Living From Your Center

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 16, 2018

Chances are you do yoga. Perhaps it’s been awhile and maybe you even find it hard to get your mat. Maybe you are just mad that you show up and the teacher you were wanting took the day off for some reason. But more than likely, if you are reading this, there is a 90% chance you have a relationship with yoga cause you have a relationship with me! (Thank you too by the way – it is such an honor really),

What I have realized in the past few months with all the transition we have experienced as a family – both joyous, hand selected and well heart breaking – it can be so hard to remain true to myself, communicate my needs, emotionally restore and just straight up stay centered. SO I find myself in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for the tools I have gathered and chosen to implement. But then it hit me – most of us don’t even know where our center is and how to align with it, live from it and truly embrace it – true story. But when you know your center you know when you have drifted and you are able to return much more quickly. This gives you a powerful tool in managing the challenges and adversity that surfaces in life depleting us and devouring our heart’s intention. (Just in case – intention is living with a vision, holding space for your own self, and engaging in behaviors that supports this vision).

Our center is our own inner horizon that allows you to navigate life with a commitment to your true state (joy, love and peace) versus your false state (fear, anger and shame), It is a point of measurement that helps us take responsibility for our own life while still having fun, create healthy boundaries and live with healthy relationships as we have an understanding of the harmony between our internal and external experience of life.

Understanding your center is one piece and finding your Center may come easily. The beautiful thing is that it is available to everyone and allows you to live with deep authentic intention. Living this way brings more meaning, purpose and fulfillment to life. You know where you are happy, enjoying the ebb and flow but still showing up with integrity for yourself and the world in which you live. Since life requires you to be the pilot of your own journey you want to contain instruments that can guide you when the world looks fuzzy when you are not able to see the external horizon. You know when you are lost, confused, depleted or just plain stuck. Being able to come back to your Center provides the tools you need in order to always know what to do in your life. Being centered is an invitation to release the regret and be at peace with life. It allows you to be excited for where you are heading while also be in the present moment. Once you find your center you discover a safe space within that will reassure you, offers a wellspring for your own inner guidance, faith and will support the beliefs you live by that create the biography of your life.

What defines you and differentiates you from everyone else out there boils down to the choices you make. Sure our external environment influences us however honoring our own light, worth and life is entirely up to us. Side note, it is very helpful to keep good company. Being centered allows each of us to be more aware which improves our ability to choose consciously and intentionally. We recognize how to focus our attention and allow that to turn into aligned action. One of the greatest benefits is that it helps you to pay attention, see what is swirling around you and how you choose to contribute or redirect. Your center is the space where you can connect with spirit and dwell with the wholeness and goodness of who you are. It offers the highest version of yourself and you discover that everything you are looking for is contained right within yourself. Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me. It’s so amazing I’ve been inspired to share a beautiful process with you. If you are interested head over HERE to learn more.

If you already live from your center. I would be honored if you shared bellow in the comments how it has served you. One piece I know without a doubt is that it really is the only way to live where you can access inner peace, joy and love no matter what is going on around you. If you are interested in Finding your Center and Living with Intention, head over HERE. Sign up before April 28 and receive a bonus valued more than the training itself!

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