Here We Are, Together

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On April 7, 2020

The invitation still stands, life is asking us to embrace, engage, embody and enhance – to live centered, aligned and be true. Anyone finally accept the invitation to just BE, to take it easy, and go easy on yourself? We are here, together, in a space where the way we are living is both new and unknown.

Honestly, it can be scary, exhausting, confusing, conflicting and uncertain. Layer this with grief and loss with what was and the conception of what is to be, we have the perfect storm of transition. Or at least we find ourselves devotees of this humanitarian evolution. We are living in a time that will go down in history. We are also officially living in cyber space. With all this to process, trusting in the collective light and having patience is essential. This is your invitation to go easy on yourself.

Here we are, together, but we are not together physically, just energetically. When we come together respecting the unseen energy – we have the potential to do great things. The influence of showing up for life from a new vantage point has a profound impact. Besides, most of our lives have come to a sudden halt and well, you have to show up for you. Your basic needs and if you share your life with anyone else, you feel their energy too.

What if you showed up each day for your highest self? What if we all did this together? All of us showing up for the highest good of all those concerned? What if we just started making our sacred self care a priority and nourished the layers of ourselves to live from our center – aligned with our authenticity?

Where we are all right now is that point where savasana has ended. Someone is asking you to deepen your breath and reawaken to the world around you. There is a part of you that does not want to move as you are finally connected to a sense of peace. Yet there is also a part of you that is curious and ready to move forward. Once you start to move, the only place you have to move to is fetal pose. That point between being dead and reawakening. We are all here together, reawakening.

This is the invitation. What energy do you want to awaken to and bring with you. If you are a member of the personal growth club, well you know it is one of the most powerful choices you make. You also know that it is not the most comfortable of places. Yet the invitation is so renewing. And awakening from a renewed, centered, peaceful space is powerful and potent.

When sitting with ourselves, we sit with recognition that we are in a brand new era of humanity. An era that no one, anywhere, really understands or can comprehend. Yet we have the opportunity to collectively serve and care for our inner worlds. To bring balance between the energy of ourselves and the energy we share with one another. I believe we are all cheering for health and wellbeing for everyone right now as we are learning quickly how our choices impact the world around us.

When we take sacred care to our core we can engage more centered, compassionate and confident as we are moving from an inner clarity that can inform the world around us. Tell me you will make yourself a priority, to respect the physical, metal, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself and come back to what matters most. If anything pause and breathe deeply. Breathe in fresh air. Breathe into your own faith and trust in the grand unfolding.

We are here, together, we all share in the sacred breath. Together we can show up, one breath at a time and make subtle changes on our sacred journey to radically transform the life we are living. This transformation is powerful and can help us expand into an abundant expression of our brilliant nature. This is what I am choosing to believe and show up for – how about you?

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  1. Diane Kirven

    Anytime I take a class of yours, despite the level of intensity, I always manage to go into a deep state of relaxation as we wind down. So I know the movement, holding positions, stretching, dialogue, etc. is what I need and is doing me so much good. I have also been searching online for “Yoga“ classes that involve a faster more athletic workout. They are not hard to find but I haven’t yet done any yet. Maybe because it’s not a teacher and an environment I’m familiar with. I really need to “sweat” and stop thinking about what surrounds us all. So if I have to say sometimes I need is a kick butt aerobic workout. Thanks for being there for all of us Teresa! Love you!

    • Teresa Phelps Martin

      We are all shifting together and so is our practice. I love that you made a request and that you have found a new awareness of how your practice continues to support you.


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