Bringing Your Light to Life: Part Two

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 29, 2020
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Life presents a wonderful opportunity to bring our light – our essence – our deep truth – to life. To know ourselves deeply and create from this sacred essence. Some even say that the divine wanted to know herself better and so your mom gave birth to you. This life is an invitation to create with your innate gifts and share them out into the world.

We create when we are centered. When there is stillness, calmness, ease, a slower pace and a sense of security. The more we get centered, ground ourselves in our worth we find clarity regarding the value we bring to life and the world around us. But you’re going to need to value your own light if you want to truly bring her to life!

Genuine Gratitude

Appreciating what is supporting you, what is favorable and what is working out for you – seeing the good if you will, quickly confirms the value of your life. It puts us in a space that acknowledges the hard truths of life while valuing all that we contain – in this very moment.

It can be the beat of your heart, a deep breath, the ability to see things differently. This creates perspective and puts us in a relationship to be able to align with authentic appreciation. That is you have acknowledged an aspect of your present experience that is true, real, and tangible. That in of itself will ground you – and this grounding not only re-centers you but realigns you with your own sense of worth.

Aligning with appreciation gives us permission to shift our energy and be able to receive and attract more of what you enjoy in life.

Please remember that life is full of ups and downs – so there are times you will simply appreciate that you are aware of the challenges before you. But if you connect to this practice on a daily basis, it will be as easy as brushing your teeth, washing your hands and riding a bike. It is a habit that is powerfully beneficial and assessable to anyone and everyone. I call it Sacred Self Care!

Sacred Self Care Practice – Genuine Gratitude

To help you bring your light to life you want to be gentle on yourself as you introduce new practices. This practice is a wonderful place to start especially when you have clarified your ABOVE ALL ELSE.

List out 5 things that you appreciate 3 times a day. When you wake up (like before you even get out of bed), Midday (when your day shifts from daily responsibilities to personal connection), and before going to bed. Maybe start with just one thing, then three then five. You might even try doing it just before bed or when you first wake up. Make it easy and doable. Don’t over commit!

Hey, you could actually even appreciate that you are making a commitment to value your light that you can totally do everyday!!! Or perhaps just start by being grateful that you remembered. Keep it simple if you want to be successful!

This sacred pause in your day will allow you to enjoy more of what you already have! It is an aligned action with your authentic nature that ultimately is confirming with the universe, the cosmos, god, and the heavens above that you value your essential self, appreciate this gift of awareness and allow for your sense of self worth to guide you and help you create a life you love.

Part Three will share another practice next week. Missed Part One? You can find it here!

Start this one now so you are ready to add another powerful life skill to your sacred self care tool kit. All of this is being offered straight from my heart to yours so we can live brilliantly together!

If you need help or want inspiration to live authentically aligned come join the lovely community MINDFULLY YOU! Here I offer daily inspiration, guidance and ways to remain connected to the truth of your heart.

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