Unlock Your Inner Briliance

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On February 1, 2022
Inner Brilliance

The way to unlock your inner brilliance is to be authentically aligned. Authentic alignment comes from trust who you are at your core and integrating the whole of yourself to live with a deep sense of belonging in life.

Our inner brilliance is where our personal power resides, the part of ourselves that shines out into the world allowing us to stand out as well as make connections that last a lifetime. When you choose to unlock your inner brilliance, you are choosing to consciously know the truth of who you are and work the energy in a way that paves new pathways and supports humanity as a whole. The work you do within the center of yourself serves the whole, it goes beyond our individual connection with life and aspires humanity as a whole.

Our inner brilliance has little to do with outer status, popularity, position or rank. Rather it comes from knowing yourself and committing to a heartfelt life purpose. This inner brilliance is unlocked when we align with our true and authentic self, embrace your talents, respect your limitations and cultivate practices that bring inner stability. Unlocking your inner brilliances leads to feeling centered, stable and confident where our relationships feel supportive and we can trust in the achievement of our dreams.

This brilliance is a treasure buried deep within that is your sacred essence. It is the energy of yourself that comes in with your soul and come’s alive through our life’s journey. Our soul’s potential sits within each of us. It is the energy of that which is none higher brought down and manifested into being through every heart beat and breathing body. It is the energy that makes you who you are and is here to come alive, evolve and grow. Your brilliance is an inner resource that deserves attention, connection and recognition.


Energy of Awareness

Developing this understanding of and relationship with our authentic self happens throughout life and self awareness is key to unlocking your inner brilliance. Sure some of us are born confident, self reliant and efficacious. Some of us have story lines that are full of ease while others are constantly confronted by challenges, chaos and crisis. Each of us though have the ability to strengthen, build and expand our brilliant potential.

Self awareness helps us cultivate energetic awareness then we can enhance and polish our gifts and ultimately shine them out to be of service to the whole.

There are many ways you can become more aware and get to know yourself. This helps you connect to your own rhythm or the soundtrack of your heart that helps to narrate your journey. Everything is energy. It is the essence of who we are. Fortunately, energy can be polished and even transformed. An easy way to become aware is waking up in the morning and mindfully witnessing your day. You can also engage in therapy, yoga, astrology, and nature, at least these are what I am partial too.

One of the best ways to get to know yourself is getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world and people sharing this earth with you. That is not always feasible but you can work on enhancing the energy you tend to avoid and inviting in a new perspective to help work with what is before you. Sometimes just going inward exploring the landscape of yourself through your body, mind, emotions and spirit is all it takes to get out of your comfort zone. (Being accountable for what is there is why we invest in healing and therapeutic modalities).


Energetic Exploration

Exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy of yourself goes beyond knowing your height, weight, and blood pressure. It is more than going to church or even stepping on a yoga mat. Even goes beyond your education level, certifications and definitely beyond your relationship status. While all of this is important it still denies our connection to our inner brilliance – our sacred essence.

If we want to unlock our inner brilliance to bring our gifts forward and share them with the world, we need to know how to work with the energy of our lives. We want to know what depletes, restores, and enhances us. We each have so many varying factors biological, environmental, economical, as well as our faith and beliefs. All of these inform the many different ways we can choose to manage and cultivate our inner brilliance.

When you begin the journey of consciously owning your truth engaging with your inner world can seem vulnerable and intimidating until you know how much more confident, efficient and enjoyable life can be. Understanding your inner self is totally worth it and your light deserves to shine out into the world!


Energetic Dance

Some days we can feel full of energy and some days we can feel exhausted. One thing that is for certain is that our energy levels are inconsistent. Our energy levels even have a seasonal experience. Just like the summer we can feel motivated, excited and ready to be out and about for months. Sometimes it can feel like winter and we feel contracted, sleepy, quiet and ready to settle down and keep things simple for months.

