Honoring All That Has Been

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On August 21, 2021

Goodbyes are sacred and give us a chance to honor what has been – as that moment won’t ever happen again. They are the initiatory  step that helps us make way for what is yet to come. Your brilliant life resides in integrating all the parts of your life into the whole of yourself.

When was the last time you paused and acknowledge the passing of the day? The end of your workout? The completion of a meal or gathering with family. Sometimes goodbyes are unbearable and there are times that they go completely unnoticed. Yet each moment feeds into our vitality. Maybe even think on how many times you have wanted to skip out on the end of a yoga class…


This is key. Recognizing what would have been involves the notion that you had a dream, an intention, and now you have reached the moment where it is dissolving. We want to remember that there is still so much opportunity and potential. Yet your dream deserves the recognition of all that you put forward and allow for acceptance by honoring what was. It can be as simple as mindfully crossing a threshold when you leave (or enter your house). It can be stepping outside, looking at the sky and offering gratitude that your feet are on the ground. Or perhaps it is a big ole ugly cry where you wonder if life will ever be the same again.

Allowing for a ritual around closure is essential to clearing the way for new energy to refill the emptiness.

You have probably heard of the rear view mirror imagery. Where it is all in the past – yet you can still see where you have been. Like so many where we are headed looks very different than where we have been. Within my own personal journey I have spent some time reflecting on how many of us are hungry to either return to what was, what we thought it was supposed to be, or eager to move forward and let the past be a dust cloud settling in our footprints.

Which direction resonates for you? Are you full of ambition and opportunities continue to fall into your lap? Are you stuck in the fog or murky waters curious yet uncertain what might bloom? Maybe you have not had a single element of your life change and you are simply wondering what the big deal is out in the world….


Where ever you find yourself, find time to honor all the many soul’s you have shared in the lessons of life – as they are our greatest teachers. Honor the ways the moments have supported you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Appreciate the many adventures and all the education you have partaken to support your soul’s embodiment. There might even be a moment you recall in the journey that the wisdom and practice saved your life.

In this honoring you will discover a wisdom that you can carry forward into the next endeavor even if it is a bit of a mystery. 

We all are being asked to restructure our lives. While it may feel like you are standing in the fire, know that each and every one of us are on some level. We are all witnessing how much the entire globe is being forced to reengage with one another with a new level of awareness. The systems and structures that have supported us for so long are asking us to be more responsible for future generations. There is so much wisdom in what has gone before – especially when we honor all that has been. It is subtle and complicated yet simply ancient technology in a modern application.


Imagine you were presented with a map that could guide you to a bridge. Once you cross this bridge it brings you to an enchanting and mystical which offers a clue to the ways you can work with your own pain and suffering. For in our life’s journey we all encounter moments that make their mark – some celebratory and profound, others painful and traumatic.

What would be your response?

Would you question the journey?

Would you challenge your need to be at this crossroads?

Would you ask what the energy can do for you?

Or would you ask how you can support the energy?

Would you open your heart to a level of curiosity allowing for inquiry?

Would you be willing to be of service?

Would you say yes to support the healing of your own soul and those you encounter?


As I write this the moon is listening to the conversations of structure and beliefs. It is illuminating an area so far from the sun that has the darkness of the nights illuminated by a brilliant reflection of our own vitality. It is a moment where emotions are high as this is what allows for the breakthrough needed to find our way. Our paths become fully illuminated with a connection to the magnificence that shines for us all.

This region of the sky reminds us of how we can honor the grief of the collective unconscious by reconnecting to the highest. That we can recognize our own losses yet know that we are not alone. The dance of the lunar and solar energy give us major insights into our soul’s journey. Especially when we are willing to listen and open ourselves to new ways of articulating the wisdom within and be of service to the grand unfolding of our soul’s journey.

When you are deeply lost or mourning or just confused – the sky’s guidance holds answers in how to work with the energy of life and feel supported in your choices and endeavors.

Standing In Our Light

Standing in our light is no easy task especially when what we thought what would be is no longer. We can though pause and honor what we has been. Rather than honor what has been from a place of despair and disdain, we want to honor from this connection to what is being revealed.

Honoring from a vantage point that provides celebration for our efforts, a place of genuine appreciation for the opportunity to breathe life into our soul.

To get more clear on how you can ritualize the transition that we as humanity are undergoing, look to the moment you wore born and draw out the guidance based on your sun, moon and rising sign. Reading just your sun sign is fine, however know you are limiting it to just your ego. A big part of this journey is elevating our center of gravity from ego to soul!

Each soulscope is written straight from my heart. Take what serves you and leave the rest behind. To bring your soul to life and live with intention and purpose – book a soul session with me and discover your brilliance!

For daily inspiration regarding the cosmic energy and ways to honor all that has been – Join SOULFULLY YOU!


