Break Free – Guidance for the Soul

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 8, 2021
Break Free

Break free from all you thought life would be. Welcome in guidance for the soul by listening to the nourishment of the heavens as you lean into the underlying currents of change.

Slow It Down

Life currently is not about racing to be the hero and quickly fix the big mess we all are experiencing. Yes we are full of energy, ready to move forward yet we have to slow down. This is enough to make you feel like you are coming undone or at lease leaves you feeling at odds with what is and what you hoped life would be!

When you access life from a higher vantage point, gain a bigger perspective and invite the guidance of the heavens to support you, well then you know how to break free from all you thought life would be. To put it simply, everyone of us are being asked to awaken to a new way of existence, a new way of life, a new way of being.

The currents of underlying change are strong and grounding our soul’s experience as a human means we have to acknowledge the hardships and reclaim our connection to our private affairs.

It is all about renegotiating with our relationship with life. Opening ourselves to learning new ways of thinking. Welcoming in the wisdom of our soul and listening deeply to the whispers of the heavens.

Our soul’s hold a promise and point to the ways we can break free from what we thought life would be. This brilliance is what is necessary to move in new directions.

Each of us will do this differently – however it is happening to every single one of us collectively.

Commit to Your Light

Commit to habits for your whole self has to a priority. Consider the different ways you can access the soundtrack of your own heart and soul. When we tap into the beat of our vulnerable self we access a divinely guided devotion regarding the daily details. It creates boundaries so we do not getting caught up in the judgement or analytical energy that impedes our vitality and enjoyment of life.

Letting go and breaking free is not easy. It is though a major part of life. Can you open your heart enough to see the beauty in the wounds of our existence. That we are given the ability to rise. The ego’s separation from the divine, this individuation exposes your sense of self, presents evidence of your resilient nature, your strength and personal potential.

What would happen if you gave yourself the space to integrate a connection with the sacred pulse of life for yourself?

Are you willing to find peace within the vulnerability?

What would it be like to break free from the expectations that have been placed on yourself?

The wisdom of your future is ready to surface if you can break free from what you thought would be. Wildly this gives access to your soul’s guidance and ultimately provides the structure for your hopes and dreams.

Breaking free from what we thought life was going to be is about releasing the stereotype and embracing the archetype. The patterns that access inner peace require a little vulnerability.

Center Stage

When you stand in the center of the stage of life and bring the awareness of your soul’s promise to the surface, you create a bold statement of authentic love. The drama of the unexpected become clues regarding the bigger picture, yet we are open to the accessing our soul’s guiding light to navigate the plot twists and discover enthusiasm for what life will become.

Breaking free asks that we lean into new directions of life trusting we are supported by our soul’s light.

If you need help accessing connection with your inner most self, your authentic and brilliant truth, reach out and schedule a clarity consultation!

Vulnerability is not for the faint of heart. It is the essential ingredient in experiencing a rich, brilliant and enjoyable life. Accessing your soul’s promise is a way to co-create a life that brings purpose, meaning and joy to the tides of life.

Bellow you will find the soul-scopes for this new moon lunation or rather your soul’s guidance for breaking free.

Be sure to read moon and rising sign – not just your sun sign. if you do not know what they are, I can help you! You can also visit and enter your birthday, location and time.

Breaking free is about the releasing stereotypes and learning how to integrate the archetype and energetic essence – the guiding light of your soul. Awaken to the profound magic that allows you to be true to you and be soulfully you!

Are you able to listen to the wise counsel of your soul and welcome the renewed spark of vitality to support your partnerships and future endeavors?



Your brilliant light is what allows you to stand out in a crowd. This exposure may be a bit uncomfortable so commit to your health and ground into the details of your sense of self worth. Partner with the power of transformation and welcome in the resources of your vulnerability. Being devoted to your heart and soul will nourish the pathway you are embarking. Keep in mind everyone is being asked to shift into new directions and your unconditional love is leading the way for many. Continue to integrate a sense of curiosity into the reality of what life is presenting. Here lies the wisdom to awakening a new path that is rich, powerful and brilliant.☆


Your authenticity is the rock for so many! As you explore a new conversation with your souls promise – stay curious. Cultivate new habits, devote yourself to the divine on a daily basis and you will be able to come home to your heart and soul with ease. This connection to your inner self will guide you into the many ways you can honor the wounds of the collective heart, including your own. You know how much the world is awakening and the power resides in vulnerability. Invite this vision of healing and to all you do and the world will see you as a thought leader. Lean into the changing dynamic of your partnerships as you hold space for the potent collective transformation that is the magic behind this grand awakening. ☆


Your curiosity has brought forward evidence how you can nourish the potency of all that is awakening. The inquiry into your heart and soul provides the guidance you crave. Your gift of articulation ignites a creative spark for the worlds healing as well as provides structure for these innovative ways of thinking about life and the many ways one can participate. Anchor yourself in the habits of your heart and soul and you will cultivate the resources to nourish a new direction for life. Your daily endeavors may remain mysterious – this holds the magic for supporting a healing path for the collective. Charm the world with your authentic narrative and you will be meet with unconditional support. ☆


