Bring Your Light To Life: Part Three

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 7, 2020
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

As we navigate our life, sometimes it seems so easy to be motivated and sometimes we wonder how we will take our next step. As long as you are still breathing, you are still in the game of life. Except it is not a game, not in my opinion, but rather a sacred dance. A dance we all deserve to enjoy.

This is the third part of a four part series. If you missed part one or two, be sure to visit the suggestions to support you in finding your own rhythm to bring your light to life.

When we establish practices that support our own essential nature, we align with a version of ourselves that is so ready to be seen, felt and heard. The universe is anxiously awaiting you to come alive and well – you totally deserve the best!


Only you know what is best for you. You want to pause and get clear with what you find valuable but you also want to realize that you totally deserve to live fully. As I mentioned in Part One of this series, this looks different for everyone. When you know what you value, it is easier to communicate with yourself and those you love how your needs can be met. The clarity presents the opportunity to choose to live more aligned. This alignment opens yourself up to receiving more of the goodness, the richness, the fullness of life.

There is a saying that I am paraphrasing, that goes like this…do you have to believe it to see it or do you have to see it to believe it? Ask yourself if you can easily see yourself living aligned, full of joy, beauty and brilliance?

Albert Einsten shared that we can view the world as being a hostile environment or we can view the world as being loving and compassionate. This view is going to inform your experience. If we see the world as hostile, then we tend to choose from fear. If we see the world as loving and kind, then we can choose from love.

If you believe – to your core – that you deserve to live an abundant and prosperous life, yet are not willing to align with your truth, then we are living incongruently. That is our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are in misalignment. All of these create the results of our life, and believe it or not the results inform our beliefs.

You hold authority over your life. Yes, I believe we are co-creating with the rest of the world, but you are the center of your universe. We want to have a solid center, that we can come back to again and again. This in of itself creates powerful value and confirms our self worth.

This simply means we are connecting to our self worth and facilitating a deeper energetic transmission with our life where we can easily gather evidence that supports our value. This gets tricky as we all have cognitive bias and need to be aware of the vantage point we are experiencing our life.

I am here to remind you again and again that you are bigger and more beautiful than that little voice in your head telling you differently. We want to connect – daily – to our potential. That requires believing that you deserve the opportunity to create an amazing life, bring your light to life and share it with the world.

This may look like a cooked meal or it may be a bestseller. Do not judge the size of the offering but rather the direct transmission of love, compassion and connection that is created.


When we make choices from the vantage point that we deserve to live this beautiful life, it becomes much easier to communicate the dreams of our heart. Which by the way is an essential part of living authentically aligned!

Ask yourself what ways do you limit yourself? Do you reject your brilliance before anyone else to play it safe? Are you afraid of success so you sabatoge your ideas and dreams?

Yes this part is a bit uncomfortable, but perhaps it will give insight into what you want to clear up (more on that in Part Four).

Now ask yourself what you admire about yourself? What are your strengths? How are you loyal to your own light? What ways do you prioritize your day to make your valuable self a vital part of your daily ‘to-do’ list?

Finally what is your entry point? That is what area of your life do you feel strongest – Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual? There are a few ways to connect with this, but when you know you can take sacred self care which will affirm your self worth. Then you will feel safe, supported and nourished. This then makes it easier to create a rich and fulfilling life – what do you think?!?

Be honest with yourself – do you feel worthy to receive a fulfilled life? Here’s a pro tip – you already are you just have to realize you are so worth it!!!

Part One & Part Two help in this particular step. Try these practices out first before diving into this practice. This particular piece of the puzzle asks us to look at the parts of ourselves that we devalue. If you want help in reframing – I am happy to chat and be of support. Come visit me in the MINDFULLY YOU group or shoot me an email.

The bottom line is – you deserve to know your true light and bring it to life!

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