Claim Your Legacy

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On January 2, 2022
Claim Your Legacy

Claim your legacy and persevere with strength and grace. Consider the future and how you want to be remembered. Live your life because it matters. Be accountable for the ways you want to show up in the world and allow this to influence your daily life.

Invoke Fortitude

The energy to be productive and aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully is strong and potent. By living your life with meaning and purpose you honor your truth and manage time wisely while utilizing available resources. Where we recognize the challenges, stay open to learning from our mistakes, remain steady even when we have to begin again so that when we bounce back we contribute to life in ways that invoke connection, impact, influence, inspiration and resilience.

Working the energy is an opportunity to make fortitude our friend. Where you consider the ways you want to be remembered and celebrated. This means you have permission to live an ordinary life. Fortitude is about living well with grace, strength and goodwill toward humanity. This in of itself gives us the power to have an impact that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Influencing the Future

We have influence on future generations when we prioritize life based on our values. To examine our relationships and be responsible with our resources. Working within our means while still dreaming big.

The heavens are asking each of us to reclaim our legacy. To consider the influence we have in our small circles and beyond. To have a sobering look at reality and recognize how accountable we are for this precious life we have been given to live. What contributions we are making as we take baby steps toward our future.

We are all accountable for the mark we make in life. Be intentional and choose mindfully.

Step forward in this new year with the wisdom of your soul. Create a plan of action that is true to you. Consider the ways you can truly be of service and touch the lives of others

Authentic Journey

Allow yourself to dream big, expand your network of support and be innovative in your approach with future generations in mind. Bring your authenticity forward as your inner world contains a sacred essence that can help elevate perspectives. A higher vantage point brings awareness that helps us see our ways around the hurdle versus getting stuck because of the challenge. This is the idea of finding miracles in the mundane.

Fortitude is our friendly guide this month and year as we breathe new life into the depths of our being and make this world a better place for generations to come. The strength to reveal a little more of ourselves to the world requires us to step forward with courage and bravery strengthening our connection to our soul and remembering just how much every heartbeat matters – including your own.

Invitation to Claim – Soul Scopes

The invitation to claim your legacy comes with this Capricorn lunation with the new moon happening at 12° on January 2, 2022. Read your sun, moon and rising sign to best understand what area to focus on to reset with the new moon and claim with the full moon in Cancer at 27° on January 17, 2022.

These are written to be of service for all beings everywhere and are offered from the depth of my heart so that you can live soulfully and leave a legacy.

To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Moon: Lean into the wisdom of you and initiate a new way of being true. Change is good, value your future and listen to your guides. They are and will be with you as you continue to be challenged by the new structure of life and how you create your own legacy.
Full Moon:The world feels with you. Integrate your emotions into your partnerships. Allow the depth of your being to inspire and guide you forward. Be compassionate with your inner world and connect your soul. She guides you forward and helps you walk through the challenging moments of life.
New Moon: With all the pressure to lead with innovation, be responsible for the information being shared. Allow the depths of your soul to help cultivate your values dexterity in the ways you articulate and communicate daily. Stoke the flame of your truth, commit to your soul’s fortitude and strategize with the values that expand your connection to being of service to humanity.
Full Moon: Reckless perspective will block the light yet you want to honor the bigger picture daily. As you focus on your soul’s legacy and make space to nourish your connection to the depth of being alive honor the wisdom of your wounds to expand your vision for the collective. Maybe even shed a tear for future generations so that you can feel into the depths of their dreams and build from here.
New Moon:Forgive the journey and step forward with integrity as life starts to lighten. Sense the depths reveal a little more of what makes you exactly who you are. Break into tears, dance with your soul to strengthen your future so that your dreams come to life. Make your mark by committing to being the mystic your soul wants you to be in this life.
Full Moon: Strategize with the divine and expand the flame of your heart. Give your dreams the structure they deserve and nourish your creative spark. Your inner world as deeply supported. Care for your true self unconditionally. Create from the heart and speak with soul.
New Moon: Have the courage to be yourself. Step back and breathe new life into the wounds of your soul. Surrender to your truth and allow this to shine through so you can be remembered for the brilliant being you are. Your legacy requires you to awaken to the language of the future and dream a new dream based on your values and your choice to claim your legacy.
Full Moon: Release the pain of the past so you can affirm the change that’s before you. Your truth will continue to be challenged unless you bring energy to nourish the unseen roads of your soul. You are not alone so strategize with the divine your guides are on your side so listen for the guidance and body integrity and know that we are all accountable for the future.
New Moon: Build trust with those willing to listen. Bring feeling to your messages regarding change exposure risk vulnerability holding back will disrupt the momentum you’ve gained. Commit to the journey of your souls wisdom and give structure to your future by dreaming a bigger dream. Be motivated by the divine and make your mark with the resources that are available.
Full Moon: Your fortitude resides in your ability to adapt to change. Bring compassion to your immediate environment and lean into your network that cares for the depth of your being. Stay curious as you encounter challenges. Rather than focus on the hurdle find your way by calling in an elevated perspective of what is yet to be. Ground your emotions knowing you are not alone as you step forward with integrity.
New Moon: Listen for valuable guidance that reveals the hidden pathways of your soul’s journey. Prioritize the depth of your being and breathe deeply. You are being asked to expand the connection of the benevolent ways you will be remembered. Your soul is ready to rise especially if you can commit to the fertile void that holds the power to all you choose to create with this life.
Full Moon: Find your way through the dark waters by committing to the power of transformation. Nourish your values, relationships and resources by prioritizing what matters most. Commit to the guiding light and know that even your soul has a sense of humor. Strategize with the wisdom of your soul and give structure to the dreams of your future. Your legacy is boundless if you can remain accountable for the way you are being of service.


