Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 27, 2018

Anyone out there ever have an idea or insight into their life, a dream, a way to change the world, a way to just help others feel better? It’s such an amazing insight or you’re so inspired yet the gap of where you are and where you want to be seems enormous. Even if the distance is small maybe there are so many obstacles in the way. So you get defeated or derailed because it doesn’t seem to happen fast enough. That sense of urgency is FOR REAL as I feel there’s a strong force pulling you in the direction of making the dream a reality. But the urgency is also what can derail us! The gap gets filled with self doubt that connects you to a life that negates the vision altogether.

What would happen if you committed to just taking baby steps to get there? Wouldn’t it be nice if all those baby steps supported the manifestation of your dreams coming true? Especially if each step along the way happened with your conviction that it is happening. Not to mention each step was building a strong foundation for others to also move in the direction of more joy, more peace, more connection to a better way of living. By living your dream you inspire others to do the same! (I’m assuming if you’re reading this your dream/vision is in alignment with allowing more people to live with more joy, peace and freedom). Here are three baby steps to help get you started.

1. Write It Down. We receive ideas and guidance all day long. They pass through our thoughts and awareness like clues towards a treasure. But they are fleeting which is a good thing as we might get overwhelmed. Giving yourself permission to just take note makes the idea 95% more likely to manifest. Think of a place you visit everyday and put a pen and paper there. Or use an app on your phone. Before you know it you’ll be receiving more guidance and support making this baby step an enormous leap in the right direction.

2. Listen. Taking time to quiet our outer world so we can tune into our inner self is the baby step that offers direction. We are always being guided and when we tune in, breathe and just listen, we find ourselves being directed towards the people and places that are eager to contribute to the vision. That contribution shows up in all kinds of ways. Actively listening helps us receive the support accelerating the possibility of your dream coming to life.

3. Engage. Watch your relationship with the inspiration as it’s a sacred deserves to be nourished. When we have an idea that’s going to help the world be a better place well, it kind of follows you. It may show up looking different, disguising itself so perhaps you’ll pay attention, or resurfacing in other people’s conversations. This is just affirmation that your insight is hungry and wants to come alive. Engagement may look different every day, but if you schedule time to hang out and feed the potential, each day you’re a step closer and aligning more fully.

These baby steps are really essential when we are moved to bring something to life. When I think of where I was when I started this blog and where I am now, it’s radically different. When I think of the clients I’ve worked with individually they’ve experienced major shifts. Looking back they’d probably tell you they got where they are faster than they imagined. Having a vision to live a fulfilled life that nourishes their hearts and others is not a fleeting concept. The baby steps they’ve taken which include the above 3 (and 1 more…commitment) have brought them radically closer to living with more joy and happiness.

Imagine if we all took three baby steps together on a daily basis? There might be a collective momentum of uplifting each other. Even if our steps only uplift one other person, that energy is contagious and inspiring!

The live course I’m offering, Find Your Center, is also a baby step. By committing to 4 Sunday’s over the summer you’ll illuminate tools that will begin to sustain a relationship with a life that’s full of inspiration, connection and support. You can find more information at www.teresaphelpsmartin.com/events

If 3 baby steps seems overwhelming just try this shortcut…write down 1 idea and listen to how much the universe wants to support you!

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