose. The world around you is flourishing and you get to graciously offer straight from the abundance of your heart. Truly being of service to the light and love in the world. Each day you pause and remember the abundance and appreciate it genuinely with each breath. When you hit a challenge you lean into your sacred self care tool kit and stay the course as you can easily receive the resources to help you find your way.

How amazing is that!

Now I am curious, how does this make you feel? Do you feel it is possible? How much of you is like, sounds nice and dreamy, but the reality of this is highly unlikely? Or maybe you believe in it but you are still skeptical? Good this means you are human…but being human means that we tend to limit our potential.

I wonder if you feel that you are already living this way. It is something I have personally believed in and practiced with everyday, and I have to admit, it isn’t always easy, but it is possible not just for me but for everyone. Wait, do you believe that it is possible for everyone? Do you believe there are enough resources to go around?


Reflect. This is an important part that we want to honor. It provides an opportunity to recognize our efforts. Though it is not an area to get stuck in. Reflect on this four part series. What has happened for you as you engage more fully to connect to your deep truth, your brilliance on a daily basis? It’s not easy to do these simple steps everyday. It requires you to be a disciple of the light, and discipleship requires discipline – welcome to club human. But our humanness also means we are hard wired to grow and be resilient.

Respect. Seriously honor your efforts. Even your choice to just be curious but not fully commit. This is meeting yourself where you are and choosing to show up. That is seriously honorable. It is also a practice of valuing your own individual experience and getting through hard moments. When we respect the discomfort we give more energy into trusting in our light rather than getting devoured by the darkness. How can you respect your choices to show up and be mindful?

Remember. The simple practices that have been shared in each part are here to help you remember your true self. Sometimes the hardship gives us access to know our truth more fully. Pain is part of life but so is joy. Which one do you want to remember and live from? My hope is that you remember to come home to your light and choose to bring her forward with great respect and honor. Besides, the world needs you and loves you just the way you are because you are amazingly briliant!

Realign. Now that you have done the first 3 steps, well now we want to acknowledge how we have limited our selves. Sure there is energy that needs to be released physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What practices can you utilize that can help you respectfully release the energy that is blocking you. When you release you want to also restore. Invite the connection to your innate worth and reconnect to your values. This is a daily practice – and it is so worth showing up and realigning everyday!

Return. This is essential. When we pause we are aware of how we are showing up, respecting the process and resistance, and well then we can step forward with more clarity, confidence and conviction. The only way life can support us is if we choose to bring our light forward again and again.

Living in a more clear relationship with our own worth ultimately increases the beauty of this life. What we find is we have a much more generous sense of spirit. We also remain open to new opportunities and creativity can flourish. When we are aware of the ways we limit ourselves we can actively choose to clear the blocks and experience both abundance and prosperity.

Soul friends, what are you waiting for? What will it take for you to commit to this one great life? Our soul is here to evolve and grow. If you aren’t making a daily choice to bring your light to life (remember this includes nourishing and creating a solid foundation that respects this sacred journey – it is not about producing, doing and staying busy).

Bringing your light to life is as simple as a genuine smile, the connection to your own heart and the collective heart, and well, sharing in this wild ride but choosing the highest available version of you – again and again.

Want more of these insights and guidance – come hang out with me and together let’s live brilliantly!

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