Recognizing that energy fluctuates is key to knowing how to cultivate, manage and claim your true potential.

One thing that is certain is that there are multiple sources of energy. When we connect with only one aspect of ourself it can throw the whole of our self out of whack. When we pay attention to four key energetic elements, they support one another and we find ourselves improving our sense of self. This then helps with feeling stable, centered and capable from the inside out.


Where to Start

One of the biggest overwhelms of this process is learning how to measure and cultivate discernment along the way. Once you know how your energy operates, then you have the key to unlocking your inner brilliance.

There are so many systems that help us assess how and who we are which hold validity, reliability and evidence. Yet they can be so linear and scientific that they loose a powerful source that we each contain, an energy that honestly makes life magical – your brilliance. Our brilliance is a combination of these outer orientations and our intuition and gut instinct. The deep inner knowing you come into the world with and cultivating your whole self is a potent part of this life.

When we bring these external systems to support our inner operations then we have a relationship that is harmonious, centered, relatable and able to achieve and go after the dreams of our heart.

So what if we started with the basics? This allows for enough room for you to also feel empowered to take charge of your life by awakening to your own potential and taking the lead in your life by living with soul.


Types of Energy

Staring with the basics we can begin a journey that holds space to empower you to take the lead in your life working with what you have and help you head into a new direction or at least one where you feel more connected and in sync with the life you are living.

Each type of energy correlates to one of the following elements, fire, water, air or earth. Both Ayurveda and Astrology (sister sciences to yoga) honor these fundamental elements that are essential to our existence. Knowing these types of energy you can discover the path to unlocking your inner brilliance and be worthy of your whole self.

Spiritual Energy – your ability to believe in yourself and have enthusiasm and motivation for life.

Emotional Energy – the data regarding life’s experiences informs your ability to cultivate compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for yourself and others.

Mental Energy – your ability to learn, relate, focus, connect and listen to the way life is being narrated.

Physical Energy – your ability to create, manifest and perform life’s tasks.

This is a very basic presentation to these four types of energy but understanding them at a simple level will help us to begin cultivating awareness and efficacy. Just by introducing them here you can start to connect the elemental influence in your own life and polish the brilliance you contain.


Energetic Enhancement

When you become aware of the energetic pattern you will notice that some people contain a lot of one type of energy and perhaps seem to be completely missing other energy.

Force, momentum and vision are the physics to creating change – or breaking through an object that is blocking your ability to move forward. This tends to be energetic stagnation. Starting from the basics can make a subtle shift for radical transformation.

When we are aware of these areas of our life we can begin to cultivate and develop our inner self – a resource that is key to the enhancement of our whole life. This awareness leads us to more satisfying relationships and connections where we are valued, honored and respected.


Exercise for Physical Enhancement:

Activating our heart not only keeps our body strong and healthy it improves our mood and emotional outlook on life. The thing is that you have to make it a priority. People say they don’t have time but they spend wasteful hours on social media or watching TV. Reward yourself with these after you exercise. Try 30 minutes a day and you will find that you sleep better, eat better and feel better. Unlocking your physical energy will support an embodied experience with life as a whole.


Inspiration for Mental Enhancement:

Being able to remain open to inspiration will keep your mind curious and focused. Listening gives our thoughts a break and helps interrupt unhealthy patterns and shift our perspective. This shift in perspective can help us see things differently cultivating new ideas, new approaches and new connections to life. This can come from reading a book, blog, taking a course, listening to a podcast or identifying all you have in your life that is supporting you on your journey. Inspiration is everywhere you just need to inquire and remain curious about the mysteries of life. Unlocking your mental energy will allow for a mindful connection with your relationships privately and publicly.