New Moon: As the emotional gatekeeper you get to decide what energy you allow into your life and what you let pass. You are responsible for grounding your emotional responses. The success of your legacy resides in integrating the values of your soul. Allow your daily life to be fueled by the faith of the unseen that’s supporting you as you strategies with the dreams of your life.
Full Moon: The strength of your soul’s legacy resides in your compassionate sense of self. Being stoic, quiet and calm amidst the tidal waves of life deny access to your super power of sensitivity and emotional dexterity. You understand at your core the tides of experience and have the capacity to revolutionize your future. Lead from your sacred wholeness and nurture the relationships that encourage fortitude, grace and love.
New Moon︎: Strengthen the connection to your daily efforts. Heal the wounds of your heart as they are woven into your identity. Prioritize what matters most and listen for innovation as you structure future partnerships. Expand the intimacy with your soul by surrendering to the emotional depths. Vulnerability is powerful when you strategize with the sacred ritual of being of service to the wellbeing of humanity.
Full Moon: Expand the presence of love by learning from the past and claiming the fertile ground residing in the deep layers of your soul. Mistakes and criticism hold a brilliant strength that will allow grace and generosity to surface daily as you claim your legacy. Your ability to make the world a better place resides in working with what is of value and committing to the unseen support that is guiding you forward. Your guides are shining a light of compassion as you remain fueled by the faith of your heart to make your mark. Be the inspiration you wish to see in the world.
New Moon: Value your tactics for problem solving and analyzing the relentless change the world is faced with on a daily basis. Irrational outcomes can burry the strength of your soul and requires you to stoke the flame of your heart’s beat. Commit to your ability to be of service by shining the wisdom of your authentic self and strategizing with the dreams of those that believe in your sacred spark.
Full Moon: Nourish your future with compassion and network with those that honor the divine mother. Create with your soul’s promise and her ability to adapt, change and carry forward the messages of valuing the feminine expression of life. Dialogue with your future self on a daily basis. The innovation that comes through is a big part of your story and asks you to stay curious on the mark you want to make in the world.
New Moon: Beauty surfaces when you come home to your inner world and value the wisdom of your soul’s emotional depths. Connect with the intelligence of your future self, she speaks with love and wants you to expand the sacred offering of your daily endeavors. You continue to learn a new language around vulnerability. Allow the flame of your heart to be fueled by faith and release the beliefs that inhibit life’s adventure. Articulate your values and give your priorities a voice.
Full Moon: Come home to your inner world as this is the strongest way to influence and nurture the legacy you are ready to claim. Sit with the depths of your soul and honor the ways you have persevered thus far. Affirm the changes before you and know you are deeply supported by those that have gone before. Bring the sacred energy of ritual to your dreams and connect with the light of your heart and your legacy will shine bright.
New Moon︎: The greatest responsibility of life is valuing your truth your whole sacred self. Cultivate fortitude by exposing the vulnerability of living with soul. Respect the resources and ground your faith. The stories you tell impact the world around you. Make your mark by carrying forward the wisdom of your soul. Surrender to the mystical ways of your heart and allow your relationships to evolve. Integrity matters and is a key ingredient for this life.
Full Moon: Wholeness can be felt when we allow the journey of our soul to guide us into new adventures that expose our true nature. The story of your emotional dexterity perseveres when you bring compassion to your commitment to being remembered for the brilliance of your heart. Surrender to the strategy of your soul and create from this space. Bring her hopes and dreams home. Continue to value the lessons of life and ground into the potential your future brings forward to the world.
New Moon: Be fueled by your sacred essence. Commit to your soul’s spark and value the ways she materializes in this life. Take heart in the ways you have had to adapt to the daily challenges. Respect the journey of your soul and know your legacy resides in what wisdom you chose to prioritize and bring forward.
Full Moon: The treasure buried in the sacred waters of vulnerability are her to be honored and respected. Tell a new story and allow your future self to bring her brilliance to the dreams of where you have gone. You are here to be of service and your ability to make the world a better place comes from the ability to forgive the journey thus far and rise from the ashes. Nurture the intimate layers of your inner world and trust in the currency of your soul.

Keys To Claiming

Keys to this journey of claiming your legacy come from breaking down the energy that has governed us thus far and welcoming in the divine mother that is shining a light warming our hearts and souls as we embark on a new journey with life.

Each of us are responsible for committing to the sacred ritual of daily life. Our dreams hold benevolence and we are divinely supported by the unseen world that supports our every step with gentleness, wisdom and grace. How you choose to claim your legacy is a gift that is ultimately yours. These are here to simply serve you along the way.

I honor your choice to step forward with your soul’s light leading the way. If you are ready to awaken to your soul’s journey then schedule a soul session to help cultivate a plan to Claim Your Legacy.

None of us are alone yet each of us are asked to find our own way. May you find access to dancing with the magic of this one great life and discover the potency of your soul to illuminate the path forward for yourself and generations to come.

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