Bringing Your Light To Life: Part One

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 22, 2020
Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

Your essential self is sacred. Yes, the deepest truths of your heart matter. Learning to listen to the whisper of your heart so that you can remember who you already are is, in my opinion, the point to this thing we call life.

Let’s say you had one life to show up and live in JOY? Would you? Would you be willing to connect to daily practices that value the truth of your essential self and rise above the challenges and difficulties to seek out JOY and live a brilliant and beautiful life?

If you said yes, then you are in the right spot!

This is a FOUR PART Series that will give you simple tools to ground yourself in a strong and supportive foundation for bringing your light to life. Translation – embrace this opportunity to allow your soul to shine and live authentically aligned!


The way we choose to articulate and live our lives is personal. We can live from a perspective that we all desire to live brilliantly – TOGETHER and there are more than enough resources. Or you can live from a perspective that only some people are given the opportunity to live connected to abundance. This choice is personal – I am not telling you what to choose (though my hope is that you choose to see all beings as the light of the divine).

Another personal choice is how we want to prioritixe our efforts. That comes from knowing what we value above all else. We might find we value a full bank account, but without health and happiness how valuable is having a lot of money. (Money can buy happiness, but it typically buys you opportunities to value your health and happiness).

Perhaps living with abundance is living with genuine connection to the people we love. That even if you feel distanced from their warm embrace you know that they are just a call away and you are immediately reuinited.

Perhaps abundance is living a centered life with tools that return you to your true self, connecting you to inner peace, clarity, awareness, calm, health, vitality, spirituality, self care….you name it.

By defining what matters most you are acknowledging what abundance means to you.

Getting clear in what matters to you above all else is also going to create strong boundaries in the way you live your life. If you make bringing your light to life a priority, well, even in the hardest of times you will have engaged in daily practices that ground your worth and trust, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you deserve to live from your truth, and amazingly you find yourself connected to resources that help guide your way on.

Sacred Self Care Tip – Above All Else

This is a sacred self care tool that gets you in the habit of defining your needs and honoring your sense of self worth. Give yourself 5 minutes to write out what matters to you. ProTip: If you find it is family and friends, then go a little further and connect to the feeling you get when you have this connection.

Being able to define what matters most you are acknowledging what abundance means to you. (Just in case you missed that the first time). Living in authentic alignment is abundance to me. It means that I get to be myself, I value who I am at my core, live a life of wholeness and am appreciated and valued by those I share time with. It means that I get to choose how I want to face challenges and put my faith in the guidance of the highest on a daily basis so I can be present for those I love.

You want to define what it feels like to be abundant in your mind so that you can recognize it when we have it and enjoy it. Like that hug your receive from your youngest child, or the random gesture of a complete stranger seeing you for who you are and supporting you. As connection, genuine connection from one heart to another might be what abundance feels like to you.

Getting clear makes it easier to align your energy and will provide the grounds to form strong boundaries. Boundaries are so important in living a life that is brilliant. We give each other the opportunity to be who they need to be (as long as there is no harm) while also giving ourselves permission to be who we need to be.

What do you value above all else? Write them out, share with a loved one or even tell me! Put them somewhere where you see them every day and reconnect. This is a powerful way to make your own light a priority! Once you do you will begin to witness how it is a subtle shift that allows you to live from your inner truth, remaining centered and helps you to bring your light to life!

A little hint, the more you get clear, the more easy it is to recognize all you do have. Feeling that our needs are being met puts us in a much calmer state of mind.

Want to feel supported in creating this new habit that will inspire you to bring more joy forward…come hang out in a private group MINDFULLY YOU. I promise you will feel the love and feel deeply supported in being real, being true, being mindfully you!

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