Reflection for Emotional Enhancement:

Our emotions are constantly changing and are the result of our thinking patterns regarding the experiences of life. They can block our connection to our own strength and potential which inhibits our sense of self worth and confidence. Becoming aware by reflecting on the day (or week) through a journal gives us a chance to process and feel into our experience. This practice supports accepting life’s circumstances and can remind us of when we are avoiding our feelings all together and taking on the emotional energy of others. This will make you feel lighter and collect the data you need to have fortitude, dexterity and agility. to awakening your soul and living centered.

*Keep in mind, if you process and it leaves you lost – call a friend (that respects and values you) and ask them to tell you something good. Please know that most of us grew up without an understanding of our emotions, so this practice requires compassion.


Self Care for Spiritual Enhancement:

We can’t move forward in our life if we are depleted and exhausted all the time. Making the care of our self a priority restores the faith we hold not only in our self but also the vision we hold for our life and humanity as a whole. Knowing you deserve (and that it is safe) to slow down and reconnect to what matter’s most will feed your inner capacity to thrive in life. It can take as little as 5 minutes to identify and shift how we are engaging with our day. Be present to the way the day gets started. Appreciate the warm water available to bathe ourselves and stay healthy. See the miracle of the mundane by caring for yourself by giving yourself space to breathe. You breathe all day long – it is key to keeping you alive. Cultivate a simple practice for caring for the breath. Before long you will begin to notice how your beliefs inform your choices and much this fuels the trajectory of your life and the influence you have on the world around you.

These enhancements are simple and just scratch the surface of the ways you can enhance your energy You are invited to expand the list in the way that works for you. The practices accumulate over time and become accessible habits. As you become more and more aware of how you engage with the energy of your life then you cultivate a life long tool kit. These come in handy when the moments of life become difficult. They give us the ability to ultimately see the grace filled growth that surface with life’s challenges.


Keep it Simple

When you first wake up, most of us pee, nourish, and our mind starts to make a list of all that sits before us. You want to look at how your day unfolds to connect with the energy and know that you will have to schedule it to begin to awaken to your potential. Start with one area and stick to it for at least a month. You will forget along the way, that is where we honor that we are human, and then just start again. Consistency is everything unless it feeds your competitive nature and you reject the practices before you fail or mess up.

Unlocking your inner brilliance is the result of self awareness. Knowing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is how we cultivate, confidence, worth, and live from our soul’s promise.

Start simple, go easy on yourself and know that slow and steady will bring forward the awareness needed for inner alignment. This alignment will become a wellspring for your future endeavors that are both challenging and blissful.

Taking care of your mind, body, heart and soul looks different for everyone yet is essential for each of us. Sitting with the uncomfortable, the unknown and the uncertainty of what will be is doable if we make our inner life a priority. Connecting with these different elements of energy we begin to live true to our inner self and show up for life living authentically aligned. We all, on some level, crave inner stability and long for an enjoyable life. 

Imagine what it can be like if we are comfortable in our own skin, confident in our authenticity and able to respect the potential of life that sits before us (and our children).



Read your rising sign in the Soulscopes below to know what area of life you can commit to with this lunation. (Hint, aligning with the energy of the moon is an ancient practice for enhancing your energy and bringing your light to life). 

Don’t know your rising sign, visit www.astro.com and enter your date, time and place of birth. When the chart surfaces look at what sign sits at 9o’clock on the wheel. This is your rising sign. 

Want to go deeper – schedule a soul session with Teresa and awaken to your soul’s potential that you are promised in this life!



This new moon is all about a new vision for you personally and where you are headed. Look to what matters long term and crystalize your values by connecting with physical energy to support an embodied experience. Create from the truth of yourself even as your understanding and the perception of what is real continues to change, evolve and shift. Get to know the parts of you more deeply and trust the vision of your soul.

The full moon reminds you that your uniqueness is a gift to the world. Continue to evolve and focus on the dance of individuality and the ways you can build community and cultivate a sense of belonging for the diverse expressions of humanity. Be comfortable in your own skin and focus on the matters of the heart to illuminate the path forward. Lean into how in sync you feel with the conscious choices you are making to be whole in body, mind, spirit and soul.