Aquarius: Feeling like you can spread your wings and fly? Or perhaps you just are feeling more optimistic than you have. Regardless it is a time to feel the benevolent energy and commit to new beliefs that support your soul’s journey. It requires an acceptance of the many expressions of the divine and uncovering the power of renewal. Your vitality resides in this space of integrating the old with the new – embracing the imperfections and allowing for a reconciliation with your mental and physical health. Keep company with individuals that will collaborate in the service of your soul and bring your big bold light to your daily endeavors. Each time you return home you will receive wisdom on where you have been and this will allow you to break ground in your heroic journey. Imagine a life where your values are your priorities and you will see the world reflecting this potential giving you a little lift beneath your wings.

Capricorn: As another layer of who you thought your were going to be fades, enjoy the renewal, the deep renovation and ability to reclaim your individual power. Continue to recognize what is supporting your soul’s journey and release the energy that keeps you bound to the need to achieve. Continue to integrate the old and the new, the perfect and imperfect, the love and the war in order to stoke the vitality of your legacy. The motivation for this continued renovation comes from investing in the dealings of a higher center of gravity. Release the ego and serve your soul. Your authenticity will be met in intimate moments where you feel safe to allow your big loving light to shine. Spend time daily sitting with nature, stepping away from the noise and haste of the world so you can hear the wisdom of the past. This is where you will receive innovation in your creative endeavors and build the structure to handle the continued challenges we all are facing. Your soul knows how to focus especially when you imagine the unseen supporting you along the way.

Sagittarius: The discovery of your true light requires a collaboration of honoring what has been lost and embracing the mystery of what is yet to be. Live from that higher vantage point that you know so well and be a witness to the sacred beauty that continues to show herself even when it feels like the world is falling apart. Your blind faith is becoming your embodied truth. Stay connected to the adventure of being a witness and believing in your soul’s motivation. Allow the light of life’s experiences to touch the deepest spaces of your inner self. This genuine connection will illuminate even the darkest of decisions. Stay curious in your relationships and listen to the wisdom they share as they will help carry the messages of how you can be. The more you awaken to this deeper embodiment the more secure you will feel in your daily endeavors. Ignite the light behind your creative pursuits and discover the mystery that surfaces when you come home to your soul’s strength. This journey of loss brings a benevolence forward when we allow the lessons of our youth to restore our beliefs of the future. There is potency in this renewal even if it feels like it is killing your productivity.

Scorpio: As you continue to discovery your magic, tend to the flame of your soul, invite in the unseen beauty and your dealings with acceptance. The data or rather evidence of the collective conscious is the fuel motivating the service your soul. The world sees that your genuine nature has nothing to do with being secretive and dark, but rather the one that can connect to the wisdom and bring the renewal to the surface. No need to hide your light, it is here for the whole world to see. You live with respect for vulnerability and can hold space for those in your life that are being to be nurtured by this wisdom. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself attracted to the good guy mentality as surprising collaborations hold innovation and revelations. Be the hero in your daily endeavors and bring the light to your imagination as it supports the focus you need to ignite your creative spark. Spend time allowing your soul’s light to be reflected back to you. There is benevolence within even if it feels as if the lessons continue to kill the innocence. You are renewing the commitment to your sense of self and keep the vision of abundance a top priority.

Libra: Vitality sits in the sacred spark of your own soul. Integrate your  ego’s identity with your soul’s promise. The motivation sits in the dealings of the unseen as you know this is one of the more powerful relationships of life. Accept how much the world applauds your genuine nature and shine your truth back out into the world. As you nourish your sense of responsibility choose the truth of the wisdom that is guiding you. Vulnerability is an unexpected strength that will return you to your power safely. Sure you are always the diplomat however it is essential that you are your own hero. Spend time every day allowing your imagination to focus on the dreams of your heart and soul. You are discovering all that the lessons of what has been fuels the passion you hold for just how grand life can be. Let the world’s light shine into this place of mystery and you will inherit power, renewal and your core will continue to alchemize. Keep your vibe high when you think of the past know that this magic may remain a mystery. Wildly this keeps you feeling safe, secure and serving the buried treasure of your soul.

Virgo: Watch the tendency to over think all your new discoveries. Stay connect to your soul’s ambition and feel enthusiasm as you find higher ground. Your soul’s light is shining bright and the data regarding all she is cultivating within will come to the surface shortly. Her wisdom is nourished when you know you belong and accept the wisdom that has guided you all along. Make a list of all that you can do to help expand the minds of those that trust you. Feeling safe at this level of vulnerability continues to awaken resources that support all those involved. Release the tendency’s that limit your abilities and instead stay focused on relationships that will feed your creativity. Dream up collaborations and reflect these new ideas into the details of your daily life. Your efforts hold benevolence and you might find revelations around the lessons of how you be. Your passions continue to be renewed when you release old views and collaborate with what is new. As you honor all that has been, it may still feel like a mystery yet you can find the treasure of your heart when you integrate the many forms of beauty that you invite in with every breath.

