The Courage To Awaken

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On March 22, 2022
Courage To Awaken

The courage to awaken and be so fully you is perhaps the greatest privilege of life. Bringing your true self forward and sharing your own brilliance with the world is scary on some level yet is what brings the greatest satisfaction to life.

Be Real.

When you choose to be real and be true, to stand in your light whole and full, you give others permission to do the same. You recognize and celebrate that there is more than one star in the sky. It takes all the stars to allow the sky to shine.

When the backdrop of the starry heavens is the energy of the ram, what we feel here on earth are equal day and night. The balance of energy brings the renewal of spring (or the dissolve of autumn). There is a need for courage to initiate such a change. To claim the enthusiasm around the anticipated shift that we have been desiring for some time.

There is no need to live in a place where you experience the change of seasons. One can notice changes in the way the sun lights up the day. (If you live near the equator the elliptical shift is subtle but still present making the night sky even more profound).

All of this is nature being real and true as well as consistent. Every year, at this time, the sky holds the same backdrop. What shifts though and is ever changing is the relationship of the planets in our solar system. The first day of spring (or autumn), is when the sun ingresses into the zodiacal sign of Aries. This year the planetary relationships encourage an awakening.

Be True.

From my vantage point we are courageously awakening to our ability to live with a deeper connection to our truth. To be our authentic selves. Honoring the pause and cultivating a genuine relationship with the inner most parts of ourselves. My friends, this calls for a level of courage and bravery. It also calls for major acceptance, compassion, and permission to grieve all that we have lost in order to rebuild and renew all that we can become.

This means we have to look inward through the lens of love, kindness and surrender to our soul. Because when we surrender and accept our inner brilliance we the find the noble strength to step forward. Boldly to forging a path where the belief in one’s ability to be soul centered is grand.

Finding Your Center

Living soul-fully requires knowing your center. Knowing your center means you will have to look inward. When connecting inward we approach our inner self with the awareness that we are interconnected to all of life and the unseen. That the universe, God, source, to that which is non higher, is applauding our efforts and this life is to be lived, celebrated and revered.

The courage to awaken also requires a tenacity to help break free from old barriers in order to cultivate boundaries that allow for growth, respect and realized potential. This way we can awaken to a high spirited way of life. A life where we live with intention and co-create versus foolishly relying on our own strength.

Our soul is here to help us and is devoted to our success. She communicates through our intuition. Each time you visit your center and consciously choose to embrace your whole self you are choosing to own who you are completely. Then what happens is you return, remember, reclaim and re-envision the path before you. This is what it means to be soulfully you.


By activating your intuition you awaken your soul. You choose to be more present to the wisdom within and ask your ego to sit beside you as you focus on your inner identity. All of this allows you to make more nourishing choices and in the moments where you feel fully, you respond versus react because you are centered, clear and confident in the truth of you and the potential of life.

We can spend an entire lifetime cultivating the courage to awaken. Those moments where we are in the trenches of life we are presented with the opportunity to align with our deepest truth. The audacity it takes to trust in our higher self gives us the grit to forge ahead. Steady yet flexible while standing in our light and taking up space in our lives.

Here is where I get real. The notion of connecting with the stars to bring forward a life of our dreams has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time. To seek guidance and come alive came in part to understand the mysteries of existence as well as to survive. The fear of nature was much more extreme, yet I have to wonder if they feared themselves the way we fear our truth in modern day.

While those that have gone before lived more instinctual lives, we have to the luxury to trust our intuition and courageously awaken.

Courageous Embodiment

The courage to awaken means we have to also rebuild the connection with ourselves caring for the relationship with our inner most self as well as the world. The way we dialogue with our soul and activate our intuition is to respect the emotional energy that surfaces. Even when it feels like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you.

Participating in this way is not about living with fake joy and we have to remain open to feeling and learning from the experiences. Putting on a front of being so strong, stoic, or overly positive keeps us from being our authentic self. It means we cannot suppress our feelings especially around grief or fear or anxiety. This may seem wild, yet we learn that fear, anxiety and grief are not the enemy nor is our ego.

Honoring the bravery of our true nature and the courage to awaken to our soul’s light and guidance is about putting one foot in front of the other. Consciously moving forward in alignment with our values, goals, priorities and the intention of our heart. This presents an opportunity to break old habits and emerge stronger and more complete as a person.

Our soul is the inner reference point we return to in order to trust that the changes of life are taking you where you need to go. Even when you do not know what the changes will bring. This is living authentically and wholly being who you are just as you are. You get to be soul-fully you because you invited in the guidance of your inner self.

Be Soulfully You

To be real, to be true, to be soulfully you requires courage to awaken to exactly who you are but from a higher vantage point. Awakening requires us to trust that we are supported rather than escape or avoid the hardships of life. Engaging, connecting, relating and envisioning with the inner light of your soul and choosing the dreams of your inner self.

Being soulfully you is a way of life where you connect to the light and be all you came to be!

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The courage to awaken is the theme for the month of April. You can learn more about all the ways we can courageously step forward by tuning into the Energetic Signature where I unpack the ways we can feel prepared for the changes ahead by understanding the forecast for the month. This month has a lot of energy encouraging us to integrate the healing we have done and breathe new life into our sense of self!

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