The new moon energy speaks to the ways your boundless soul is felt and seen by the world. Trust in the dreams that are expanding into a reality and remain committed to your soul’s vision. Acknowledge your inner brilliance by reflecting the true beauty you see back out into the world. Expand the collective vision by taking responsibility for your soul’s journey. Give her the attention she deserves and value the way she has helped you receive her brilliant guidance throughout your life. To truly embody your dreams put emphasis on physical energy and watch how your luminosity crystalizes.

The full moon will unlock your brilliance by cultivating clear boundaries to keep your life soul centered. This will give you the personal space to prioritize your truth and receive the messages of your guides. She is here to help you navigate this new terrain and be of service to the whole. Keep company with those that believe in your potential and motivate you to prioritize living with your inner brilliance leading the way.



The new moon asks that you embrace the big picture energy and commit to a new direction of life. Remain open to innovation by honoring your own unique nature. Respect the slower pace as this is a key them for the year as a whole. Your inner brilliance continues to crystalize as you believe in your soul, trust in the journey and give your soul a chance to truly come alive. You can unlock your potential by honoring the mental energy and bring forward mindful connections professionally and personally.

The full moon is wanting you to hold the new vision of life with love – unconditional love that entitles you to live with heart and soul. Keep company with those that allow you to shine and hold you accountable. Create space to honor your inner self and listen to the wisdom that is being reflected back to you. As you continue to unlock your inner brilliance you will find your world shifts in powerful ways that last a lifetime. If you haven’t begun yet, now is the time to strategize the ways you can align with your inner self and bring the depths of your brilliance to life.



The new moon wants to remind you how your inner brilliance is your greatest asset. Explore the inner dialogue and shift the narrative that inhibits you from embracing the ongoing change. Listen for the guidance that is directing you to the connection with your soul. You can unlock this potential through inviting your heart to help guide you. Reclaim your sense of spirit and all you can create in this life. Engage with heartfelt purpose by cultivating a stronger sense of self care through spiritual energy.

The full moon asks that you shine a light inward to illuminate the depths that want to be nurtured. As you crystalize the ways to take care, let go of the need for certainty (yes, this is so flipping hard) and take sacred care of the authentic nature of your brilliance. Honor where you have been and trust that your legacy will stand the test of time.



The new moon invites clarity around all that has been shifting of lately. Unlocking your inner brilliance is an ongoing journey. Know that the uncertainty is certainly carrying you forward yet you are responsible for the way you choose to embark on this new adventure. Reconsider your relationship with vulnerability and ground the wisdom that is trying to break through. Focus on enhancing the physical energy to embody your vision while also working with the available technology.

The full moon reflects the unconditional love that is woven in the messages of your soul. The commitment with your inner landscape asks that you remain willing to open up to a new language. Your authentic potential resides in translating your depths. Dream a bigger dream for the way you want to be remembered and trust as your soul’s potential expands.


The new moon affirms that you are released from the energy that has kept you bound, restricted and limited in doing your soul justice. Valuing your vulnerability is key to unlocking your inner brilliance.  Rewrite the narrative around partnerships and surround yourself with those that support your deep dives. Call in relationships that hold you accountable to exposing the intimate beauty of your heart and share the resources of your soul.

The full moon beacons that you get to the heart of your truth by diving into the depths. This is where you will uncover the abundance you deserve. Make self love a priority and your radiant heart will be adored, cared for and celebrated. Keep those that respect your creativity close as they feed your soul. As you consciously own your inner brilliance know that your soul evolves with each dream you trust in fully.



The new moon honors the deep waters of your soul. Create your life from the truth of your soul and commit to those that celebrate your natural born talents. Witness the unique gifts of those you love and know this amplifies your soul. Bring your values to your daily life and consider rewriting the script on how hard you have to work. Remain devoted to your emotional energy as this will polish your inner brilliance by strengthening your intuition allowing the energy of you to radiates. The relationships you attract into your life give your future the structure you desire.

