Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On December 18, 2021
Recognize the Divine

Recognizing the divine is easier than you think. The divine resides with each breath, sun rise, sun set, and soul that crosses your path. The ability to awaken to this idea is one thing the work of a warrior is to be able to receive. Then we learn how to see the brilliance of the divine and be that brilliance. It is a practice of embodiment and allowing ourselves to grow and evolve.

We learn and relearn how to gain perspective from a higher vantage point and dive into the depth of the ocean to discover the buried treasure of our truth. This is our path in life – to have experiences that rattle us to our core and also discover our capacity to heal and recover. At the same time we have moments of vulnerability where we are met with great love, kindness and generosity. Both experiences can certainly present a downward spiral – yet they also allow for connection and a shared vision where we can invite in the many expressions of the divine.

One important aspect of all of this is that we get to choose. We can choose to dwell on the surface and get devoured by the dulldrums, fear, or worry that we might completely fall apart – or worse be rejected. Or we can rise up and position ourselves where we decide to honor our experiences and listen for the messages of truth.


The messages of truth are the energy of the divine in many forms (there are many truths). Listening requires the ability to be the witness. To trust and understand or maybe just open ourselves to the concept that we are not alone on this journey we call life. This is where we find the many miracles in the mundane. Recognizing how much the divine is supporting us with each breath we discover so much more support.

Imagine if everyone took a moment out of their day to honor the divine unfolding how much our experience of life might shift. This is not about preaching the expectation but rather recognizing the magic that sits before us with each encounter. Understanding that there will be challenges which push us into a new level of trust. Maybe then we wouldn’t feel so edgy, afraid, scared, or just totally lost.

While this sounds dreamy and a bit new edgy, it requires a lot from you such as an open heart. An open and willing heart means you will need to let go of what you thought would be. The expectations have to go while retaining the boundaries, clarity of values and connection with those that respect and honor you. With the letting go of expectations and sustaining boundaries and healthy relationships our willing and open heart can carry us to new heights. Then this new vantage point gives us the ability to remain curious and expand our horizon.

A new horizon asks us to be an explorer while we remain curious and open hearted. To listen to the stories being told around you and honoring your own story. Recognizing the many forms the divine takes and choosing to remain authentic and aligned with your truth.

The beauty of the heavens provides access to the different view points. Though we know that we are on this earth sharing the universe with other moving rocks and balls of fire. How we see the energy of the sky from this vantage point here on hearth holds different meanings and significance for everyone. What would it be like to understand the god given language of the heavens is truly a sacred art. To see and recognize the divine alignment that guides each and every one of us.

That being said, can you open yourself to connecting with the lunar cycle. The extremely consistent pattern of the earth and moon orbiting around the sun. A truth that holds billions of years of reliable evidence.


This particular full moon in Gemini gives us permission to celebrate to recognize the divine and invite her brilliance into the cracks of our lives.. A moon where we can stretch our arms out and extend the lessons of our journey forward. To tell the stories of how and when we have connected with the divine and embody her brilliance in the ways we choose to live.

The easiest way to start is to just notice. Notice how you feel. Listen to the stories of the world right around you. Expand your awareness to be more receptive and connected to the divine’s unfolding. This is as simple as listening to the birds, tuning into the weather, giving space for someone to grieve or unload their burdens (without you picking them up and fixing them).

This is the last full moon of 2021. It is the last invitation to stand in our light in the darkest of nights. The moon greets us just before the winter solstice where the sun appears to stand still. This full moon is about closure with curiosity as this is the way we can honor what was and awaken to what is yet to be. To hear the messages of truth that reveal herself as we recognize the divine.

SOULSCOPES – Gemini Full Moon

Soulscopes are here to help you understand the energy of the lunation and how to recognize the many ways we can lean into a power greater than ourselves. The sky unfolds in a very mathematical and scientific manner. Then you have the symbols that offer interpretation. Sure there is a subjective nature to this – but all life is subjective on some level. The soulscopes are guides if you will to help you direct your awareness and feel more deeply and fully supported in your journey of embodiment and evolving.

The theme for this phase of the lunation is about recognizing the divine and listening for the message of truth. Read your rising sign to understand the energy you are encouraged to rise into with this Gemini full moon. Listen for the messages that come forward and welcome the recognition of the divine that is for the highest good.

Sagittarius: Believe in your ability to transform relationships. Honor the sacred layers and create from a new vantage point. With all the relentless energy of the past year, you certainly are exploring life through a new lens. Give yourself permission to see more clearly and connect with your own articulation of the divine.

Capricorn: That soul’s spark of yours commands your attention. Patience with perseverance is key. Connect to a new vernacular around the ways you serve and appreciate that the messages that come through hold great clarity.

Aquarius: Your future requires your authenticity in love. Yep – the divine sits in every emotion. Let go of patterns in your past and rebuild the connection with oneself. Each time you pause to consciously breathe life into your being – honor your center and the source to which you feel anchored.

Pisces: Your legacy requires a recognition of your past. In the journey of life this time, what ways have you been challenged to only then be relieved of the bourdon. How can you reframe the story of what has gone before and bring the unsee to life. Your soul is ready to rebuild.

Aries: Look high and envision. Celebrate the opportunity to begin again even if you are still stressed by what you thought would have been. Your truth can be treasured and that pain will turn to peace – just remember you are not here to do any of it alone.

Taurus: The treasures of your truth reveal new ideas regarding your legacy. How do you want to be remembered. Try to be vulnerable as you tell the story about the transformational potency of this year. Lord knows you have gone through it!

Gemini: The messages you are receiving are coming from the love you feel in all your relationships. Bring your truth forward. Your higher self is guiding you along the journey – all you have to do is tune in, recognize and allow.

Cancer: Your sacred spark calls forward a daily recognition. Tend to the ways you care for your Inner world. Connect to the divine language. Listen for the messages of your higher self she is always within reach.

Leo: Connect with your future and listen to the ways she wants you to shine your light. Your creative pursuits, from children to projects, to all that lights you up, your life deserves to be celebrated. Recognize just how sacred we all are and breathe into the brilliance of your own self. Your hopes and dreams hold value so allow your network to shine with you.

Virgo: Be patient as you come home to your light. Making the world a better place asks that you start at home. Release the tendency to over work – restore the flame of your sacred essence so we can receive your messages of purpose and perseverance.

Libra: Tell the story of your great adventure and share from a place of love. While your world undergoes transformation – create from the recognition of the divine and your bright and brilliant future self.

Scorpio: Breathe life into the transformational power and allow this to fuel your values, boundaries and perspective. This is the treasure of your sou.

A personal thank you as I expand my horizons and discover a great network of love that holds me as I embark on a journey of healing. To keep up with the energy of the heavens join the SOULFULLY YOU private facebook group.

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