It may not be pretty…

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 7, 2013

Met up with two friends today that I haven’t seen in 11 years…people that were in my life prior to me being a yoga teacher. Sitting with them, they reminded me of my journey into adulthood. Figuring out who I was, what to do with my sense of drive, curiosity and love for solving problems. These two guys also believed in me, to the extent that any credit I have on the movie data base is because of them. There is one other guy, the one who introduced me to these two.

I loved my time in the film industry, met some amazing people and occasionally I’ll drop a name in a yoga class, but my perspective is that we are all people making it in this world, so I never get all silly over someone famous. But I do get all silly when I make a connection with people that I wasn’t certain I’d get to have lunch again, right, because film and yoga are worlds apart…kind of, actually not at all. Alright one is incredibly stressed and go go go, the other one is all about relaxing….

The production side of me loves the drive, the problem solving the challenge of pulling something off that works against time and is created in a non-sequential manner yet it appears, to the viewer, seamless. The yoga teacher side of me, well, she takes what appears seamless, puts a sequence together with a great awareness of time and carries people inward to that spot that yearns for the drive.  They both involve a high or a buzz that you can’t get unless you’ve experienced it and they both tend to try and make everything look pretty…but it isn’t always pretty.


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