Your entire sense of self is being pushed out of your comfort zone. Come home to the brilliance of your heart and soul and take refuge from the commotion of the collective. Explore your sense of resilience and be encouraged by the wisdom of your soul‘s purpose. Breathe into the depths of your being and find comfort in the unconditional love that supports you and all you bring forward in the world. If you can lean into new ways of thinking, even if they amplify all you’re being asked to release, you’ll discover a richness of life that supports the wealth of your authenticity. ☆


The wounds of your heart are evidence of the power of your soul. Yes, you get to break the mold and while it feels heart wrenching, this is the energy that gives potency to this new and vibrant relationship with life. You already know this, but the foundation for your awakening is to expect the unexpected. Release the pain and envision a future that is bright, full of enthusiasm and passionate. Tune in to these new ways of being as they will nourish your creativity. The world is changing with you and by allowing a sense of a quiet your soul will be able to shine brightly. Your soul’s promise wants to be a priority merge this into your daily endeavors and your new sense of self will lead the way vibrantly. ☆


Being asked to be the leader with this great awakening isn’t exactly what you had in mind. You feel deeply connected to the wounds of the collective and are exhausted by your own and everyone else’s pain. Stay curious even though you know the unexpected is always within reach. Awaken to the mysterious ways of renewal and you will be nourished. Come home to a lightheartedness and listen to the depths of your own wisdom. You know how much the world is shifting so keep strong boundaries around your hopes and dreams. Have a little fun in your day to day endeavors remembering that the brilliance of your truth is the key to your health and vitality. Continue to talk with your soul each day and night as this is the source of motivation for a beautiful renewed relationship with life. ☆


No one needs to tell you how to illuminate the vibrance of life however the company you keep expands your brilliant nature. Stay true to yourself and those you love, their supportive light will guide your hopes and dreams for your own and everyone else’s future. If it feels like your immediate reality holds pain and discomfort come home and receive the sacred wisdom of your heart and soul. We are all shifting in new directions with you! Ground into the sacred spark of your future self and you will gain access to the love language that connects everyone of us into a renewed relationship with life. ☆


Lean into your resilient nature as soul level transformation is a lot! Seek the wisdom of your resourcefulness and your authenticity will continue to arise. The more you release what you thought life was going to be the more healing will come forward and this renewal will surface in mysterious ways. Your creative endeavors continue to support the awakening so trust your ability to enjoy life outside of your comfort zone. Gather the data of the divine, keep clear boundaries to support your health and your soul will shine!☆


Holy moly are you headed in a new direction! Did you see this coming? Just know there is abundance in all this change especially when you turn into the wise counsel of your soul. She’s here to give you new ideas regarding your hopes and dreams. Stay curious as you rebuild the world around you. Your inner world holds wisdom as well so remain open to this renegotiation with your sense of self. Well it’s a little hit to your sense of pride, the shift in your daily endeavors is awakening you to the magic of transformation. There is a brilliant light surrounding you invite her and her love into the depths of your being. Breathe into this opportunity of living with soul, follow your heart and enjoy the discovery of the brilliance of your future.☆


Did you ever imagine the world would awaken to the magic and mystery of the unseen? While the world is slow to awaken, we are joining you in this great mystery of life. Believe it or not, this gives you a renewed sense of prosperity. Leading with vulnerability is what you have been doing all along – it is your normal and the world can finally receive the secrets of your soul. Stay curious about your inner world as your true nature lights up the room. Keep in mind this ability to be the light in times of hardship, crisis and discomfort is how you’ll be remembered. The world is looking to your sense of self as a way of passionately connecting the the magic of our private affairs to our public life. Bring the magic and you will nourish the collective!☆


The dance of the oppositions of life is what keeps your heart pulsating with vitality and beauty. While your past continues to present new revelations, know how much vital power and nourishment this brings to your private affairs. Be true to yourself and allow the expansive energy of your heart to shine boldly into the world. Hold space to embody the wisdom of your soul on a daily basis as the partnerships of your life call for deep healing. Open yourself to being a bit more vulnerable with those whom you trust. They are here to guide and support you as we all move forward in life. The dreams and aspirations of your soul are the creative source of the authenticity you crave. Lean in an allow the connection with your future and know you can trust in her loving guidance.☆


As you engage in new conversations with vibrant opportunities, you also feel the anxiety and overwhelm. It is so essential to remain grounded in the details of your divine nature. Find motivation by honoring your whole self. Your sacred essence is immensely valuable to the bigger picture of life. Being vulnerable to your past will bring renewed strength and power to the journey ahead so honor the boundaries of your soul. Spend time reflecting on your heart and soul‘s ability to shine boldly and invite her guidance in all that you do. This energy will illuminate the darkness of the night offering wisdom that gives structure to your daily life and all those you serve. ☆

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