The full moon wants you to know that love travels with you. Innovation is essential for your soul to evolve. The ongoing challenges of life feel boundless yet this vulnerability holds a benevolence. Align with your inner self and your intuitive breakthroughs will be of service to the world. Commit to the highest good and you will be remembered for lifetimes.



The new moon requests that you embrace the challenges and breathe new life into the structure of your daily endeavors. Remain receptive to new tools that invoke creativity as this willingness brings outcomes that allow you to create anew. Enhance your spiritual energy to affirm the radiance of your true self. Prioritize your authenticity and know that your inner brilliance is valuable and will no doubt stand the test of time

The full moon reflects the love that fills your heart. Radiate trust regarding the new endeavors. Rather than question your sense of inner alignment, enjoy the hard work you have put forward to awaken this new depth of trust. Affirm your vision and feel a benevolent connection to all your are calling into existence. Don’t forget to dance with the dreams of your heart and soul.



The new moon asks for you to take heart in this time of renewal. Your inner brilliance has experienced extensive and radical transformation influencing the foundation of your life. All of this has polished your beauty by releasing the energy that has kept you bound. It is time to bring your unique gifts forward to be of service. Unlock your potential by cultivating emotional energy and continue to allow your soul to awaken. She wants you to dream a bigger dream regarding what is possible and remember you are not alone in this grand journey of life.

The full moon invites you to embrace the inner harmony that resides at your core. Ground into this sense of alignment and then call in your higher self to guide you forward. Support shines unconditionally asking you to embody and be exactly who you are. The more you acknowledge your gifts and live from your soul center, the more you will discover a network of individuals that adore you and reflect a sense of belonging.



The new moon encourages you to reconsider the storyline that is narrating your understanding of who you are and how you be. Prioritize your inner brilliance and articulate the many ways vulnerability can be valued. Ground the wisdom that directs you to release old patterns so that you can step forward on solid ground. The structure of your future relies on your response to your private affairs. Unlock your potential by harnessing spiritual energy and you will be remembered for the depth of your loving soul.

The full moon affirms the heart felt vision you hold for your futures elf shines a radiant light on your legacy. Work with the harmonious nature you feel regarding your relationship with your immediate environment and the steps you are taking to embrace this resurgence of energy to move forward. Focus on your sense of belonging in your private affairs as the world sees the bright light of your authenticity.



The new moon signifies the importance of reclaiming your values and connect with new priorities. The way you are having to slow down to be of service is only surprising to you. The world is reorienting the way we show up collectively. Cultivate a mindful connection to your inner self by harnessing mental energy. Your future self thanks you each time you call in a healthy and aspiring relationship with what can be. Your potential expands when you trust in the dreams of your soul.

The full moon wants you to consciously own the truth of your journey. Commit to the potency of your inner brilliance and allow your soul to evolve through life’s wild adventure. Love travels with you and is the energy you leave behind when you remain authentically aligned. Welcome in new partnerships that push you to go further as it is fertilizer for the soil of your soul.



This moon calls exposes the new pathways that have been awoken through deep transformation. Stay focused on opening to new perspectives and keep the intuition strong by enhancing emotional energy. Your physical reality continues to shift and this change is asking you to reclaim your connection to your inner brilliance. This way you will know what needs your attention to structure an abundant future.

This full moon amplifies how much you know it is time to merge your inner and outer reality to live with coherence. The fortitude you bring from within will support the vision you value above all else. Keep in mind who you are is entitled to love – including self love. New opportunities surface when you are willing to be innovative. Shine your brilliance into the depths of all that has been transformed. Trust the messages of your dreams

As always these are written straight from my heart. Paying attention to the order of the cosmos brings the inspiration to support our journey here on earth. These offerings are a generous gesture of my soul and my hope is that it helps you stay the course. Take what serves and leave the rest behind.


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