Leo: Shine soul friend – shine. Allow the genuine loyalty of your heart rise up for the world to see and I promise your soul will continue to care for this great mystery. The collective is whispering messages of healing and if you listen you might be surprised by the choices you make that are revealing the wisdom of your legacy. Lead with soul as you embark on these new adventures. This strength of vulnerability will connect you to the shared resources that are also the shared dreams of those you love and partner with in life. Their trust is the key to helping your soul rise as is the power of renewal that gives structure to your daily life. Collaborate with these new revelations and remain committed to honoring what has gone before. Stay curious to the mysterious ways you can renew your articulation of life and find beauty in what was and what is yet to be. Be the witness to your soul’s motivation as your sense of self is key in your authenticity.

Cancer: Continue to take sacred care of your soul and lead us forward in these new endeavors. Her wisdom might be unseen yet you know the world is finally awakening. It is essential that you are remembered for being your own hero and how you took responsibility in igniting this grand light. Compassion is key to the gravitational center of your grand journey. Imagine the many ways the soul’s wisdom can be received and in this space of vulnerability you will be blessed with the resources to heal all that has been and lean into the renewal of all that you have achieved. Your relationships provide the power to keep the enthusiasm going in your daily life. Collaborate with these new connections and commit to the evidence that is the data of your soul. The beauty of your heart and soul sits in the integration or reconciliation of all that was and all that is yet to be. (This theme is strong for you!) The data you are collecting will keep your innocence alive and carry the messages of your true self to the surface illuminating just how valuable you are especially when you make yourself a priority.

Gemini: The wisdom you continue to receive is nourishing your curiosity that loves to discover the mystery of the soul’s awakening. Your soul’s structure and can be accessed through your dreams. New ways of being in the world are being reflected to you and this truth holds benevolence even if it requires learning a brand new technology. When pushed out of your comfort zone your power will be restored. This includes releasing what you thought would have been in your relationships and collaborating with what is to be. Your daily endeavors continue to transform and if you can breathe life into your passions, you will find the rhythm for your vitality. Love the sacred beauty you see and be motivated to come home to your soul’s promise. This is where the mind can be nourished and you can anchor into a higher center of gravity. A naive innocence is the source of your authenticity. Continue to shine the messages of your soul’s brilliance into areas of influence. Continue to take sacred care of your true self as this will help you feel safe and secure. It is a wild ride indeed but you get to take the lead articulating the wisdom that rises out of the language of the soul.

Taurus: As the revolution of your soul continues to awaken, enjoy the new resources that come through the surprising revelations. Change really rocks the boat yet it exposes the brilliance of your soul’s ability to persevere. Focus on the dreams of the collective future and you will be remembered for your ability to reflect the benevolence that resides in this new way of being. The push and pull of who you are and who you are meant to be holds power. Just be certain to reframe your perspective regarding productivity. These new beliefs and visions for your future require a vulnerable collaboration. This becomes easier when you honor what has been. Release the old ideas of what you thought would be. This level of relationship holds magic especially when you call in the sacred beauty that is a result of this release. Integrate this vitality into the work you bring forward to the world. Keep your vibe high and allow your passions to be in service of your soul. Allow your light to shine on all you have inherited. Continue to love your ability to come home to your soul’s light and feel nourished by this unconditional love of your ancestors. Heritage holds value when you are loyal to the dreams of your future.

Aries: Honoring all that has been lost is vital in reigniting your soul’s light. Connect with all that your soul has supported thus far and welcome in the mystery of all that is yet to be. The world is reflecting back to you the beliefs you hold for your future – dream big. Continue to integrate the lessons of where you thought you belonged and feel encouraged by the power you are gaining in reframing your sense of responsibility. This will help you in choosing to live from your soul’s sacred spark. The adventure certainly is not what you thought it would be however committing to experiencing life from a higher vantage point will serve you well. Intimacy may still remain a mystery however the more you collaborate with what was and what is yet to be you will discover a sacred beauty that brings a rhythm back to your partnerships. Everyday pause and be a witness to the motivation of your soul – it is vital to your embodiment and purpose with life. Passions are strong as this is the source of creativity. So love your whole self fully! With each meditation listen for the wisdom, it is here to support you and awaken you to the buried treasure of your own soul.

Pisces: Remain focused on your dreams and visions as they provide a sense of hope as you honor all that is fading before you. Continue to stay focused on the soul’s journey as you dance in the magical waters of life. The soul can reflect back to you the beliefs of this new reality if you are willing to integrate the lessons of what has gone before. The revelations will come and connect you to a new structure of support that provides renewal as you share the dreams of your heart and soul. The vision you thought would be is fading and if you can welcome the inner wisdom of your divine spark you will find a renewed commitment that expands your legacy. The deep waters of the soul are quite the adventure. Integrate the vulnerable layers with the beauty and peace of your strengths then you will be meet with encouraging and inspiring relationships. Be genuine in your daily endeavors, grounding into the brilliance of your truth. Remain loyal to the beliefs of your future while keeping a healthy mindset in all that is being reflected back to you. Care for your creative endeavors and come home to the wisdom that whispers to you. Expect the unexpected and know the value of your innocence. Your enthusiasm for a sense of security is erupting and as long as you prioritize your bright and brilliant light you will connect with good company that brings your dreams to life.


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